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Cormac Hayes was the Head of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. His wife Abigail Hayes passed away from cancer. He has two teenage sons, Liam and Austin Hayes.


Early Life[]

He grew up in Ireland.[1] At some point, he moved to the United States.

Life with Abigail and Being Widowed[]

Cormac and Abigail get to know each other.

Cormac was at the Surgical Innovation Conference in Los Angeles where Abigail, a representative from a drug company who was handing out pens, caught his eye as he entered the hotel. Later, she joined him at the bar and offered him a pen. He informed her that the pen was advertising an erectile dysfunction drug, explaining why none of the men wanted to take them. She hadn't known because she was an artist who only took the job for money. He invited her for a drink and took the rest of her pens from her so she'd agree. They ended up getting married and having two children.[2] He was in the middle of his residency when his boys were babies so he missed out on a big part of their childhood.[3]

When Abigail was 33, she developed fibroids in her uterus. She went in for a minimally-invasive hysterectomy, but it turned out one of the fibroids was actually a cancerous tumor and the machine used to make the hysterectomy minimally-invasive spread the cancer around her body. She underwent treatment, including two clinical trials, but they were unsuccessful. When she reached the point where she knew she was going to die, she talked to Cormac about her wishes for their children and told him it was okay for him to fall in love again. Shortly afterward, she died.[4]

Cormac then uprooted his whole life and moved to Switzerland, the farthest place he could think of. He got a job at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research in Zurich, where he worked with Cristina Yang. After nearly two years there, he ended up moving back to the United States with Cristina playing a role in the fact that he ended up applying for a job at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Finding His Footing at Grey Sloan[]

Cormac was hired without much fanfare since the other attendings were not aware of his hiring. He went to round on his first patient, Jamie Caldwell, and found that Meredith Grey and Andrew DeLuca had already started. He asked that they wait for him in the future before rounding on his patients. He butted heads with Meredith when he insisted on examining the patient himself and came to the same conclusion Meredith had. They ordered a CT. While waiting for the results, they continued to butt heads as he commented on her using residents for personal errands and then recognized her name as the surgeon who got herself fired. The CT then showed a mass in Jamie's back between two ribs. Meredith believed it was a gallstone that had escaped during a previous surgery, but Cormac thought it might be a malignant mass. Meredith didn't want to mention a possible malignancy to Jamie and her mother, but Cormac insisted on telling them and went behind her back. Jamie and her mother were extremely worried so Meredith stepped in to ease their concerns. They did a biopsy, which showed that the mass was not malignant. Meredith decided to remove the mass to see what it was. Cormac tried to object, but Meredith said it was her house and he was just a guest. The mass turned out to be exactly what Meredith predicted, impressing Cormac. Meredith later witnessed how he comforted Jamie, who feared her crush was ignoring her, that he could tell from his experience of having two teenage boys that the lack of a reply was just a teenage boy being scared of talking to a girl he liked. Later, Cormac ended up in an elevator with Meredith, who asked if unnecessarily scaring patients and their family and then basking in their relief afterward was his thing. He told her that unlike his late wife's doctors, he preferred to give people all the available information. He then told her that while he understood it was her house, someone had given him a key, so they needed to learn to live together. After he left, Meredith got a text from Cristina saying that Cormac was the package she had sent.[5]

Cormac met Jo Karev when she brought in the 3-day-old baby boy who had been surrendered at Station 19. As he examined the boy, Cormac inquired if the hospital had a baby hatch like his hospital in Switzerland. Jo then realized Cormac was the guy Meredith had came to vent about, though she masked it as having heard about the "new guy." Cormac then told her he had heard good things about her husband, his predecessor. When he was done examining the baby, Cormac said they could bring in social services. He then noticed Jo had grown fond of the baby and said they could wait a few minutes. Jo asked if Cormac had kids. He told her about his two teenagers. Cormac held the baby and told Jo he had missed the perfect stage of his boys growing up because of residency. Cormac joked he would have stolen this perfect baby, unaware that Jo had taken the baby home for several hours before bringing him to the hospital. He told Jo of his own sons, saying he believed he missed their best stage because he was a resident when his sons were babies. Later, he had a brief friendly chat with Meredith about them having been called in early.[6]

A few days later, Cormac entered the attendings' lounge as Meredith was trying to get more information on him from Cristina, who refused to budge. Cormac then introduced himself to a pregnant Amelia Shepherd and tied her shoe for her as she struggled to do so. He then poured himself some coffee, which he commented was very good. He offered Meredith a cup but she declined. Amelia, in awe of his looks and good manners, informed him that it was better from the cart outside. On their way to the ER, Meredith finally addressed the elephant in the room and brought up Cristina but Cormac was confused as to who she was talking about. Their shared patient, Kai Hale, started throwing up blood. As they waited for the CT results, Cormac told Meredith about his boys and their teenage stupidity. He then apologized to Meredith for their tense first encounter and explained he got a little dark that time of year because it's when he had lost his wife to cancer two years prior. Meredith agreed to start over. She revealed her own spouse had died. She knew the two-year anniversary was a tough one and assured him it gets better over time. Based on Kai's CT, Cormac heavily suspected that their patient had been vaping, which his friends confirmed. He showed them a comparison of Kai's lungs versus healthy lungs to scare them into stopping vaping. Cormac wanted to remove part of his lung to stop the bleeding but Meredith suggested they use coiling instead. Cormac agreed to her approach and watched her every move. He revealed he had seen cases like this before, in which there was often a re-bleed. Moments later, the re-bleed happened so they converted to an open procedure. During the procedure, he said that last time, he was on the opposite side of the debate and the other doctor was Dr. Yang. Cormac informed Kai's father on his tough recovery. He then told Meredith he wouldn't rub it in that he was right, unlike Cristina, who teased him about it for months. Meredith then let it slip that she knew Cristina, though walked off when Cormac asked her about it.[7]

Cormac brought his sons to the hospital on a day when there was no school due to parent-teacher conferences. During this time he introduced them to Meredith. They were reluctant to be shown around and when the time came for them to go to their conference, he had trouble finding them and asked Meredith if she had seen them. He contemplated whether he hated his sons from time to time. He said he didn't know how she stayed sane while combining her job with raising her kids. She said she dropped a ball from time to time, like the time her daughter had to tell her the water had been turned off because she had forgotten to pay the water bill.[8]

When Joey Phillips resisted doing his physical therapy, Cormac challenged Levi Schmitt to find a way to make it feel less daunting. Cormac himself came up with the idea of letting him play video games. He asked Nurse Karen to find the video game cart and Meredith commented on his idea and informed him she was putting together a pro bono surgery day. As she began to inform Cormac about the video game room, Andrew interrupted her to ask her about a previous case of hers. Cormac pointed out he was being rude. In Italian, Andrew told him to give them a minute. Surprisingly, Cormac told him in Italian to learn some respect. Cormac told Meredith to put him down for her pro bono day and took off to track down the game room. Still, Joey refused to play video games while he had no idea if his foster siblings were okay. Cormac tracked down Miranda Bailey, who had been worrying about Joey's future, and asked if she knew someone they could call to find out about his siblings. She managed to find his siblings and together with Cormac, she escorted them to Joey's room. Joey agreed to play the video games with his siblings. Afterward, Cormac overheard Andrew yelling at Meredith for being a hypocrite for scolding him for not following the rules. Cormac told him to calm down but Andrew yelled back to mind his own business. Meredith told Cormac they were fine and then pointed out that Andrew was sounding like his father. Andrew then told her they were done. Cormac suggested Meredith write him up for his outburst but she brushed it off.[9]


During a blizzard, Cormac became enraged when a liver became available for his patient, Elisa Tang, but couldn't be transported to the hospital due to the weather. He was grateful when Andrew offered to go on foot to retrieve the liver. While Andrew was gone, Cormac continued to monitor Elisa. When she started hemorrhaging, he and Meredith took Elisa into surgery to place a shunt to stop her bleeding. While they were in surgery, Cormac took the time to get to know Meredith and the two of them bonded over being widowed. When the liver arrived, they transplanted it into Elisa, who immediately started to improve. After her surgery was done, Cormac and Meredith told her parents she'd be okay. That evening, as he left the hospital, Cormac ran into Meredith and told her it was nice to talk to someone who understood what it was like to lose a spouse so young and that it helped to have a friend. Meredith said that it helped her too. He then confessed that Cristina did talk about having a twisted sister and asked Meredith if that was her. Meredith shrugged and smiled knowingly in response.[10]

Pro Bono Surgery Day[]

Cormac offered his services during the pro bono surgery day Meredith had planned. He made a joke about pro bono surgery day being every day in Ireland, which Meredith didn't appreciate. At the end of the day, Cormac came to see her and brought her tea. He congratulated her for pulling off the pro bono surgery day, but she was not as impressed with herself. In response he said he could now see the twistedness in her that Cristina Yang had talked about. She told him it took him long enough and thanked him for his help.[11]

Medical Conference[]

Cormac went to the Surgical Innovation Conference in Los Angeles upon Bailey's request. He was uncomfortable at the conference, as it reminded him of the time when he first met this wife Abigail at the same conference at the same hotel many years prior. When sales rep Dane Pinetti tried to pitch Cormac and Teddy Altman on the possibility of his company partnering with Grey Sloan, Cormac revealed that he already knew how one of their most popular devices, the C-30 power morcellator, worked because it had killed his wife by spreading an isolated cancerous tumor throughout her body. Cormac revealed the company knows that it's a problem but is paying to suppress the proof that it kills people. He refused to hear anything more from Dane, told him in no uncertain terms to leave, and passed on the drink. Dane left and Cormac apologized to Teddy for his outburst.[12]

Treating Daya Burman[]

Cormac worked on the case of Daya Burman, who was at the hospital for a bilateral gracilis transfer to treat Moebius syndrome. During the surgery, he was surprised to find that other people at the hospital had knowledge of his dating life when Jo asked him if he used any dating apps. He told her he didn’t and she replied that he didn’t need to seeing as he has his own personal matchmaker referring to Cristina. He asked her what that was supposed to mean and in response she changed the subject. After the surgery, he told Jo he hated set-ups and tried to ask her more about it, but she refused to give him a straight answer. He then decided to ask Meredith to get a drink. She accepted, but said she was too exhausted to do it then and told him to ask her again another time. He told her he would and bid her goodnight.[13]

COVID-19 Pandemic[]

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit Seattle, Cormac worked alongside the other doctors and nurses at Grey Sloan to treat patients. His sister-in-law, Irene Davis, insisted on moving to Seattle to take care of his boys at home so he could focus on his work at the hospital.[14] One day, he paged Meredith to assist him in operating on Frankie Morris, who had had a kidney transplant two months prior. Frankie was readmitted because his abdomen was impaled by a tree branch. At the end of his shift, Cormac texted Meredith and invited her for a drink, saying that he had another bottle of whiskey in his office. Unfortunately, Meredith didn't see the text because she was asleep at the time. Having not received a response, Cormac headed home for the night only to discover Meredith passed out in the parking lot on the way to her car. Cormac tried to rouse her and when that was unsuccessful, he called for other staff members to help him.[15]

After Val Ashton was admitted and discovered to have an abdominal pregnancy Cormac worked with Carina DeLuca on baby Luna Ashton, who was born prematurely. Because the baby wasn't moving, Cormac and Carina intubated Luna, transferred her to an incubator, and then transported her to the NICU. Following the procedure, Cormac came to visit Meredith. He had previously asked Maggie Pierce about her condition and had heard that she was looking for a new Power of Attorney (POA). Due to the new COVID-19 protocols, Cormac had to video call her from outside her window in full personal protective equipment. He joked that she looked like crap and told her about the Luna Ashton case. They discussed her search for a new POA and Meredith admitted she was having a hard time choosing someone because everyone around the hospital was family. Cormac advised her to write down what she wanted and then choose someone who would choose her over and over again and would defend her choices. She asked if that was what Cormac did for his wife. He told her no and that he knew better than that and that his wife's sister was her POA. Cormac then told Meredith to get some sleep and in response, Meredith confided in him that she was afraid that if she fell asleep she might not wake up. Cormac then gave her a pep talk by telling her that everyone was scared of her because of how fierce she is and because she's got grit and fights to the death about the stupidest little things and that the virus had nothing on her. Meredith then ended the call and went to sleep.[16]

After the firefighters from Station 19 brought in two kidnapping victims who were injured in a house fire, Cormac worked with Levi and Jackson Avery to treat the two girls, Shanice and Jada Williams, for smoke inhalation and, in Jada's case, second-degree burns on her left hand. Whilst Cormac was checking up on Jada, her mother Joyce Williams, who had been arrested at the scene, showed up and was reunited with her daughter. Outside the room, Cormac asked Jackson if that was his doing. Jackson had had his attorney look into the case and subsequently used his own money to get Joyce out of jail.[17]

A few weeks after their hospitalization, both Val and Luna's condition worsened. Cormac diagnosed Luna with a bronchogenic cyst, which required surgery. He informed Jo so she could inform Val but Jo was reluctant to do so because of Val's worsening condition and low spirits. Cormac joined Jo to explain the situation. Val asked to see her daughter before her own surgery. Jo agreed to her request despite Cormac's objections. He said it was against protocol and posed an unnecessary risk for Luna. His opinion caused tension with Jo, who wondered if he was nicer before his wife died. Cormac reminded her that Meredith was laughing and joking a few hours before being put on a ventilator and that the rules exist to keep people safe. Jo then wondered if he would stick to the rules if it were Meredith who wanted to see her kids. Cormac then budged and agreed to a few minutes. However, Val coded as they were moving Luna. While Jo ran the code on Val, Cormac took Luna into surgery. Once back in the NICU with Luna, Jo informed him that Val had died. Cormac then admitted that he was indeed nicer before his wife died and that he was better in a lot of ways. He acknowledged that what Jo wanted to do was kind.[18] Cormac continued to treat Luna in the NICU over the following weeks and both Jo and Bailey came to visit her frequently.[19]

After the unexpected death of Andrew DeLuca, Cormac volunteered to help treat COVID patients since they were short-staffed. He helped Teddy out with Meredith's case. He sat by her bedside and told her to pull through as the hospital couldn't take another loss. Since her recent COVID test had come back negative and her status was improving, they decided to try weaning her off the ventilator. He offered to handle it with the respiratory therapist so Teddy could take a break, but she declined. They lightened Meredith's sedation and lowered the ventilator settings but it soon became clear that it was too soon. They turned the settings back up and agreed to try again in a few days. Cormac helped set up a video call with Amelia and Zola. He then informed Richard Webber that weaning Meredith off the vent hadn't worked as hoped. He commented that when his wife died his therapist told him that there was no wrong way to process the loss, but now he knew that doing it over a computer screen was in fact a wrong way. He later went back into Meredith's room and talked to her about her kids in an attempt to encourage her to fight. He described their daily video calls in vivid detail. Having heard stories of previous fights she had won, he believed Meredith had it in her to get better like other patients. In the evening, he set up a tablet in Meredith's room to watch the memorial for Andrew by her side, even though she was still unconscious.[20]

Irene's Surgery[]

One day, Cormac received a call from his boys that their aunt Irene had been taken to the hospital by an ambulance. Upset that Irene hadn't informed him herself, he rushed to the ER and found Jo taking Irene's history. Cormac kept interrupting her to stress that Irene was living with multiple sclerosis and used strong teas from her acupuncturist as pain relief, since she had came to distrust Western medicine after her sister's death. As Jo suspected, a CT confirmed that her pain was caused by a kidney stone. Deeply appreciative of Irene despite their differences and not wanting to risk losing another family member, he insisted on the getting the best for her and paged Catherine Fox when it was determined that Irene would need surgery. Catherine came to see Irene and explained the lithotripsy procedure and the routine nature of it. Cormac took Irene up to the OR himself and tried giving her a little tour on the way, though he admitted there wasn't much to see in a pandemic. Irene was more interested in meeting this general surgeon that made him smile whom her nephews had told her about. Cormac admitted she was on a vent in the ICU. Irene was disappointed she wouldn't get to meet her and that he had fallen for another sick woman. He promised to check in after the procedure, but Jo came out halfway through to inform him that the ureter had detached from the kidney as they pulled out the scope. Cormac began to spiral, saying his boys couldn't lose the one person who had become everything to them in this pandemic. Jo pointed out it was just a complication so he told her to go back and fix it. The repair was successful. As promised, Cormac checked in on Irene with Jo. Cormac thanked Jo. Once she was gone, Irene wondered if Jo was single. Cormac didn't know. Together, they checked in on the boys.[21]

Treating Arthur Beaton[]

Cormac worked on the case of Arthur Beaton, a toddler with multiple cardiac problems who was awaiting a transplant. After a heart-to-heart with Arthur's distraught father, Cormac went to Maggie and suggested a double-pump EXCOR to stabilize Arthur, but Maggie shut the idea down as Arthur's chest cavity was too small. Cormac felt that Maggie was giving up too easily and challenged her to find a solution, but Maggie pointed out it was time for a difficult conversation with Arthur's parents about taking him off life support. Before doing so, Cormac went to see Luna in the NICU. Jo showed up as well and as they watched the baby girl, Jo said she hoped Luna wouldn't grow up to resent the hand she had been dealt. Jo opened up and shared that she had spent too much time being angry about the way she had come into the world. That was until she let go of that anger, which felt like breaking off the black, crusty pieces of her heart. Her comment inspired Cormac, who paged Maggie to tell her they could remove Arthur's ventricles to make room in his chest for the EXCOR artificial heart. Arthur's father was reluctant but consented after Cormac explained they had no other options but give up. The surgery was a success and Arthur was stable in the PICU afterward.[22]

Black Lives Matter Protest[]

Following the murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 a Black Lives Matter Protest was organized in Seattle. Cormac attended with his sons, who made protest signs. While at the protest, he sustained a head injury when he interfered when a neo-nazi counter-protester went after one of his sons with a billy club. Cormac then drove himself and the boys to the hospital. They ran into Jackson in the parking lot and asked him for help. While Cormac had his head stitched up, he called Irene to have her pick up the boys. He informed Jackson he wouldn't allow his boys to protest anymore until they were 18. He decided to stay at work since the ER was filling up with other casualties from the protests. He assisted Richard and Jackson with their initial work-up of Nell Timms, who was shot with a teargas canister at close range at the protest. Later, he ran into Jo in the ER who fixed his band-aid for him. When he started coughing as they were talking, he assured her it was due to the teargas at the protest. He brought up that his boys complained about having to go home rather than back to the protest. Jo understood both sides but Cormac said he had lost too many people to see any side but his own. In the evening, Cormac joined Jackson and Richard as they checked up on Nell, who recounted protest stories from years past. Having gained a better understanding of their importance, Cormac drove home to admit to his boys that he was wrong to forbid them from protesting. He acknowledged they were experiencing an important moment so he had decided they would be allowed to go to protests but only during daylight and with him by their side. They agreed to go to another protest the next day, after which they played soccer together.[23]

Treating Luna Ashton[]

Some time later, Cormac discharged Nurse Jennilynn Mandap to great fanfare. She was the hospital's tenth COVID discharge that week and many people's favorite ICU Nurse. When Winston Ndugu had the idea to sneak Zola into Meredith's hospital room in the hope that it would encourage her to wake up, Richard asked Cormac for child-sized PPE that they could use. Cormac obliged, not knowing it was for Zola until Maggie brought her to the hospital. Richard thanked him and told him that he wouldn't tell anyone that he helped. Cormac told him it was fine with him if he did.[24] Winston's idea worked and Meredith woke up and started improving which resulted in her being cleared for discharge some time later. Cormac gathered with the other doctors and hospital workers to clap her out in the ambulance bay. However, Meredith did not appear as planned and resident Zander Perez informed everyone that she was not in her room and that her stuff was gone. Cormac laughed loudly and commended Meredith for pulling one over on everyone. He then wished everyone a good evening and went back inside.[25]

A few weeks later Luna’s condition worsened, and she began spitting up after every meal because she lacked a gag reflex from having been intubated for so long. During this time, Cormac met Carmen Delgado from Child Services who had been assigned as Luna’s legal guardian. Carmen asked that Cormac keep her updated on Luna’s case. The following week Luna’s condition improved somewhat, but she was still suffering from mild reflux. Over time Jo became increasingly attached to Luna and was offended that Carmen barely had any time for Luna. Cormac pointed out that Carmen was a social worker and not her parent. Two weeks later Luna coded, and Cormac had to intubate her. He asked Jo to help him, but she panicked and was unable to do so. After he got Luna’s rhythm normalized Jo told him she wanted to be Luna’s mom. A week later, Luna’s x-rays showed she had aspiration pneumonia which Cormac treated using antibiotics. During this time Jo sat with Luna often and stayed with her throughout the night. In recognition of this Cormac held off on calling Carmen to give Jo more time alone with Luna. He joked that a parent or legal guardian of one of his patients is mad at him at least once a day and that Jo was no different. Jo told him she hoped that Luna would live long enough for her paperwork to go through so that she could adopt her. A week later, Luna was still aspirating, and Cormac wanted to perform a Nissen fundoplication to help stop the reflux. Jo was in favour of the procedure, but Carmen disagreed having taken care of children who had had the procedure before. Carmen told Jo she was sorry that her adoption application was denied as it was a nice idea. After Carmen left Jo told Cormac that her application was denied because she failed her background check.[26]

In August of 2020, Carmen finally approved Luna's surgery and Cormac operated on her. The surgery was successful and he discussed her case with Meredith who had just returned to work as Directory of Residency. They joked about the events of the past few months and he told her he was confident that her name would be back on the OR board soon. Meredith wasn't so sure. The following month, Luna was eating well and Carmen informed Cormac and Jo that she had found a family that was willing to foster Luna in order to adopt her and that the family had requested a timeline. Cormac told her it was too early to tell and Carmen asked him to keep her updated. On Christmas Eve, Cormac met Meredith in the attendings' lounge and saw that she was upset. He told her the holidays were hard for him as it's when he misses Abigail the most. Meredith changed the subject and said she had hoped that patients who had recovered from COVID would be eligible for lung transplants and Cormac agreed it would be great if they were. He then presented Meredith with her Christmas present which was a opened half-empty bottle of whiskey. He told it was short notice and joked about her passing out to avoid having a drink with him. Meredith poured them both drinks and they finally had their drink together. In April of 2021 Cormac finally discharged Luna from the hospital and Jo took her home as she was now her legal guardian. That same day Cormac attended Maggie and Winston's second wedding. As the couple were exchanging their vows he shared a look with Meredith who wound up having to leave after the ceremony with Teddy to perform a lung transplant on their patient. Cormac stayed for Maggie and Winston's reception and danced with the other guests. Following the reception, Cormac joined his colleagues at the hospital to do a clap out for Meredith after she successfully completed her first surgery post-COVID.[27]



He is a humorous man and has been shown to be good with kids and teenagers alike. He used to be kinder before his wife's death while he now has a rather rough edge to him. He can be pretty opinionated and stubborn but is willing to listen to reason and is not afraid to admit when he's made a mistake.



Abigail Hayes[]

He was married until his wife, Abigail Hayes, died. He says that before she died, the doctors weren't transparent with him, which is why he tells families everything he knows. It is clear he loved Abigail very dearly because he developed a deep hatred for Wilkes and Boon, the company that created a medical device that resulted in her uterine cancer spreading throughout her body and ultimately killing her, to the point he threatened to kill a sales representative from that company when they wanted to partner with Grey Sloan.

Meredith Grey[]

Upon moving to Seattle he began developing a relationship with Meredith Grey. At first, their relationship was a rocky one as they butted heads over the case of Jamie Caldwell. However, following that, they worked together on the case of Kai Hale during which Cormac apologized for his previous behavior and the two became friends. Eventually, Cormac asked Meredith out and she accepted. However, before they could go out on a date, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Seattle and so they took to having drinks in his office instead, all of which was put on hold when Meredith contracted COVID-19 and had to be admitted. After she recovered, they celebrated by sharing a bottle of whiskey in the attending's lounge on Christmas Eve.


He has two sons, Liam and Austin, who are both teenagers. He cares very much about his sons, and they have a close relationship and tease each other often. His father-in-law used to make him watch American football, which he never understood.[28] While some personal disagreements (i.e. regarding Western medicine) exist between them, he maintains a close relationship with his former sister-in-law, Irene Davis. She insisted on moving to Seattle when the COVID-19 pandemic hit so she could look after her nephews.


He knows and worked with Cristina Yang. She is responsible for him coming to work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He described her as being a nightmare to work with and that when they disagreed about a surgery and she turned out to be right she drove him mad and rubbed it in his face.[29] However, she clearly likes and respects him otherwise she wouldn't have sent him as a gift for Meredith.

Since moving to Seattle, he has worked well with Jo Wilson, even though they can disagree sometimes.


He is the Head of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Before taking the job there, he used to work at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He speaks Italian.[30]
  • He loves soccer.[31]
  • His scrub cap is plain black.[32]
  • He drives a black Audi, and the license plate number is 523MTCP.[33]
  • He thinks iced coffee is just coffee-flavored water.[34]


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