Dallas is a kid who threw a party with her bother while her parents were out of town.


Dallas and her brother, Blake, decided to use liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream at a party they threw while their parents were gone. At the party, Dallas decided to pour the liquid nitrogen into the pool, believing it would look cool. It did, but the kids started asphyxiating due to lack of oxygen. Dallas pulled them out of the pool and then called for help. Once the firefighters arrived, they were able to resuscitated the kids and Jack discovered that a sixth teen was still in the pool, a kid Dallas believed had gone home. After all the kids were breathing again, Dallas went through her phone to get contact information for her friends' parents, but then had trouble breathing. They determined that she was dry drowning and rushed her to the hospital so she could be treated.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She's in the Science Club.