Dakhir Hamed is the father of Aliyah Hamed.


Move to the US and Wife's DeathEdit

Dakhir, his wife, and their young daughter, Aliyah, moved to the US when Aliyah was 8 to give Aliyah a better future. When his wife died two years later, his family tried to convince him to come back because he didn't know how to raise a girl by himself. But he stayed and raised her alone.

Aliyah's HospitalizationEdit

Dakhir came to the hospital after Aliyah was hit by a train. He was confused because he said she's a good girl and would never skip class. He then overheard that Steven and Bethany's daughter was also hit by a train and introduced himself, saying he believed the girls were together when they were hurt. He was shocked when Bethany started yelling at him, saying he needed to keep his daughter away from theirs. When she went on to explain that the girls say they're in love, he admitted that Aliyah didn't talk to him about it.

After Aliyah's surgery, Dakhir was informed that she'd be okay and the conversation and when he admitted that he had no idea how to raise a teenage girl in the US. This was overheard by Steven, who said he doesn't know either. He just knows it's hard. He then re-introduced himself and they shared pictures of their daughters and Dakhir showed Steven one of his daughter with Jessica and they both said the girls looked happy together.



He was married until his wife died.


He has a daughter, Aliyah. He says his wife would have known what to say to her, but he had no idea. When his daughter started dating another girl, she didn't tell him about it.