Constance Ferguson is a prisoner who swallowed razor blades to get taken to the hospital.



While high on meth, Constance killed three people. Her boyfriend had planned a robbery and said he'd leave her if she didn't help him. She didn't want to be alone, so she agreed.


Constance swallowed a razor blade to get sent to the hospital from prison, something she had a history of doing. In the hospital, she became extremely uncooperative, wanting to prolong her stay in the hospital as long as she could. Her x-ray revealed that she'd swallowed four razor blades, so instead of waiting for them to pass, she had to have surgery to have them removed.

Later, it looked like Constance was seizing, but Cristina determined she was actually choking. She'd swallowed the lightbulb from the lamp in her room. It perforated her airway and she was rushed in for an emergency thoracotomy. After her surgery, Cristina said they'd need to keep her for ten days, but after seeing the cops by her door, she said they could keep her for two weeks just to be safe.



She was dating a man and agreed to rob a bank with him when he said he'd leave her. She said she was afraid of being alone.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 40 at the time of her hospitalization.
  • She likes mint chocolate chip ice cream and hates rocky road.


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