Dani Mandvi was originally a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital who later became a resident.



On her first day, she was assigned to Cristina Yang. Cristina took her on a tour of the hospital and used the same new intern speech that Bailey had used for her class to introduce them to the rules. However, her speech was derailed when her pager didn't go off as she told the interns to move when she moves.

At the end of the day, all the new interns were in awe of George, who had delivered a baby that day, on what they all thought was his first ever shift as an intern. ("A Change is Gonna Come")

Cristina's StabbingEdit

When Cristina was stabbed by an icicle, Dani and Steve treated her, though she berated them because they didn't know how to read the x-ray. ("Dream a Little Dream of Me, Part 2")

Intern ExchangeEdit

When George O'Malley became a resident and the other residents had to choose an intern each to give to him, they lined all the interns up in the cafeteria and discussed their pros and cons right in front of them as they decided. ("There's No 'I' in Team")

Skills LabEdit

Owen stabbed four pigs as part of a skills lab and the interns and residents worked to keep them alive. ("Life During Wartime")

Mark's PenisEdit

While waiting outside an on-call room trying to get some sleep, Dani, Steve, and Ryan heard a loud, painful moan when Mark broke his penis. Later, while they watched his surgery, they gossiped about who might have broken it. Sadie eventually confessed, despite it actually being Lexie. ("Stairway to Heaven")

Intern ContestEdit

Wanting to remind the interns, who were still on probation, why they loved medicine, Izzie Stevens put together a medical contest for them, which involved diagnosing patients based on symptoms presented to them and draping patients for specific surgeries. ("Before and After")

Patient XEdit

The interns worked on Patient X (actually Izzie using her own scans and labs) and presented a few ideas to Izzie. After more tests, they decided that Patient X was fine, before Izzie told them she was not fine. At the end of the day, they presented their final diagnosis: metastatic melanoma, with mets to the skin, liver, and brain. Her prognosis was very poor. They asked Izzie what their prize was, but she said the prize is that they didn't screw it up. ("I Will Follow You Into the Dark")

Face TransplantEdit

When David Young came into the hospital for his face transplant, the interns were prepared for his surgery and were told they'd likely never see another one again. ("Stand By Me")

Waiting for IzzieEdit

When Izzie went into surgery to have the mets removed from her brain, the interns waited outside the OR. The residents let them because people are better than no people. ("Elevator Love Letter")

Izzie and Alex's WeddingEdit

She attended Alex and Izzie's wedding. ("What a Difference a Day Makes")

Hospital MergerEdit

When the merger between Seattle Grace Hospital and Mercy West Medical Center was announced, the interns all began working around the clock, because they were scared to go home out of fear that they'd end up getting cut from the program. After the emails for the first round of layoffs went out, Izzie hugged her and Dani didn't have her lab coat on, implying she got cut from the program. ("I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me")


Dani is a surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital. Since she was never seen again after the first round of cutbacks, it's likely she was part of the 3/4 of her class cut. ("I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me")

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