Cristina's old apartment

Cristina's old apartment.

Cristina's old apartment was first seen in Much too Much.

Season Two

When Burke gave Cristina a key to his apartment and she finally accepted it, he asked her to move in. She told him it was a bad idea and decided to prove it by showing him the difference in their apartments. His was so clean you could perform surgery while her was a mess.

  • Cristina: This is where I live. My mother decorated it. I don't do laundry. I buy new underwear. And see ah under the table, 6 months of magazines that I know I'll never read but I won't throw out. I don't wash dishes, vacuum or put the toilet paper on the holder. I hired a maid once. She ran away crying. Ah the only things in my fridge are water, vodka and diet soda and I don't care. But you do. Still think living together is a good idea?

Despite the difference, Cristina later moved into Burke's Old Apartment, but secretly kept her own, Burke realized when her landlord called to tell Cristina about her apartment flooding and although Cristina struggled to make the decision, she eventually gave up the apartment.

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