Love. Neuroscience tells us it activates the same parts of the brain as habit-forming addiction. It makes us feel like we can do anything, be anything, achieve anything. And once we taste it, we want more. The thing about love is, when it's good, it's so very good, and when it's bad, it hurts so much. And if you can't find a way to balance all those ups and down, it will make you crazy.

Crazy Love is the nineteenth episode of the eleventh season and the 239th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short SummaryEdit

Upon realizing that Owen and Amelia have been seeing each other behind her back, Meredith comes down hard on her sister-in-law causing Amelia to rethink things. Meanwhile, Catherine springs into action when a man is brought into the hospital after his wife seeks revenge on his cheating ways.

Full SummaryEdit

As Meredith's voice over talks about love, flashbacks show some of Meredith and Derek's romantic history.

Meredith and Derek are in bed, panting after sex. They wonder if they should go again, but hearing Bailey cry makes Meredith decide not to go again. Derek suggests he change his flight so he can meet her at work to have sex in an empty on-call room. Meredith replies she has to work. She gets out of bed, calls him a terrible influence and suggests he go change Bailey's diaper.

As Derek is looking for the government phone he'll have to return, Meredith gives Bailey breakfast and tells Zola to hurry. Meredith asks if Derek is ready to resign from the President's brain mapping project. He says it's only a small thing to do compared to everything he has here. He only has to meet with the President's Council, give them his final report and his official recommendation, and then he's done for good. Amelia comes in through the front door and she's surprised to find them home. She thought Derek had a flight to catch and that Meredith had an early surgery. Meredith says her surgery got pushed and then sees Amelia is wearing the same clothes as last night. Owen comes in behind Amelia to give her her phone, which she forgot. There's an awkward moment when he realizes Meredith and Derek are home. Derek asks if anyone wants breakfast, but Owen decides to go. Amelia quickly takes Bailey out of his seat to go find Zola. Meredith is surprised to find out that Derek already knew about Owen and Amelia, while he didn't tell her. As he puts on his jacket, Meredith feels him up. He thinks that she wants to go again, but she finds his phone. He calls her the best wife ever and kisses her. Meredith wishes they could stick together, but he says he'll be back before she knows it. They kiss once again and he then leaves.

At the hospital, Maggie and Alex walk past the elevators. Maggie greets Ethan, who completely ignores her and gets on the elevator. Maggie finds that odd and tells Alex about her date with Ethan, which she thinks went fine, but at the end there was no kissing or an attempt to fix a second date. And now, he's actively not seeing her. Callie overhears this and says she's actively not seeing her cop anymore. They went out and he was all about the fact that she saves lives and wears a uniform. Callie realized it's the exact same thing for her, yet she's not boring. So, no second date for Jack. Maggie wants to hear from Alex why Ethan would ignore her, but he doesn't feel like having this conversation. Maggie then gets paged.

Meredith joins Amelia in an X-ray viewing room and asks about her and Owen. Amelia honestly says she doesn't know what they are yet. That's what Meredith's afraid of. She's looking after Owen, as Cristina asked her to, so she wants Amelia to handle it carefully, for her sake and Owen's. As Meredith leaves, Stephanie comes in. She's on Amelia's service and gets excited about the split spine she sees on the scans, but Amelia tells her she doesn't want a resident today, so Stephanie should stop bugging her.

Ben presents Marissa McKay's case to Amelia and Callie. Marissa has a severe misalignment of her spine. She is an excellent junior golfer, or even the best, and she has been pushing through the pain to continue playing. Marissa's mother asks how they'll address the spine problem, but Amelia says they'll have to do more tests before they can come up with a definitive plan. As long as it doesn't affect her game, Marissa is down for whatever they come up with. 

Stephanie is talking to Jo about Amelia's bitchy side. Jo asks her what other specialty she likes. Stephanie says the problem is that she's really good at everything. Suddenly, a woman screams for help at the other end of the hall. A man covered in blood is leaning on her. Jo and Stephanie rush to help them.

The man and woman have been put in beds in the ER. April and Stephanie examine the man, who's making it difficult for them to locate the bleeding as he keeps covering up his crotch and abdomen, as Bailey and Jo examine the woman, who insists that they should take the bag she's holding. The doctors think they're married, but they're not, and they do not want them to call the man's wife. The man then finally tells April and Stephanie that his wife cut off his penis. The woman gives Bailey the bag, which has the penis in it.

Thomas has been moved to a trauma room. Richard is showing a group of interns what April and Stephanie are doing. April is doing the groin tourniquet method while Stephanie is tending to the severed penis. April says they're gonna need a specialist to reattach the penis and suggests Catherine Avery, who happens to be on the west coast for a conference. Richard, however, suggests a urologist working at the hospital, but April says Catherine's skin flap reattachment technique would greatly improve the chance of successful reattachment. April instructs Stephanie to go to procedure room 4 with the penis so Jackson can prep it for the reattachment surgery. Stephanie runs out of the ER with the penis.

Bailey asks Rory, the woman who came in with Thomas, if Thomas's wife also gave her the gash. Rory says she found Thomas in the kitchen of the restaurant where they all work, lying in a pool of blood. She ran over to help him, but slipped and bumped her head into the induction range. Rory says Marcia, Thomas's wife, is a crazy woman.

At the exact same moment, Thomas tells April that Marcia is not crazy. He doesn't want to press charges.

As Stephanie continues running to procedure room 4, Rory says all the great reviews the restaurant is getting are not because of Marcia. She only owns the place, but Thomas Archibald is the real artist.

Thomas tells April they can't let this get out, as it's bed for business.

Bailey recognizes Thomas Archibald's name, as she's been trying to get reservations at the restaurant for months. Rory says Thomas is on his way up, and he's taking her with him, as she's his sous-chef. Rory thinks Marcia is trying to destroy everything. And she says it wasn't an accident at all. After Marcia cut off the penis, she dumped it into the stock pot at Rory's station.

Thomas asks April if she'd still want to eat food from his restaurant now that she knows what happened. Her face tells him that she wouldn't.

Bailey asks Rory if she and Thomas are together. Rory only asks if Thomas's penis will still work after they put it back on. 

Thomas insists that Marcia isn't a bad person and that she wouldn't hurt him again, while Rory insists that she's crazy and that she should be locked up.

Stephanie finally arrives in the procedure room with the penis, out of breath. She hands the penis over to Jackson, who compliments the work she already did in the trauma room. It helps him a lot. 

Alex and Maggie are examining a kid in the ER. Maggie orders tests to figure out what's going on with the boy. Maggie asks Alex to get the kid's films, and Alex realizes she's asking so she can avoid Ethan, who doesn't like her. As Maggie starts rambling about how maybe she's unlikeable, and how she'll end up alone for the rest of her life, Alex disappears in order not to have to hear her speech.

Stephanie meets Webber in a storage closet and asks him how and when he knew that he wanted to pursue general surgery. Richard says general surgery chose him. During a surgery, Richard's attending allowed him to do a part of the surgery and lifting the intestines made Richard realize that's what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He thinks that one day, Stephanie will know what specialty to pick in a similar manner.

Amelia and Callie are watching Marissa's scans, and they want to take different approaches. They start arguing, and Owen interferes. He sides with Amelia, stating that her plan gives the patient the best chances of continuing to play golf, whereas Callie's plan only aims at preventing paralysis and thus being less risky. A disappointed Callie leaves the room.

Catherine Avery arrives on the helipad, where April is waiting for her. They hug and April gestures that she's doing okay. April informs her that the penis was only in the stock pot for two minutes. They get on the elevator to go see the patient and the penis.

Catherine takes a look at Thomas's groin. It's a nice, clean cut, which will make reattachment much easier. Thomas asks if his penis will work again. Catherine doesn't want him to worry. Cases like this are not that uncommon, and since the penis was well preserved, Catherine is optimistic that it'll work just fine after the surgery. April informs Catherine that Jackson has prepped the phallus, and that she'll assist during surgery. Catherine sees the penis was debrided really good. Stephanie says she ran really fast with it. Richard comes in with the group of interns to follow up on what they saw in the ER, but he's surprised to see Catherine there. Catherine says it shouldn't be that big of a surprise, since she's an leading expert on penile reattachment and she was in the neighborhood, so she came as soon as April called her. Richard doesn't really respond and walks out, followed by the interns.

Amelia explains to Marissa and her mother that she hopes the approach will give Marissa the mobility she needs to play. Marissa wants to know how soon she'll get her swing back, but the surgeons aren't sure it'll work. Amelia promises Marissa to do her best to get Marissa to play again. Marissa's mother says it wouldn't be the worst thing if Marissa had a little break, but Marissa wants to get playing again as soon as possible. She doesn't want a boring life like other people her each. She wants the surgery.

Catherine and Richard meet in pre-op. His minions are prepping for his gallbladder removal in OR 3. Catherine wants him to know she's only here for the medical case. Richard figured. He thought of her as soon as he heard about the case. Catherine says that's as it should be, since she's the man's best hope of becoming a whole man again. Thomas was lucky that she was so close. Richard finds it hard to call a man in that position lucky. Looking her in the eyes, he adds especially his regrettable taste in women. He wishes her the best of luck.

Ethan gives Maggie her chest films. Maggie blurts out that her feelings were hurt when he didn't call her back after their date. She gives him an entire speech on ignoring her. He says she's doing it again, what she did during the entire date. She talked and talked the entire time, and never stopped to ask him any questions. He didn't need to be there. It wasn't a date, it was a monologue. She was dating herself. Maggie is embarrassed upon hearing that and walks off.

Amelia and Ben are operating on Marissa, but things don't go as planned. They have to change their approach to what Torres planned. Amelia can't do that on her own. Amelia knows she's looking stupid, but she needs Ben to run out, find Torres, tell her she was right and ask for her help. Ben runs out.

Catherine and April are operating on Thomas. A crowd has gathered in the gallery. Arizona wonders how you get so mad at your husband that you cut off his penis. Bailey tells her she was that mad when she discovered her husband was e-mailing another woman while they were still married. Meredith says she was that mad too when she thought Derek was cheating. "No comment," Callie says. Arizona thinks a cut off penis isn't that big a deal, as it's not like a man needs it to walk or anything, referring to her amputated leg. And for the record, Arizona tells Callie she only thought about maiming her once and she told Callie that immediately when she thought it. Callie laughingly thanks her for that. Bailey says the difference here is that they only think about dismembering their spouses. "Good to know," Ben says, having come in to talk to Callie. He informs her that Amelia needs her in her OR since they can't get spinal alignment. Callie runs out.

She and Ben enter Amelia's OR, where things are going bad. Amelia informs them the spinal cord function is completely gone. After Ben left, the rod slipped. L5 was more unstable that anticipated. This means Marissa will be paralyzed. Unless they get in there now, Callie says. She orders to have Marissa flipped, as an anterior approach is the only way they can stabilize her. They don't even have time to close the incision on her back. They have to move fast, but one wrong move could sever the spinal cord completely. The entire teams works together fast and they flip her.

In the heat of the operation, Amelia and Callie give Ben conflicting instructions. Ben says he has seen two brilliant surgeons duke it out over a body before, and he's not getting in the middle of that. He'll happily proceed as they both see fit, but they need to come to an agreement first. Amelia wants to do a myelogram, as it's the only way to see if the nerves are trapped before they realign the spine. Callie can then remove the disc while Amelia does the ultrasound, and then Callie can reduce and hold the spine in place while Amelia checks the images. Callie agrees to that plan and Amelia orders Ben to the get ultrasound probe draped. Callie asks Amelia to remind her to put Warren on scut when they're done for his outburst.

In the OR, April asks Catherine to tell Richard that Thomas requested her, because she's afraid Richard will hate her for calling her. Catherine says she won't lie, as April made the right call by calling her. Richard's just gonna have to deal with it. Catherine asks Stephanie to step up to the table. She's gonna teach Stephanie a phalloplasty. She walks Stephanie through a step in the procedure and compliments Stephanie's work, calling it above average, which is about the highest compliment she gives.

Leaving the OR, Catherine bumps into Richard. She informs him the surgery went well, so now everything is up to Thomas. She explains that when a man suffers injury to his manhood, recovery is always challenging, sometimes hopeless. She says that since they all hold so much of their self-esteem down there, they might never bounce back from that, obviously referring to Richard. She thinks it's sad, really.

Callie informs Marissa's mother that the injury was more profound that anticipated, but with therapy, they think Marissa will walk, and even run again. Marissa's mother is mad that Marissa won't be able to play golf anymore, because just being alive and mobile isn't enough for her. Golfing is all Marissa wants, and now she is just the crappy mother who hired the crappy doctors who couldn't even give her the one thing she wants most. Marissa's mother says that Marissa was excellent, and they were supposed to be excellent too. She angrily walks off, leaving a distraught Amelia behind. Callie sees Amelia is wrecked and tells her they did everything they could. Amelia thinks Marissa would've been better off had they started with Callie's approach. Callie disagrees, but she can't get through to Amelia.

Owen finds Amelia and asks her how the surgery went. She says she can't do this. She says she wished he hadn't weighed in when they were discussing approaches. Her approach was inferior and it cost her patient in terrible ways. She doubts Owen sided with her only for professional reasons. She thinks he walked into that room because he heard her voice and wanted to see her because of what's going on between them. That's what a brain tells you to do when you're in love with a person. Amelia says this is why it's not smart to mix professional and personal stuff. Amelia says she left her home and job to start over here. She's been fighting so hard to be taken seriously and do her job well, and now that mom thinks Amelia screwed Marissa out of her future, and she's not wrong at it. If they had just kept their professional lives professional, this wouldn't have happened. She calls their relationship a mistake. Owen is hurt and walks off.

Alex and Maggie are operating and talking about Maggie's date. Alex admits she talks a lot when she gets going, but not too much. Maggie says it was humiliating. Alex says Ethan is probably just intimidated because she talks more and is smarter than him. He says she's funny, and she's got this sexy lispy things going on. It makes everything she says sound cute and sexy, and then add the smile and the hair. He concludes there's nothing wrong with her. It's his fault, not hers. She talks a lot, but he should want to listen. He suggests she just dump the guy.

Catherine and Stephanie are looking at Thomas's penis in post-op. It's looking good. Catherine's optimistic that he'll get back most of his normal function. Then Marcia, Thomas's wife, walks in. Catherine whispers at Stephanie to go get security. She asks Marcia to step outside, but Thomas says it's okay. He called her. He apologizes, knowing they had an agreement that he could only sleep with waitresses and hostesses. They apologize to each other and kiss. Outside the room, Catherine and Stephanie don't understand how this can be happening. They then see Rory sobbing at the other end of the room, as she watches Marcia and Thomas kiss.

Richard finds April and says he's been teaching here for a long time with authority. He yellingly asks her why she called Catherine Avery when he explicitly told her not to. April stands up for herself and says she did so because she's the best to treat her patient's injury, and she won't let Richard's personal problems with Catherine compromise her patient or his care. And for whatever it's worth, she thinks Richard and Catherine are good together. Also, Catherine is her mother-in-law, so she'll call her any damn time she wants.

Maggie walks into Ethan's office as he's heading out for the night. Maggie says she brought the thunder at their date. It's very effective at work, but totally inappropriate for a date. She was so nervous for their date, because she didn't socialize much as a kid. When she gets nervous, she tends to cover it up by talking a lot. He's handsome and nice, and she's dorky and nerdy and just herself, so that's why she was nervous. She doesn't know what to say anymore, so she wants to leave, but Ethan stops her and says that next time, he'll bring the thunder.

Meredith is reading a magazine in the kitchen as Amelia walks in to get a beverage. Amelia breaks the awkward silence by saying she appreciates that Meredith is looking out for Owen, but who she sees is none of Meredith's business. Meredith says okay. Amelia says she moved here to build a new life. Meredith doesn't really know her, doesn't know where she's been or what she had to overcome, because Meredith has never had to. She never lost the love of her life or cried over the body of the person she loves most. She says Meredith doesn't know how that messes a person up. Meredith never had to claw her way back from that. Amelia has had to do that and she's still pulling herself together. Until Meredith's had to do that herself, Amelia asks her to cut her some slack and back off.

Rory walks past Jo and Stephanie, who are talking about Stephanie being good at urology. Stephanie thinks she may have found her specialty. Suddenly, they hear Thomas screaming. They see Rory running out of the room as Thomas screams in pain. He yells that the sous-chef cut off his penis. Jo applies pressure to stop the bleeding as Stephanie runs after Rory.

As Rory runs into the restroom, Stephanie grabs a glove and runs after her. Stephanie asks Rory to give her the penis so that everything will be fine. Rory tells her to stop walking. She enters a stall and threatens to flush the penis if Stephanie comes any closer. Rory starts crying and says she was more than Thomas's sous-chef. He said she was his heart, his muse. They were gonna open their own restaurant, as co-chefs. He was gonna leave Marcia. She believed him, but then she cut off his penis and he still took her back. Stephanie understands her and comes closer to comfort her. Stephanie holds out her hand and Rory gives her the penis.

As Stephanie is preparing the penis to reattach it once again, Catherine is complimenting what she did to get the penis back. She calls Stephanie a warrior, exactly the kind of surgeon she needs in Boston. She hopes Stephanie will consider a urology fellowship with her when she's looking at specialties. Stephanie doesn't know what to say. Catherine says she deserves it, because without her, Thomas would've lost his penis. Catherine tells Stephanie that she'll go check on their patient in pre-op while Stephanie finishes up.

She walks out of the OR through the scrub room, where Richard is waiting for her. Richard wants to make clear that his manhood has not been damaged. He does not have a problem with powerful women, he has a problem with her. They are having this problem. The problem is he hurt her feelings. He intended to propose, but he let their professional differences stop him. They love their work so it's easy to make the mistake of prioritizing it. He already made that mistake, so he won't make it again. Catherine says she doesn't think she can do this. It's happened to her with many men before. They work to make things better, but then it all falls apart. Richard says they'll probably hurt each other again in the future, but he'll always come back to her when she does. He's willing to take the risk, because she's worth it to him. He loves her, she matters to him, and he's not going anywhere. They kiss.

Callie is checking up on Marissa. To cheer her up, Callie says there probably are 100 things Marissa's good at that she hasn't even tried yet. Marissa says her mother thinks she does all this because she gets a high out of being better than everyone else, but Marissa says that only is because she loves golf so deeply. Even if she'll find something else, she'll never really love it like this. Callie says maybe not, but she believes they get more than one thing to love. One day, something will click, and then Marissa will know she's found it. Callie has to believe that.

In the residents lounge, Ben and Jo are amazed by the story of Stephanie chasing after Rory. Ben asks Stephanie when she's leaving for Boston, but Stephanie doesn't want to. She says that when Rory handed the severed penis over to her, she could only think that this isn't why she became a surgeon. She doesn't want a career in urology. 

Jo finds Alex and asks if he's hungry, because she's heard it's tots day in the cafeteria. Alex is distracted when he sees Ethan and Maggie leaving together. He smiles, and then takes Jo to the cafeteria.

Owen finds Amelia and asks her to tell him what's really going on. He thinks she says one thing but means something entirely else, but he wants to understand because he really wants what they started here. He's only gonna need some help to do that. As Amelia says she thinks this is not the place to discuss this, a nurse interrupts them because Amelia has to take a call.

Amelia takes the call and tells the person on the line that they're looking for the other Dr. Shepherd. She hands the phone over to Meredith, who introduces herself as Derek's wife. She says he's not here and asks if she can take a message. She writes something down and says she thought Derek was there. She finishes up the conversation and puts the phone down. Meredith tells Amelia that that was weird. That was the White House on the phone, telling her that Derek never showed up at his meeting that morning. Meredith says she's sure his flight got delayed or something and walks off, leaving behind a notepad with "Derek?" written on it.


  • Meredith Grey
  • Alex Karev
  • Miranda Bailey
  • Richard Webber
  • Callie Torres
  • Owen Hunt
  • Arizona Robbins
  • April Kepner
  • Jackson Avery
  • Amelia Shepherd
  • Jo Wilson
  • Stephanie Edwards
  • Maggie Pierce
  • Derek Shepherd
  • Catherine Avery
  • Ben Warren
  • Ethan Boyd
  • Thomas Archibald
  • Johanna McKay
  • Rory Petrucci
  • Marcia Archibald
  • Nurse Kathleen
  • Marissa McKay

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Medical NotesEdit

Marissa McKayEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Spondylolisthesis
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery
    • Physical therapy

Marissa came into the ER with severe lower back pain. Her pediatrician had dismissed it as a combination of growing pains and soreness from playing golf, but an x-ray showed that her spine was misaligned. She'd been playing through the pain. Callie and Amelia disagreed on treatment plans, with Callie trying to preserve her nerve function but probably ending her golf career and Amelia going for the full repair, which would allow Marissa to keep playing golf. In surgery, Amelia realized her plan wouldn't work, so she converted to Callie's plan, but she couldn't do it herself, so she had Ben go get Callie to help. While she was waiting for Callie, the rod slipped and they lost full spinal function. Callie flipped her and started working immediately. They finished her surgery and she was told that with physical therapy, she'd be able to walk again, even run, but she still wouldn't be able to play golf.

Thomas ArchibaldEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Severed penis
  • Treatment:
    • Debridement
    • Phalloplasty

Thomas came into the ER after his penis had been cut off with a knife. His sous-chef had retrieved the penis, so they worked quickly to debride it and get it into saline solution so they'd have the best possible chance for re-attachment. April then called Catherine in to re-attach his penis. The re-attachment was successful and he was told he'd regain almost full function. His penis was pink and there was some swelling, but he was told it would go down. While he was still hospitalized, Rory Petrucci came into his hospital room and cut his penis off again. Stephanie retrieved the penis and they re-attached it again.

Rory PetrucciEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Scalp laceration
  • Treatment:
    • Stitches

Rory cut her forehead when she hit her head. Her cut was stitched up in the ER.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Nebulizer
    • Surgery

Maggie ordered chest x-rays for a kid in the ER who was on a nebulizer. After the films came up, she and Alex took him into surgery.

Richard's PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
    • Small bowel obstruction
  • Treatment:
    • Bowel resection

Richard told the story of the patient who made him chose general surgery, a 54 year old man with a small bowel obstruction. His attending allowed him to do the bowel resection.

Richard's Other PatientEdit

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Cholecystectomy

Richard told Catherine that he was prepping to remove a gallbladder.


Song Performer Scene
"How I Want Ya" Thames feat. Dev
  • Flashbacks of Meredith and Derek.
  • Derek asks if Meredith wants to go again, but Bailey wakes up.
  • Meredith and Derek get ready for their day.
  • Amelia comes in and is surprised to see them.
  • Owen comes in with Amelia's phone.
  • Amelia takes Bailey to find Zola.
  • Meredith finds the government phone in Derek's pocket.
  • Derek leaves and tells Meredith to wait for him and he'll be right back.
"Time" Mikky Ekko
  • Catherine and Richard talk about their relationship.
  • They kiss.
  • Callie tests Marissa's reflexes and asks if she's okay.
  • Callie assures Marissa that she'll find something else that makes her as happy as golf did.
"Smile" Mikky Ekko
  • Jo finds Alex and asks if he wants tater tots.
  • Alex watches Maggie and Ethan leave for a date and smiles.
  • Owen goes to Amelia to talk about their relationship.
  • Amelia gets called away for a phone call.
  • Amelia hands the phone over to Meredith when she finds out they want Derek.
  • Meredith learns that Derek missed his meeting in DC.

Notes and TriviaEdit

Grey's Anatomy 11x19 Promo "Crazy Love" (HD)

Grey's Anatomy 11x19 Promo "Crazy Love" (HD)

  • This episode's title originated from the song Crazy Love, originally sung by Van Morrison.
  • This episode scored 7.42 million viewers.
  • This episode aired at 9 PM, making it the only episode of season 11 to air in the time slot the show held until its tenth season.
  • Right before leaving the house, Derek tells Meredith "stay here, don't move, wait for me". He said those exact lines back in the season four finale when Meredith built him the candle house and he had to go break up with Rose.
  • This episode continues the trend of having one penile medical case per season.
  • The episode features a slightly different ending title card as the title spins into place rather than already being in place as the card appears.
  • Filming for this episode was scheduled from February 27 to March 11, 2015.
  • This episode starts the morning after the previous episode.
  • This episode has a partial time-overlap with next episode and How to Save a Life.
  • Goof: In the scene where Dr. Webber and Dr. Kepner are arguing about Catherine Avery, the OR board shows Herman, N as the lead surgeon for a "Fetoscopic Valvuloplasty" even though she resigned after becoming blind.
  • Amelia tells Meredith in this episode that Meredith has never "lost the love of her life" or "cried over the body of the person she loved most in this world," foreshadowing that very event occurring only two episodes later.


Episode StillsEdit


Amelia: I moved here to start something, to build a new life. You don't know me... Not really. You don't know where I've been or what I've had to overcome, because you have never had to. You've never lost the love of your life. You have never cried over the body of the person you love most in this world. You... You don't know how that messes a person up. You've never had to claw your way back from that. But I have. I'm still trying to pull myself together, and I am doing the very best that I can, so... Until you've done that, until you've had to walk in my shoes, I need you to cut me some slack... And back the hell off.

Miranda: Well, that's a big one.

Miranda: Not long after I discovered my ex-husband had been e-mailing another woman, we met for breakfast. That was a big breakfast... Stacks of pancakes, eggs, and all kinds of fancy jams he thought would somehow make it okay that he was e-mailing another woman while he was married to me. Hmm. I remember staring at the butter knife I used to spread my fancy jam, and for half a second, imagined what the side of his neck might look like with the butter knife in it. Fancy jams dripping down the side of his fat, e-mail, cheating neck. Yep, I've been that mad.
Meredith: I thought Derek was cheating on me, and I got that mad. "Two trauma surgeons and an orthopod" kind of mad.
Callie: Hmm. No comment.
Arizona: You know, cutting off a penis isn't actually that big of a deal. I mean, it's not like he needs it for survival or to think or, like, I don't know, to walk. (they all look at her) What? Hey, it's my leg. And, you know... And for the record, I only thought about maiming you once, Callie, and I told you that the second I thought it.
Callie: Thank you?
Miranda: Look, the difference is, we may think about it, but we don't actually dismember our spouses.
Ben: Good to know.

Derek: I'll be back soon. You know that.
Meredith: I know. I know. I just feel like I just got you back, and now you're going again, and I just have to stay here.
Derek: You're right. You do. You have to. Stay here. Don't move. Wait for me.

Marissa: My mom thinks I did all this because I get some kind of weird high off being better than everyone else. And don't get me wrong. Being excellent is amazing. But that's because I love this. Loved this. Even if you're both right, that I'll find something else, I'll never really love it... Not like this.
Callie: Maybe not, but I believe we get more than just one thing to love. And one day, something will click. And you'll know you found it. I have to believe that.

Alex: All right, look, when you get going, you can talk a lot. But it's... it's not like you talk too much. Say something.
Maggie: It was humiliating.
Alex: Why? Because you have more to say than him? Look, he's probably intimidated 'cause you're smarter than he is and funnier. You're funny as hell. You make me laugh every time we hang out. You've got that lispy thing and... Look, you're never gonna meet a guy who doesn't like that lispy thing. They'll never tell you to your face, but it makes everything you say sound good. It's, like, cute and sexy and... Oh, that... that smile and that hair and, you know... Look, there's nothing wrong with you. This is not your problem. It's his problem. You talk, yeah, but he should want to listen. Anyway, something's wrong with the dude. Tell him to piss off.

Maggie: Will you go get those films for me?
Alex: Why? Oh, right. 'Cause the radiologist doesn't like you.
Maggie: Maybe no one likes me. Maybe I'm unlikable. And I will die alone, and my vagina will dry up and grow brittle and turn to dust and just blow away in a soft breeze. And no one will know. Oh, God. I know. I'm hideous. I'm a troll. All my orgasms are gonna be self-made, handcrafted ones. I'm all I got.

Richard: I need to make one thing clear. My manhood has not been damaged here. You may think I have a problem with powerful women, but...
Catherine: You're having one right now.
Richard: No. Right now, I am having a problem with you. We are having this problem. And the problem is, I hurt you. I hurt your feelings, and I'm sorry. I came to you last year intending to propose, but I let our professional differences stop me. We love our work. It's everything to us, so it's easy to prioritize it. I made that mistake before. I don't want to make it again.
Catherine: Let me stop you right there, because I don't think I can do this. I... It's just happened too many damn times... With Jackson's father, with you. You work... you work to make something better, and then it just all... It just falls apart every time.
Richard: I know. It's true. In fact, the only thing I can truly promise is I'll probably hurt you again.
Catherine: Well, that's really enticing.
Richard: Oh, and you'll hurt me, and I'll come right back to you again when you do. I'll accept the risk because you are worth it, because you matter to me. Because I love you. And I'm not going anywhere.

Callie: I'm actively not seeing my cop anymore.
Maggie: You guys went out already?
Callie: Yep. We went out on a date. It was bad. Well, at first, it wasn't that bad. He was all, "I save lives, and I wear a uniform." And then I realized I save lives, I wear a uniform, and I'm not boring. No second date for him.

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