Chris Webber is the brother of Richard Webber.


Chris came to Seattle with his daughter, Sabrina, to see his brother Richard. Sabrina had been diagnosed with a biatrial myxoma three weeks prior and decided she wanted to go to Seattle for treatment instead of Chicago, which is where her father wanted her to go. They went to Grey Sloan, not knowing that Richard didn't work there anymore. Maggie overheard them talking to a nurse and went to talk to them. She learned who they were and that they knew who she was, though she'd never heard of them. She drove them over to Pac-North to see Richard, where she revealed a picture of her tumor. Maggie did an exam and sent Sabrina to get new scans, since the type of tumor she had can grow quickly. The scan showed significant growth, which made her surgery emergent. Maggie wanted to operate right away, but Sabrina had reservations about Maggie operating because of their relationship. Maggie wasn't concerned about it, but Sabrina insisted, so Richard called the on-call cardiothoracic surgeon. Before the surgeon could arrive, Sabrina coded, so Maggie rushed her into surgery. While Sabrina was in surgery, Chris and Richard alternated between tense and amiable conversation, with the latter aided by the presence of Catherine, who had come to support Richard. When Maggie finished operating, she came out and had to tell them that Sabrina had a resistance to heparin which caused clotting that led to her death. Chris was devastated at the loss.



He is distant from his brother Richard, because he believes that Richard thinks he's better than them because he became a doctor. When he came to Seattle with his daughter, Sabrina, he was resentful of Richard and when Sabrina ultimately died in surgery, Chris was angry with Richard.


He used to own a hardware store, but had to sell it because people started ordering online instead of buying in the store.


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