Charlie Abbott was helped by Derek Shepherd after being in a car accident.


Drive with AlanaEdit

The morning of the crash, Charlie asked a classmate, Alana, to go for a drive with him. She accepted and he took her in his dad's car on a mostly deserted road.

Car AccidentEdit

While they were driving, Charlie was consistently speeding, dangerously weaving as he passed other cars. He successfully passed Derek Shepherd, but when he went to pass Sarah's car, he clipped the front end, sending both cars flying. Alana and Charlie were both ejected from the vehicle, likely because they weren't wearing seat belts.

Charlie had a head injury from the crash, which confused him, causing him to start to wander down the road away from the crash site. Derek went to search for him and found him walking in the middle of the road. Derek managed to get him back over by the car. When the upended car burst into flames, Derek had to carry Charlie, who was still confused and weak, away from the car so that he was not injured further when it exploded. The smoke from the car led rescue workers to their location and Charlie and the others were put in ambulances and taken to the hospital.

In the ER at Dillard Medical Center, Charlie had staples put into his scalp to close the laceration.



The car he was driving when he crashed was said to be his father's.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 17 at the time of the car accident.
  • He takes remedial math at school.
  • He was prom king.


Episode StillsEdit

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