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Cristina's Harper Avery Nomination is Cristina's nomination for the 2014 Harper Avery Award.


When Cristina was working on a trial to treat babies with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, she heard that she was being considered for a nomination for a Harper Avery Award. ("You Be Illin'")

On the day the nominations were informed, Cristina received a call that she was officially one of the nominees. ("I'm Winning")

Cristina attended the ceremony in Boston. She planned to go alone, but Meredith and Owen surprised her and showed up at the ceremony. They were all shocked when she didn't win. ("Go It Alone")

Richard later learned from Catherine that Cristina had the votes to win, but she didn't because they were worried it would look like favoritism because the hospital she works at is partially owned by the Harper Avery Foundation. ("Change of Heart")

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