Cheryl Giles is a woman who was in a motorcycle accident.


Cheryl and her husband, Doug, came into the ER after they crashed Doug's new motorcycle. They had just gone for a ride around the block and Doug swerved to avoid hitting a dog. Their daughter, Wynnie, drove them to the hospital in their van with only a learner's permit. In the ER, they learned that while Cheryl had only cuts and bruises on her hand, Doug had a serious head injury because Cheryl had been wearing the only helmet. She said she didn't even like the motorcycle, but she liked seeing Doug in the garage with it and it stirred up feelings. While her hands were bandaged, Doug was taken into surgery to treat a brain bleed. After his surgery, he was expected to recover fully and said he'd be getting rid of the motorcycle.



She is married to Doug Giles.


She and Doug have two children: Wynnie and Hank. Wynnie was upset when they became injured and didn't trust them to make good decisions anymore.

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