Coby McKee is the son of Holden McKee.


Holden's AccidentEdit

While working as a firefighter, Coby's father, Holden, was hit by falling debris. As a result of this accident, he was believed to be in a permanent vegetative state and he was put in residential care.

Holden's Fall, Awakening, and DeathEdit

Sixteen years later, Holden fell in his nursing home while being turned by orderlies and insurance insisted that he be checked out in an ER before he could be returned to the home. While she was examining him and preparing to stitch up a cut on his forehead, Meredith was startled to see him open his eyes and track her. She told Derek what she saw and he was doubtful. Despite his doubts, he examined Holden, who was found to be minimally conscious. Derek gave him amphetamines to wake him up.

They also called his family as they waited for him to wake up. When the family arrived, they discovered that his son was now a teenager and his wife had re-married and was expecting a baby. When they heard that Holden was likely to wake up soon, Cheryl took Coby and left, not wanting Holden to see that they hadn't waited for him.

After they left, Holden woke up and was shocked to hear how much time had passed. He had an MRI, which revealed an epidural hematoma. They said they could operate, but told Holden it was risky. Coby came back, but didn't stay long. After he left, Holden decided to have the surgery. They operated, but he died during the surgery. Meredith then had to deliver the news to Coby, who had come back to the hospital to wait for his dad.



His father, Holden McKee, was in a nursing home for sixteen years, from the time Coby was a toddler. When Coby was a teen, he came out of the state, only to die the same day.

Coby was raised by his mother and stepfather, Hal Leonard. He says Hal's a good man.