Dana Seabury is a patient who had to have surgery for lung cancer.


Dana was scheduled to have surgery to treat her aggressive lung cancer, but her surgery had to be pushed after she ate several cakes after realizing that she'd never fully lived and hadn't had a dessert in ten years. She also raced a wheelchair down around the hospital. She then shoplifted chocolate from the hospital gift shop and then said she was leaving the hospital. She believed she was going to die, so she wanted to leave and go live her life. She went to the bar, where she tried one of every drink and then had sex with Alex Karev.

After her day of freedom, she went back to the hospital to have her surgery, saying she was going to kick the cancer's ass.



She was married, but got divorced. She says her ex-husband slept with many different women.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She never smoked, did pot, or drank.
  • Although being treated for lung cancer, no oncologist or cardiothoracic surgeon was on-screen treating Dana.


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