Clementine came into the emergency room with an allergic reaction to peanut clusters.


Clementine came into the ER with an allergic reaction after eating peanut clusters brought to her by her boyfriend, Nico. Nico had given her the candy for Valentine's Day. Alex gave her a breathing treatment and IV medication for the rash.

When Clem had a more severe reaction, Alex had to give her epinephrine. Clem later went into anaphylactic shock and had to be intubated. Alex said they'd need to keep her overnight to watch her.

After his mother insisted that they go home, Nico threw a fit and refused to leave as he'd promised Clem that he'd stay. Alex came out and told him that he'd give Clem a message so that Nico and his mother could go home.

Alex read Clem the note, which read,

"Dear Clementine,

I'm really sorry you're sick, but I'm not sorry you're my girlfriend. It's the worst, being alone on Valentine's Day, but I'm thinking about you right now. I'm thinking about holding hands with you and jumping on the trampoline together. I love you. And P.S. I don't care who gave who lice. I'm just glad we both had it together.

Love, Nico"



She is dating Nico, a fellow 10 year old. They like to hold hands and jump on the trampoline together. They had previously had lice at the same time.


Her mother, Terri, was at the gym when she had her allergic reaction.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 10 at the time of her hospitalization.
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