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They say life doesn't give you second chances. But we do. Surgeons do. You break a bone, we put it back together. You bleed, we make it stop. You flatline, we resuscitate you. But as much as we give people second chances, surgeons don't usually get them, because the kind of mistakes we make, are sometimes impossible to recover from. It's hard to give second chances. It's even harder to ask for them. A chance to do it again, knowing what you know now, what you've learned. A chance to do it completely differently. A chance to right our wrongs, to try and correct our mistakes. A chance to try and start over, from scratch.

Could We Start Again, Please? is the seventh episode of the eleventh season and the 227th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Secrets about Amelia's past addictions come to light and cause problems for her at the hospital, Bailey oversees Jo’s first solo surgery, and Arizona must make an executive decision in Dr. Herman’s absence. Meanwhile, the doctors spring into action when a couple arrives at the emergency room after escaping a fire.

Full Summary[]

While Meredith's voice over talks about second chances, Derek has a flashback to his father being threatened in his store, while he and Amelia play in the back.

Meredith runs into Maggie as they're both on their way to the ER. Meredith apologizes for last night, and explains she and Derek lost track of time. Maggie claims she's not mad about it.

In a lounge, Herman asks Arizona what she's decided, but Arizona hasn't decided yet. Arizona wants to know more, but Herman refuses to share more information. Arizona asks more questions and Herman assures her she's not gonna do anything to endanger her patients. She says Arizona is not entitled to her situation. She is, however, entitled to her knowledge about fetal surgery. She's giving Arizona the chance to take her work into her future. She wants Arizona to make up her mind. As she's on her way out, Herman informs her that today's surgeries are cancelled as she has an appointment, about which she's not gonna tell Arizona more. 

Callie, Meredith, Maggie, and Owen are waiting for the ambulance. Callie and Meredith were up all night. Sofia's been acting out, asking about her and Arizona, but Callie doesn't know how and when to tell her, so she's just miserable. Meredith on the other hand was up having sex all night. The ambulance arrives. The paramedic tells them that the couple on the gurney fell two stories from a burning building. The man is holding on to his wife, who's not moving. The paramedics tried to pull her off, as she's dead, but he just didn't let go.

As they enter the ER, paramedic Nicole brings Amelia up to speed. They take the patients to a trauma room. Derek comes over to help out, but Amelia refers him back to the head lac in bed 3. She doesn't need him on the case, and she's sure there will come more lacs he can stitch up.

In order to properly examine Norris, they need to remove his wife Hattie from the gurney, but he doesn't want to let go. Meredith and Maggie talk him into letting her go. Hattie is led down on another gurney. As Meredith takes her apart to pronounce time of death, Norris holds onto her hand till the very last moment. While the other doctors examine Norris, Meredith uses an ultrasound to confirm that there's no pulse. She urges her colleagues to be quiet, and eventually finds a very weak pulse. They take her to the other trauma room. Before Amelia can go, Norris grasps her hand. She promises him to take good care of Hattie.

Arizona is doing an ultrasound on Emily Jensen with Graham by her side. Corey Jensen asks where Dr. Herman is. Arizona doesn't reply. She's concerned the baby is bleeding into the tumor itself, causing her to be anemic. Arizona now says Herman had an appointment. Corey wants her there, as the whole point of fetal surgery was to get the baby to term. It's still the point, Arizona says, and explains what Herman will most likely do. Arizona will apprise her, and they'll come back to inform them about how they'll move forward.

Outside the room, Graham asks where Herman is. As Arizona calls Herman, she says she has no idea. Herman better pick up, because Emily Jensen's baby is going to die.

Working on Hattie, Maggie wants to put in a chest tube, but Amelia needs a CT first to confirm a depressed temporal bone fracture. April comes over; she's on her way to CT, so she asks if someone's free to update the family.

Amelia walks up to the desk and recognizes Sarah, the woman waiting there. Sarah is surprised to see that Amelia's a doctor. Sarah says her parents where in a fire. Knowing Sarah is Hattie and Norris's daughter, Amelia tells her what they know so far. As her neurosurgeon, Amelia will have to operate on her mother. Sarah refuses to let Amelia operate and asks a nurse for another doctor. Owen comes over to see what's going on as Sarah yells she wants another doctor. Sarah yells that Amelia is a drug addict whom she met at Narcotics Anonymous. She blurts out Amelia's secrets, including Ryan's death. Owen takes Sarah with him to let her calm down. Derek comes over to Amelia and assures Sarah he's got this. Derek looks at a shocked Amelia and then walks up to Hattie, closing the curtains behind him.

Meredith sits down with Derek as he's prepping to go into the OR. Meredith thinks he was supposed to take her side instead of taking her case, as she was being attacked. Derek explains that the woman had it out for Amelia, so if anything had gone wrong, she'd have blamed Amelia for being an addict. Derek is going to talk to Owen though to clean this up.

Arizona meets up with Alex in the NICU and tells him about her case. She can't do the fetal surgical procedure herself and Herman's gone, so she's panicking. Alex reminds her that they can also deliver the baby and then he'll fix the problem with a pediatric surgery. Arizona says the baby's only at 28 weeks and the point of fetal surgery was to get it to term, but Alex says it's the only way to save the kid. Arizona leaves Herman a voice mail message, informing her that if she hasn't called back in 30 minutes, she'll deliver the baby and resect the SCT. Alex promises to be ready in 30 minutes in case she'll need him, and she goes to book an OR.

Jo is throwing up in the hospital bathroom. Stephanie suggests she take Jo's first solo surgery off her hands if she's too nervous. As she leaves the stall, Jo says she's not too nervous. She knows how to repair a hernia, and lists the steps to prove it. Stephanie thinks Bailey's going to eat Jo alive, but Jo says she's not because she's a badass. She's got this procedure down, and she's not afraid of little bitty Dr. Bailey. Another toilet is flushed and Bailey leaves her stall, creating an awkward moment for Jo.

As Amelia walks through the hallways, she hears people whispering about her. As she sees Richard, she asks him to talk.

In a private room, she tells him what happened. She assures him she's sober. She never disclosed her recovery when she was hired, as Derek hired her and she figured people knew. Then Sarah's the only one who did something wrong, by violating her privacy, Richard tells her. He also reminds her that she's under no obligation to tell anyone anything more, unless she's done something that compromised her ability to do her job. And she hasn't, so she doesn't have to say anything more about it. These are her rights. It's her past, and she doesn't have to defend it. By coming here, Amelia thought she had a chance to get away from her past, but she now realizes you never get away from it. He tells her to stay on track now, do her job, and get to a meeting as soon as she can.

Arizona is waiting in a scrub room. Only less than a minute left for Herman to call her back. When the minute's passed, Alex comes out of the OR where Emily's been put under. Alex says she's making the right call. Arizona leaves Herman another message. For all she knows, Herman could be dead, so she's decided to tell Hunt as soon as she gets out of surgery. She hangs up the phone and starts scrubbing.

As Amelia's writing on the OR board, people are still whispering about her. Owen comes over to talk about what happened, but she has nothing to say to clear this up as he's heard all the facts from Sarah. Amelia says she was removed from the case per Sarah's request, which is her right. He tries to have a conversation, but it's none of his business as long as she's doing her job, which she is. She says it's her right not to discuss this with him. He walks off.

Arizona delivers the baby and hands it off to Alex. As Arizona wants to help out on the baby, she asks Graham to handle Emily. He's done about a million C-sections, so he knows how to. She asks him to find her when he's done as the baby's being taken to OR 7. 

Derek, Jackson, Maggie, and Stephanie are operating. There's a bleeding, which Maggie easily fixes. Derek asks Jackson if his baby's gonna be a boy or a girl. They're keeping it a surprise as April wants it to be a surprise. He however doesn't see the fun in being hopelessly unprepared. Derek reminds him that even though they knew about his son's gender, he was still delivered by an intern in a pitch-black room during a super storm. Surprises happen. Jackson doesn't find comfort in that. Derek says that after weeks on the bench, he's now saving a woman's life without even opening up her skull, so Jackson better embrace surprises. 

Callie and Meredith are operating on Norris. Callie finds it amazing that he tried to break his wife's fall. Everyone keeps telling Callie that things will get better eventually, and Callie's really ready for the easier part. Meredith tells her about her and Derek's system of time-outs. While time-outing, they even forget they're mad. Derek seems better at home, at least. She keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop, but maybe there is no other shoe. Callie gives her a shoe by telling her that their time-outs are band-aids. They cover the damage, but don't fix it, and it gets even uglier when you pull time off. "Trust me, there's always another shoe," Callie says.

While Bailey reads a magazine, Jo does her solo procedure. Jo updates her on her progress. Seems like she's got it all under control. Bailey compliments her for not having barfed in her mask. 

Alex and Arizona are operating on the baby. She thinks it's nice to be operating together like old times. A nurse comes in to tell Arizona that Graham's asked for her, urgently. 

Arizona enters Graham's OR, which has turned into a bloody mess. Knox informs her that Emily's already gone through 8 units of blood. Graham is panicking. He did everything he was supposed to. Arizona asks to gown and glove her. She suspects it's placenta percreta, which is probably invading deeper structures. She's surprised he didn't see it and that no one stopped him. She asks to have Hunt or any other trauma surgeon paged. She tells Graham to move and steps in.

Owen and Derek update Sarah on her patients on what they know so far. She thanks them and she says she didn't want to do to Amelia what she did. She's in NA too and she broke an oath, but it was about her parents. Derek doesn't look at her. As they walk off, Owen asks what he's looking at with Amelia's situation. It's all true. Owen needs to know if they want her out of the neuro chief position. Derek doesn't reply, but Owen figures what he wants to say, but can't, because Amelia's his sister. As Owen walks off, Derek has another flashback of him covering Amelia's mouth as their father is shot.

April is gowned and gloved in Arizona's OR. Arizona didn't want April to see this, but April can handle it. As April steps in, Arizona says nor the CT, nor Herman noticed the placenta percreta. Arizona feels it has extended to Emily's kidney and asks to keep the blood coming, as Emily's losing a liter every two minutes. April wonders why any woman even has babies.

Meredith thinks they can close up Norris. Owen comes in to call an emergency board meeting about Amelia. Meredith is surprised, as she thought Derek was going to talk to Owen. "He did," Owen says as he leaves. Callie tells her it's the other shoe and Meredith runs after him.

While having more flashbacks to the day of the murder of his father, Derek paces up and down.

Derek meets Amelia and asks if Owen talked to her about her job. Amelia, thinking she's gonna lose her job, asks Derek to talk to him. Derek honestly says he already did, and that he may have given him the idea. He promises to fix it as she starts calling him names and says that she stayed in Seattle for him while she had built a second life in Los Angeles. She can't understand how he could do this to her, his sister. He promises again to fix it and leaves.

Meredith finally finds Derek. She asks about the Amelia situation, but he doesn't want to talk to her about it now.

Jo walks up to Stephanie and says she nailed her surgery, step by step. She fails to say one step, making Jo start questioning if she did that step in the OR.

Emily is still being operated on as a nurse tells Arizona that Alex needs her. April tells her she's got Emily. Arizona rushes to Alex's OR, only to find it empty. She asks a janitor where Karev is.

Arizona runs up to Alex at the nurses' station. He says the surgery went great. He knew she was in a twist about the kid, so he thought she'd like to update the father with him. Just as she wants to tell Alex that Emily is critical, Corey comes over to ask about his family. Alex tells him that his daughter is looking good, even though she'll need to stay in the NICU for a while. He asks if Emily's seen her. Arizona tells him that there've been complications, causing Emily to lose a lot of blood. Corey is upset, because Herman had a plan and now his wife is bleeding out and his baby's in critical care and he doesn't even know who Arizona is. Arizona needs to go back to Emily's OR as Corey asks where the hell their doctor is.

Arizona runs back to April's OR, only to find April calling time of death and Graham crying.

Amelia and Meredith are sitting in the gallery. Meredith assures her that it was a misunderstanding with Owen, which Derek is now fixing. Amelia doesn't know why she should believe that. As her brother, he gets to steal her toys and pull her hair and call her names. It's why he thinks he can get away with it. Meredith doesn't get it, as she was raised as only child. And she's historically lousy at being a sister. Amelia says it's good enough that she's here right now.

Jo is double-checking with Bailey if she didn't miss the step. Jo herself really can't remember if she hit the iliac vein or not. Bailey is going to run a CT and she tells Jo to pray that her patient isn't bleeding to death right now.

Every board member but Arizona has gathered in a conference room. Derek comes in and says they don't need to start. He knows they're here to figure out what's going on with Amelia, but he assures them she's working really hard in recovery, and that she's successful at it. As he has more flashbacks, he says that Sarah, the hospital, and more importantly, he should have protected her. He didn't protect her because he wants her job. The fact that they're all here is his fault. Derek tells Owen that Amelia should stay where she is. She's doing the job, and he couldn't do it any better.

Alex assures Arizona that Emily's baby is doing good. She doesn't know how to tell Corey that his wife died. Alex thinks Herman should've been here, but Arizona says that because she wasn't, Emily was her responsibility. They stop as they see Herman talking to Corey. Arizona sneaks into the room.

Herman explains to Corey that the conditon she was suffering from is really hard to diagnose. If Emily had carried the baby to term, like they planned, she most likely would've died too. Herman makes it clear that if they had done the fetal surgery, he most likely would've lost both his wife and his daughter. Robbins did everything within her power to save his wife, but she did save his baby. 

Arizona follows Herman into a lounge as she complains about Herman's absence. Herman disappears into the toilet room. Arizona hears her throw up and she stops talking. Herman comes out and they sit down. Herman says her doctors decided yesterday that she needs some aggressive radiation therapy, immediately. That's where she was today and it hit her a little harder than she expected it to. Everything she said to Corey was true. Arizona saved a baby that they would've lost. She logged into the hospital's interface to monitor Arizona's progress all day. She made all the right calls. Herman says the only thing she could have done is perform an intrauterine transfusion to keep the baby in a little longer and maybe they could have detected the percreta earlier, but that doesn't mind they could've done anything for Emily that Arizona didn't do. Arizona says she wants to know how to do the intrauterine transfusion. If there's a chance she could've saved that mother, she has to know how for the next time. Herman can show her tomorrow, unless she's planning on having a conversation with Chief Hunt. Arizona is not anymore. Herman gets up and leaves, telling Arizona to go home.

Stephanie is sitting in the locker room with Jo. She promises to stay with her, but leaves as soon as Bailey orders her to go. Bailey says the patient never made it to CT. Since it was her surgery, Bailey needs Jo to go talk to the family. Jo starts crying, thinking the patient is dead, while Bailey silently says she never said that. She interrupts Jo's yammering and says that the patient is fine. Bailey didn't take the patient to CT, because she saw Jo do it in the OR. Jo thinks Bailey has a problem, but Bailey says that second-guessing yourself is a problem. Before too long, there won't be anyone anymore to catch her mistakes. Her patients will have to trust that when she takes them into surgery, she knows what she's doing. Now, Jo can't expect them to do that if she doesn't even trust herself. Jo concludes that Bailey is mean. Bailey says that she is, and tells Jo to tell all her little bitty friends.

Jackson sits down with April on a bench. She's quite shocked by the surgery on Emily. He doesn't want her to worry, as she and their baby are just fine. Contrary to Jackson, April's never worried, because she believes it's all in God's hands. He doesn't know how she can just write off all the unanswered questions. The answer is that they don't go to know the answers, April says. April doesn't know why that woman had to die today. Because it all just happened, Jackson says. Now April can't understand he's comfortable with that answer. 

Meredith lies down in the same on-call room that Maggie's resting in. They talk about Hattie and Norris. They've given them the best chance of survival they could. They have to wait and see. Meredith brings up last night again. Maggie snaps that she's not mad, but Meredith says that she sounds like someone who's mad. Of course, Maggie says. They invited her to dinner, and then didn't come to dinner at their own house. She was really looking forward to having dinner with conversation and dinner, as she doesn't know anyone in Seattle. She does nothing at night but eating alone and watching television, so even though she didn't want to talk to Webber, she was really looking forward to dinner. Maggie gets a page, informing them that Hattie's awake. 

Sarah tells her mother what happened. Maggie says she's doing well. Meredith tells her that her husband saved her life by letting her land on him. Hattie jokes that that was stupid as Norris wakes up in the bed next to hers. He says that the woman doctor promised to save her. And she was right. Hattie and Norris smile at each other.

As Maggie and Meredith leave the room, Meredith asks if she's busy tonight. Maggie says she's gonna do some reading, but then gets what Meredith means. Actually, she says, she's not busy.

Alex, Maggie, Callie, and Meredith are hanging out in the living room at Alex's house with beers. Maggie can't believe she's in Ellis' old house. Meredith jokes the place was nicer before Alex trashed it. Jo is sitting in the other room by herself, reading. They reminiscence about the times they all lived in the house and George. Maggie is surprised that Callie once had a husband, bringing them on the subject of their sexual history. Callie finds they're all related through their sex partners. As they all laugh, the doorbell rings. Alex lets Arizona in, who has her suitcase with her. She's surprised to see Callie there. She says she probably should've called first, but Herman told her to go home and she wasn't really sure where to go to. Meredith just says this is proof that everyone lives here. Alex tells her where she can find the booze as a welcome. She thanks him, but Jo doesn't seem too happy about her moving in.

Amelia comes home from a meeting, finding Derek drinking. She says she's moving out tomorrow. He apologizes. He didn't mean to hurt her. She's sure about that. She's sure he didn't even think about her. He just saw an opening and took it. He says he's always protected her ever since their dad died. He didn't want to, and he's sure she didn't want him to either, but he promised it. When she came up here, he realized she didn't need it. She was more than fine. She can take care of herself now, and he didn't need to anymore. She says she needed him today. He nods. He reveals he doesn't know who he is anymore. He's sure he's not anybody he ever thought he would be. He tried to make the right choices for Meredith, her and the kids. He's angry all the time and miserable and he doesn't know what to do with it. All he does is hurt people that he doesn't want to hurt it and he just can't get control of it. He doesn't know what to do anymore. Amelia recognizes the feeling. They call it rock bottom, she says as she walks to her room.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]



Medical Notes[]

Nicole Herman[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Brain Tumor
    • Migraine
  • Doctors:
  • Treatment:
    • Radiation therapy
    • Oral medication

Nicole took oral medication for what she said was a migraine. It's unknown if this was related to her brain tumor. She later told Arizona that she had had heavy radiation treatment for her tumor.

Norris Straughn[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Internal injuries
    • Leg fracture
    • Avulsed spleen
  • Treatment:
    • Exploratory laparotomy
    • Fasciotomy

Norris, 69, jumped two floors out of a burning building while gripping his wife, Hattie. Because he wouldn't let go of Hattie, whom paramedics believed to be dead, they were brought to the ER on a single gurney. After they got Norris to let go of Hattie, his injuries were assessed. He was taken from there to surgery, where Meredith repaired his internal injuries and Callie treated his leg.

Harriet Straughn[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hemopneumothorax
    • Depressed temporal bone fracture
    • Cerebral spinal fluid leak
  • Treatment:
    • Lobectomy
    • Spinal fluid leak repair

Hattie was brought into the ER after her husband, Norris, jumped out of a burning building with her. The paramedics couldn't find a pulse, so they believed her to be dead, but Norris wouldn't let her go, so they had to bring the two of them in together. They were able to get Norris to let go and Meredith took Hattie to declare her, but she found a pulse. She was discovered to have bleeding in her lungs and a skull fracture as well as a CSF leak. When Amelia was taken off the case at the request of Hattie's daughter, Derek went through her nose to repair the CSF leak. Pierce had to remove a portion of her lung to stop the bleeding.

ER Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Head laceration
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

Derek stitched up a head laceration in bed three.

Emily Jensen[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Placenta Percreta
  • Treatment:
    • C-section delivery

Emily was pregnant with a baby who had an SCT. When the baby developed anemia, Arizona made the decision to to deliver at 28 weeks and have Alex remove the tumor. However, after she delivered the baby, she left Graham to finish the c-section. She was called back when there were complications. Emily had placenta percreta, which caused torrential bleeding when Graham tried to remove the placenta. Despite the efforts of Arizona and April, Emily was pronounced dead in the OR.

Baby Jensen[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Sacrococcygeal teratoma
    • Anemia
    • Prematurity
  • Treatment:
    • Tumor resection

Baby Jensen began to bleed into her tumor, which was causing anemia. The initial plan was to do an intrauterine blood transfusion, but Herman didn't answer any of Arizona's calls and Arizona didn't know how to do the transfusion, so she instead elected to deliver the baby prematurely and have Alex operate to remove the tumor, which would stop the bleeding and resolve the anemia. The tumor resection went well and she was stable in the NICU afterward.

Jo's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Hernia
  • Treatment:
    • Transabdominal pre-peritoneal hernia repair

Jo did her first solo surgery on a patient with a hernia. Despite her thinking she might have missed a critical step, the surgery went well.


Song Performer Scene
"Feed My Soul" Lucy and the Cloud People
  • Meredith and Callie discuss their relationship troubles while operating
  • Jo gives Bailey a progress update on her solo surgery.
  • Arizona feels nostalgic as she operates with Alex.
"Medicine" BROODS
  • Jo realizes a possible mistake.
  • Arizona races to Alex's OR, only to find it empty.
  • When she finds him, he tells her the baby is fine. They update Corey on his daughter and his wife.
  • Arizona comes back to her OR to a grim scene.
"Home" Ella Eyre
  • Meredith asks Maggie if she's busy tonight.
  • Meredith, Maggie, Alex, and Callie hang out at Alex's house and drink beer while Jo studies on her own in the other room. 
  • Arizona arrives with her suitcase. Alex allows her to move in.
  • Amelia comes home to Derek waiting for her.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy 11x07 Promo "Can We Start Again Please?" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song Could We Start Again, Please?, originally from Jesus Christ, Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  • This episode scored 8.36 million viewers.
  • Filming for this episode was scheduled from September 30 to October 11, 2014.
  • This episode is often mistakenly called Can We Start Again, Please?. This was thought to be episode's title until the writer tweeted the correct title.
    • On Netflix, that wrong title is used.
  • This episode uses the same Derek and Amelia flashbacks from "Who We Are".
  • Goof: The hernia surgery that Jo does as her first solo surgery is not technically her first solo surgery. In the season 9 premiere, Going, Going, Gone, Jo was chosen for a solo appendectomy, the first solo surgery of her intern class. However, she did not complete the surgery as she ripped open the cecum and panicked, leading to Meredith stepping in to finish the procedure. This surgery was therefore the first solo surgery that she completed without help start to finish.
  • Goof: When Owen and Amelia talk at the OR board, we can see that there is a surgery called an Epigastic Hernia Repair scheduled. "Epigastic" is misspelled, and likely is supposed to say "Epigastric".


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Behind the Scenes[]


Meredith: What's wrong with you?
Callie: Uh... I was... I was up all night.
Meredith: Me too.
Callie: Ah, Sofia's been acting out, asking questions about me and Arizona, and I don't know what to tell her or how to tell her, so I'm just not sleeping. I'm miserable. Why didn't you sleep?
Meredith: Oh, you don't want to know.
Callie: What's going on?
Meredith: Derek and I were up having sex all night.
Callie: Yeah, I kind of didn't want to hear that.

Richard: She violated your privacy. And you are under no obligation to tell anyone anything more, unless you've done something to compromise your ability to do your job, and you haven't. So you don't need to say anything more about it. Okay. Those are your rights. It's the past, and you don't have to defend it.
Amelia: I thought I got away from it. Coming here, I thought... I thought I had a chance to... But you never get away from it.

Jackson: I mean, what would be the point of knowing everything you possibly could about your child when it's so much fun to be hopelessly unprepared, right?
Derek: Yeah, we found out my son was a boy.
Jackson: See?
Derek: Yeah, but I didn't know he was gonna be delivered by an intern in a pitch-black room in the middle of a superstorm, but surprises happen.
Jackson: That's a good story, but I find no comfort in it.
Derek: Yeah, well, and this. I've been on the bench for weeks, yet here I am, saving a woman's life without even opening her skull. Embrace surprises, Avery.

Callie: We're all related through sex. We all have sexual relations. That is horribly weird.

Miranda: She's fine!
Jo: What?
Miranda: I didn't say she was dead. I said she never made it to C.T.
Jo: You're... you're screwing with me.
Miranda: I didn't take her to C.T. because I saw you do it in the OR, Dr. Badass.
Jo: Oh, my God. Oh, my God! You have a problem!
Miranda: No, you do. You second-guess yourself. This was the first in a career full of surgeries you will be doing alone. Before too long, there won't be anyone to catch you when you fall. Your patients need to trust that when you take them into surgery, you know what you're doing. Now, how can you expect them to do that if you don't even trust yourself?
Jo: You are so mean.
Miranda: I am, indeed. Tell all your Little Bitty friends.

Meredith: Again, about last night...
Maggie: Would you let it go? I'm not mad.
Meredith: Well, you sound like someone who's mad.
Maggie: Of course I'm mad. You invited me to dinner, and then didn't come to the dinner at your own house!
Meredith: I know. I told Derek it was a bad idea. You didn't want to talk to Richard.
Maggie: I wanted to have dinner, with people and conversation. I don't know anyone here. I have no friends. I do nothing at night. I go to the grocery store, and I buy sad single-serving packets of food for sad people who eat alone. I was really excited for pot roast. And people! I changed my outfit four times. And, no, I didn't want to talk to Webber, but that wasn't gonna stop me from coming, because I'm really sick of talking back to my TV, and I'm scared I'm gonna get a cat.

Derek: I know you're trying to figure out what's going on. I know you've heard some stories about Amelia. I let you believe something. I let you believe that, uh...
Owen: Shepherd, you were pretty clear when we spoke, so...
Derek: She's in recovery. She works really hard at it. She's been successful in recovery, and... This hospital should have protected her. This woman should have protected her. And... More importantly, I should have protected her. I didn't. And I didn't because I wanted her job. I wanted my old job back.

Derek: I don't know who I am anymore. Not anybody I ever thought I'd be. I try and make the right choices for Meredith, the kids, you. And, um... I'm angry all the time. I'm miserable, and I don't know what to do with it. All I do is hurt people. The last people I want to hurt, and I just... I just can't get control of it. I don't know what to do anymore.
Amelia: I know how you feel. We call it rock bottom.

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