Daniel Robbins is the father of Arizona Robbins.


Early LifeEdit

His father died on the USS Arizona during the attack of Pearl Harbor in World War II.

Callie and Arizona's WeddingEdit

Daniel and his wife came into town for their daughter's wedding to Callie Torres. Daniel meticulously scheduled every minute of the day before and the day of the wedding. When his daughter asked him about lighting a candle for her brother, he brushed it off, saying there wasn't time in the ceremony.



He is married to Barbara Robbins.


He is the father of Arizona Robbins and Timothy Robbins. He is also the grandfather of Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres.

When Arizona came out, he was rather accepting, asking if she was still the daughter he raised her to be.

When Arizona was a child and they'd move to a new place, he always took her skating, so she'd have something familiar that felt like home. ("Fight For Your Mind")


He is a colonel in the US Marine Corps.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Unlike Arizona, Daniel seems to prefer to deal with the loss of Timothy by not talking about him. He didn't include a moment to light a candle for Timothy in the wedding plans of his daughter's wedding, and when Arizona wanted to discuss this, her mother told her not to push it, indicating that Daniel is not comfortable talking about Timothy.


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