Catherine finds out about her foundation.

The Catherine Fox Foundation is a foundation run by Catherine Fox that replaces the Harper Avery Foundation.


The foundation was founded after the reputation of the Harper Avery Foundation was severely damaged by sexual harassment allegations against Harper Avery. While Catherine Avery was initially going to take the fall for it rather than fighting the women who had come forward about the abuse, Jackson Avery didn't want her to do that after all the work she had put into building the Foundation's name. He and Meredith Grey then teamed up and came up with the idea of the Catherine Fox Foundation.

They presented it to Catherine with a press statement, which stated that the Catherine Fox Foundation wanted to take part in the comprehensive, systemic change required to change the culture that enables sexual harassment. Therefore, the Harper Avery Foundation would be dissolved effective immediately to make way for new vision, new light, and new hope. The Foundation also promised to give voice to those who were silenced, to listen to and learn from every woman's story. They promised to repay, retrain, and rehire every victim of Harper's abuse.

The Catherine Fox Foundation preserves and nurtures all the hospitals that were previously run by the Harper Avery Foundation.

Catherine Fox Medical CentersEdit

  • Los Angeles: The Harper Avery Hospital in Los Angeles was re-branded as a Catherine Fox Medical Center. The day of its official opening, Catherine flew out Meredith Grey and Thomas Koracick to work on a mystery patient, who turned out to be Catherine herself. They had scans taken and diagnosed her with a Grade 3 chondrosarcoma.
  • Manhattan: Amelia Shepherd and Atticus Lincoln flew out to New York to operate on Jonah Mays, who suffered from progressive kyphoscoliosis.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The press statement mentions 72 Harper Avery hospitals while the Harper Avery Foundation was previously mentioned to run 77 hospitals.
  • With the founding of the foundation in her new, Catherine Avery changed her name back to Catherine Fox.