Danny Wilson was a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who fell into a sinkhole.



One morning, Danny began to fight with his wife, Susannah, while driving her to work. He was unemployed and didn't want to contact someone he knew because he didn't want to work with him. While driving, Danny told her that if they hadn't had such a big wedding, they'd still have their savings and him being laid off wouldn't be such a big deal. He claimed that she and her mother wanted the big wedding, not him. She asked him to pull over and got out of the car, despite him saying that if she got out of the car, they were done. Right after stepping out of the car, Susannah started to drop into the sinkhole that was opening. Danny stepped out of the car and went to see what had happened to her, but he fell in as well. Then their car fell in on top of them, trapping Susannah.

When Callie and Owen arrived on the scene after being told they were there to perform an on-site amputation, they were shocked to hear that they couldn't be performing the amputation themselves, but talking Danny through it. They were able to coach him through putting a tourniquet on her leg and cutting through her skin and muscle, but when he got down to the bone, he was unable to continue, so Owen was lifted down into the hole to finish. ("Free Falling")

From there, both Danny and Susannah were taken to the hospital. Danny had a minor brain bleed, but Derek believed it would reabsorb on its own. He was concerned that Susannah would still end up leaving him. However, when he was taken to see her, she revealed that she was worried about him and she asked him not to go anywhere. He assured her that he wouldn't. ("She's Gone")



He is married to Susannah Wilson.


Danny knows someone named Glen who could get him a job, but he didn't want to call Glen because he says Glen is an ass and he doesn't really want to work for him.


Danny was unemployed, which strained his marriage. He had been laid off four months prior.




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