Claire is a friend of Camille Travis who helped set up a prom at the hospital.



Claire went to the prom, along with Natalie and Camille. When Camille lost consciousness at the prom, they were both concerned and came to the hospital. They then called all their friends and essentially brought the prom to the hospital. Richard sent them all away, but Adele yelled at him for sending her friends away and said he needed to make it up to Camille. ("Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response")

Hospital PromEdit

Claire, Natalie, and the interns planned a prom for Camille and all their friends. The colors were silver and white. Richard made attendance at the prom mandatory for the hospital staff. ("Losing My Religion")



Claire was one of the best friends of Camille and Natalie who put on the prom because Camille had collapsed during her own and they wanted to make her prom something to remember.



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