Cathy Becker was a patient who came into the ER after a hotel fire.


Cathy and her son, Danny, were driving up to Vancouver to visit her husband, who was there for work, when a rain storm forced them to stop and stay at a hotel in Seattle. The hotel caught on fire and the occupants had to be evacuated. Cathy got out and was taken to the ER.

In the ER, April examined her and said the burns on her chest were minor, but the one on her calf was more serious and needed a plastics consult. Mark Sloan said it was deep second-degree and started debridement. When he was called away, he told Lexie Grey to finish debridement and cover it with silver sulfadiazine and loose gauze.

After her burn was treated, she said she had pain on her chest burns. Cristina Yang examined her and ordered morphine.

Shortly after that, she had trouble breathing. Lexie put in a chest tube for a pneumothorax after Jackson relieved the pressure.

Her airway was completely closed off, so Alex Karev did a cricothyrotomy when intubation failed. Despite this, she developed pulmonary edema. Despite their best efforts, her condition continued to decline until she died in the ER. Ultimately, Reed Adamson traced her death back to April failing to check her airway during the initial exam. If she had, she would have seen the soot in her throat and intubated immediately.



She is married to Mr. Becker.


She and her son were injured in a hotel fire while on their way to visit her husband.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She and Danny were staying on the first floor of the hotel.
  • April Kepner was fired over the mistake she made while treating Cathy.
  • She was pronounced dead at 12:45 AM.
  • To this day, April still thinks about Cathy and prays for her family.
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