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The Christmas Party is a party Meredith and Derek threw at their house for Christmas.


To celebrate Christmas, Meredith and Derek threw a dinner party. Before dinner, Arizona and Richard sang as Owen played guitar as entertainment.

At the party, Thatcher noticed Richard drinking and told Meredith about it, expressing his concerns about Richard drinking on the job, but Meredith brushed his concerns off.

The group then sat down to dinner. Bailey started to tell them about Kelsey Simmons, who'd had a bowel resection while awake earlier that day. Her father chastised her for talking about surgery at the dinner table, but Bailey stood up for herself, saying that she saved a woman's life and that was God's work, which made it perfect dinner conversation.

Characters Present[]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • According to Arizona, Callie didn't attend because she was working.


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