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Caroline King-Freedman is the second/middle daughter of Charlotte King and Cooper Freedman.



Eight weeks after Georgia was born, Charlotte went into labor with the remaining two triplets. Caroline was born first and was followed not long after by Rachel.

While holding her after birth, Mason looked at the baby and said he thought Caroline was her name. ("Full Release")


After they went home, Cooper decided to stay home to raise the triplets. However, after doing so for a while, he decided that they needed to hire a nanny. ("In Which We Say Goodbye")



Caroline is one of a set of triplets, along with Rachel and Georgia. They live with their parents and older brother, Mason.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Along with her sister, Rachel, she was born at 34 weeks.
  • She was the only King-Freedman triplet who was born head first.
  • Her brother, Mason chose her name.
  • She likes the pink bunny. ("In Which We Say Goodbye")