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I had a terrible day. We say it all the time. A fight with the boss, the stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible, when nothing terrible is happening. These are the things we beg for, a root canal, an IRS audit, coffee spilled on our clothes. When the really terrible things happen, we start begging a god we don't believe in to bring back the little horrors and take away this. It seems quaint now, doesn't it? The flood in the kitchen, the poison oak, the fight that leaves you shaking with rage? Would it have helped, if we could see what else was coming? Would we have known that those were the best moments of our lives?

Dark Was the Night is the ninth episode and mid-season finale of the eighth season and the 157th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[]

Teddy puts her husband's life in the hands of her peers when Henry is sent to the OR for surgery and she's called away on another case. Meredith and Derek receive the long-awaited news about Zola. Callie and Jackson come under fire when their patient experiences post-surgery complications and Meredith and Alex are involved in a life-threatening situation when they travel to a neighboring hospital to tend to a sick newborn.

Full Summary[]

Owen walks into the trauma room where Bailey and Teddy are taking care of Henry. Teddy is trying to keep herself together and says Henry hasn’t had problems since his last full check-up in June with Webber. Owen wants to put in a central line. Teddy starts helping, but Owen assures her they got him. Nevertheless, she seems scared.

Arizona is on the phone, hearing about an incoming patient. She tells Jackson a kid who had half his face torn off by a dog is coming in, so she asks him to find Sloan and meet her outside. And they’ll need Shepherd too. He walks off as Arizona has to take another call.

Meredith and Cristina are laughing at Alex as he returns to their table. The girl told him to go screw himself, they could hear it from all the way over here. Alex says it wasn’t because the girl wasn’t into him; he admits he kind of already knew her and forgot about it. He blames it on George, as talking about dead people throws him off his game. Meredith walks off as Janet calls her. Cristina prepares to go, too, for a skills lab, when Alex gets a page. Cristina tells him to pay. He reluctantly leaves money on the table.

While discharging her patient, Callie tells her patient that she has to take it easy for a couple of weeks because of the screw they put in her back, even though she knows Drew is an active kid. Laura will do it, and she really wants to go home. It’s been three days and Drew needs his mother. Drew and his father come in. Callie tells Drew to be gentle with his mommy. Callie tells the parents to call her if they need her. They will and they thank her.

Cristina finds Meredith and asks what Janet said. Meredith says they’re not getting Zola back. Janet said the court cancelled their hearing date. When they do that, it means either of two things: that they looked at their file, love them, and that they’re giving Zola to them, in which case they’d have called Janet and told her that, or that they hate them and they’re giving her to another family. Janet didn’t get the love call. Cristina thinks the court maybe didn’t get around to make the call, but Janet told Meredith it may be time to start thinking about moving on. Cristina comforts her, but Meredith tells her to stop as she doesn’t want to cry.

Richard is examining Henry and wants to go to CT, but Teddy tells him to get to the bronchoscope immediately to find out what’s down there. However, Owen and Bailey side with Richard. Teddy does insist on coming to the CT with them.

Derek is on eBay, trying to win an auction on scalpels from the 1860s. Cristina comes in and tells him Meredith needs him, because Janet called.

Arizona is updating Alex on the case of a newborn at a tiny hospital. Alex has to go pick up the baby and bring her back to this hospital so Arizona can treat it. Since it’s an intensive neonatal transport with an ambulance, Arizona wants someone else to go with him. They walk past Meredith, so Arizona tells her to ride with Karev. Meredith needs to talk to Derek, but Arizona tells her to make it fast as there’s a newborn life hanging in the balance.

In the ER, paramedic Nicole brings in the kid with the dog bite to the face. Arizona directs the patient to trauma room 3.

Jackson bumps into the Lewis family in the lobby. He was on Laura’s case. She introduces him to her family members. Griffin thanks him for having taken such good care of Laura, who’s ready to go home now. Jackson leaves and Laura continues her way to the exit. While Griffin acknowledges Jackson has special eyes, Laura starts experiencing serious pain and Griffin calls for help. April rushes over from the nurses' station.

Derek walks his wife to the ambulance bay, where the ambulance is prepped for the neonatal transport. He is ready to sue the agency, but Meredith says the agency doesn’t think they’re fit to be Zola's parents. She’s gone. Derek hugs her and tells her it’ll be okay, but Meredith doesn’t want another baby. She gets inside the ambulance and it drives off.

Owen and April wheel Laura into a trauma room. Griffin informs them about the surgery Laura’s had. Owen hears Laura’s heart sounds are muffled and April needs to intubate. Owen refers Griffin and Drew to the waiting room and asks for an ultrasound and Torres.

Teddy is making Henry comfortable in the CT machine. She wishes she hadn’t spent the day killing his hopes and dreams. Now she’s happy to have him go to med school. She claims she loves med students and she promises to help him study. It’ll be fun, she says. He knows it’s her worst nightmare. It is, but whatever, she says, they’ll figure it out. She kisses him and tells him not to move. She joins Richard in the room next door. Bailey’s not there, because they all agreed Teddy would be less of a hassle with the former Chief. They decide to take both a normal and a contrast study. Teddy gets a page for a consult in the ER. Richard tells her to go, as the consult will only take 5 minutes and there’s no need for the two of them to wait for the CT to load. He promises to find her when the film comes up. She leaves and only seconds later the first images come up. It’s not looking good. Richard sighs.

Callie has no idea how Laura got blood in the pericardium. Laura arrests and Owen starts CPR. He’s going to do a thoracotomy and he’ll have to crack the chest. Callie doesn’t understand as Laura is not a trauma patient, but Owen says she is because she’s dying.

Meredith and Alex are in the ambulance. He thinks it’s probably a mistake, but Meredith says it’s over and it’s been over for a while. Everyone’s known it. He doesn’t want her to give up on starting a family this fast and suggests a surrogate, but she says she’ll shove him out of the ambulance if he doesn’t shut up about it.

Callie is looking at Laura’s scans, having no idea what’s happening. Teddy comes in and they inform her. Callie has no idea how all this could be caused by a spinal fusion. There’s no history of heart problems. They’re going to move her to the OR. Callie wants to come, but Teddy says Laura is no longer her patient. Teddy asks someone to inform Richard on where she is.

Richard runs to the elevator with Teddy, Owen, April, and Laura and gets on. He gives her the scans and says he suspects a carcinoid tumor. Lexie is prepping Henry, they’re going to take it out. Teddy asks if he’s going in with a bronchoscope and use a laser to destroy the tumor, but Webber was thinking about going in, take out the lung, resect the tumor, and put the lung back in. He knows a laser is better, but he’s never done it before and he doesn’t want his first to be on her husband. Teddy wants to get another surgeon.

On their way to the OR, Teddy says she wants Cristina. There are no other surgeons available and she did the procedure with Cristina last week. Cristina did it all. Bailey thinks it’s too much pressure for Cristina, but Teddy says Cristina is a machine who won’t care that it’s her husband. Owen disagrees and suggests another surgeon's name, but Teddy says that he's an ass and sloppy.

They enter the OR. While Teddy gets ready for surgery, Owen suggests Richard does it, but Richard is fine with letting Cristina do it. Teddy says Cristina doesn’t need to know it’s Henry. They can drape his face, don’t let her read the chart and give her a verbal history. If they put a bronchoscope and a laser in her hands, she’s going to cut, not ask about the patient and his family. Bailey asks Webber if he thinks it’s a good idea. Webber says he’ll be there the whole time. If things go wrong, he’ll open Henry up the old-fashioned way. Meanwhile, Teddy and April have begun operating. Teddy admits she’s not happy about the situation either. She’d only be happy if she could do it herself, but since that’s not possible, Yang is the only one who’d do it the way she would. Owen then agrees. Teddy asks Richard to watch Cristina like a hawk and continues her surgery.

Meredith and Alex have arrived at Bentley Hospital. They meet with Jordan Wagner, who updates them on the baby. The hospital is not equipped for neonatal, nor OB cases. It was an emergency delivery, otherwise they would’ve sent her to another hospital. Alex and Meredith examine the baby and ask for supplies, but none of the things they need are in the hospital. Meredith starts looking through the supplies they brought.

Owen is updating Lexie on how they'll get to Henry's surgery. He asks if she can handle it. She can. Owen watches Henry from a distance and worries.

Derek tells Mark that Meredith doesn't want another baby. Mark thinks Meredith will come around, but Derek isn’t sure. Mark offers to share Sofia and names some advantages of the co-parenting. Derek declines the offer. Jackson walks by on his way to the OR and gives them some info on their patient. He'll let them know when Robbins is ready for them.

Jackson joins Arizona in the OR. He holds up a phone to Arizona's ear. It’s Alex from the hospital, who informs Arizona on the baby. Arizona improvises a treatment with the little equipment they have. He says they’ll call her back. Before hanging up, Arizona reminds him they don’t have much time.

Teddy finds Laura has a huge tear in the left ventricle. They're gonna have to go on bypass. A nurse holds a phone to her ear; it’s Henry. While Lexie is prepping him, she apologizes for not being able to be there with him. They talk a while until he says he’s gonna let her get back to work. Teddy continues operating.

Lexie understand it must be hard for Teddy. Henry tells Lexie he wants to go to medical school. Lexie says it’s not embarrassing, contrary to what he thinks. He’ll be mature and have perspective, which none of the other students will have. He tells her he and Teddy had a huge fight about it. Lexie says she’ll come around. Things like that are hard on a relationship. He says she seems to be doing great with Jackson. Lexie says they’re not together anymore. Henry then guesses she’s with Mark Sloan now, but Lexie says they’re not together either. Henry asks who’s going to operate, but she pretends not to know.

Cristina is practicing in the skills lab. Owen comes in and tells her Teddy needs her to remove a tumor. Cristina asks why other surgeons can’t do it. Owen says Teddy is giving her the opportunity to fly solo on a difficult procedure. Cristina knows, but they did a similar procedure last week and she did basically everything. And she’s practicing for her first Bentall Procedure tomorrow, which is a procedure on her bucket list. Owen orders her to lay down her instruments and go scrub. Cristina agrees and says this better be fast, because she wants to be fresh tomorrow. Owen reminds her it’s emergent. Cristina knows, but she doesn’t like doing every procedure Teddy doesn’t feel like doing.

Derek walks into Cristina, who tells him it may not be the end. Derek says Meredith did not want kids. He pushed her, she opened herself up and now he feels like he did it to her. Cristina assures him Meredith wanted it too, but he thinks she’ll blame him, like he used to blame her. He’s afraid he’ll also lose Meredith. Cristina says Meredith might need a minute to back away, but she’ll always come back.

Teddy and April are still operating. April’s glove gets stuck on something. There’s a hole in her glove. While she gets a new glove, Teddy feels what made the hole and wonders what it is.

Cristina has finished scrubbing and enters the OR. Lexie quickly covers Henry’s face while Richard informs her they just started the bronchoscopy. He’s looking forward to seeing her work. Lexie gives her a short patient history. Cristina looks at the scans and asks if the laser is ready. It is. Cristina thinks about timing herself. Last time, it took her about two hours and a half. She thinks she can do it in two hours. While the timer is started, Cristina asks for the laser.

Outside, it’s storming. While Meredith and Alex are transporting the baby to the ambulance bay, a mother shows up in a wheelchair and yells she’s coming with them. The nurse had to bring her, because she threatened to walk if she wouldn’t. Jordan says she just had surgery and he needs her to take care of herself. Her baby is in good hands. Dana still thinks she has to be with her baby, but Meredith says they’re taking her to the best baby doctor. A crying Dana says the baby doesn’t even have a name yet, but Meredith says she can pick one when she comes to Seattle. Until that time, Meredith promises to take care of the baby. This calms Dana down. Alex and Meredith then continue their way to the ambulance with the baby.

Callie enters Teddy’s OR and asks what happened. BokHee shows her a tray, which contains a screw. Teddy pulled it out of Laura’s heart. It was stabbing her heart and slicing up the cardiac muscle every time it tried to beat. Teddy wants to know how this happened.

In the ambulance, Alex asks why Meredith wouldn’t try adoption again. Meredith says the agency won’t forget about them if they wait a week. She also doesn’t want a surrogate. Alex again says she can’t just give up like that. Meredith finds it nice he cares, but it’s not his business. It is his fault, he says, and he can’t feel responsible for her not having kids. It’s too much. Meredith says it’s her fault: she got the ball rolling by messing with the trial. Alex says she’s not a quitter while suddenly the ambulance stops in the middle of the road.

Jackson leaves Arizona’s OR to talk to Callie. She tells him that the screws he put into Laura Lewis’ spine is stabbing her in the heart. She’s half dead and they need to go tell her husband.

Cristina is answering Richard’s questions about the laser. Owen is watching and listening from the dark gallery. Suddenly, there’s blood. Cristina suspects she nicked a vessel and his blood pressure drops.

The paramedic doesn’t know what happened to the engine, but he’s called for another unit. However, since they’re in the middle of nowhere, it’s probably gonna take forever. He’ll put cones outside and run back to a store or something half a mile back. He suggests they get out of the ambulance. Meredith and Alex can’t do that with the baby given her condition and the weather, but the paramedic says the ambulance is filled with oxygen tanks. If the ambulance gets hit by a car, it’ll blow up. They decide not to leave the baby. The paramedic says they’re on a hill and in a curve, so they better hope people see the cones.

Owen enters Cristina’s OR and asks if she needs help, but she fixed the problem. He wants to make absolutely sure the patient is fine, but Cristina says she’s on a clock and he’s wasting her time. Owen urges her to focus less on the clock and more on the patient. Cristina is focused and she’d focus even better if he weren’t standing there with his pants on fire. Richard assures him they got it, so Owen leaves.

Callie is explaining to Griffin what happened, but she admits they don’t know how it happened. She says Dr. Altman, an incredible surgeon, is taking care of Laura’s heart. Griffin doesn’t really understand while Drew asks where his mommy is. Griffin hugs his son while Jackson is visibly feeling guilty.

Cristina is doing great, until there’s bleeding. Clots are blocking her laser. She takes out the laser to brush through it. When his sats drop to 88, Richard wants to open up the patient. Cristina wants to try her way first, but agrees to his suggestion when there’s blood coming into the ET tube. She pulls out the scope while the staff prepares Henry to have him opened up. Soon after, Richard makes the cut.

Callie tells Jackson to find all the films and go over every inch of every image and assuming Laura survives, he has to take a CT to check the hardware and run a bone density test so they can get a clue what went wrong. Jackson gets a page and runs off. Bailey notices she’s upset and asks her what’s going on. After hearing the story, she says it’s the way it is: they have to let students operate. Callie feels guilty because she was reading a magazine, but Bailey tells her not to beat herself up over it.

Henry has been opened up. He’s losing too much blood way too fast. Cristina puts her hand inside his body and feels the tumor has eroded right through the pulmonary artery. Richard feels too and agrees. He continues to try to save Henry, but Cristina brings up the patient’s already lost half of his blood volume and maxed out on every possible med. She’s not sure what to do next. When Henry goes into V-fib, Richard says they’re going to start compressions. They take out all instruments and he starts CPR.

Derek, Mark, and Arizona are operating. Mark compliments his own work on the nose and tells Arizona Derek refused to time share Sofia. Arizona and Mark don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to parent her, because Sofia is adorable. Derek just thinks Sofia is not a rental car. Jackson comes in. He’s on the phone with Alex and Meredith and informs the attendings on what happened. He puts them on speaker. Alex tells them they’re sitting ducks, but they can’t take out the baby with the incubator and stuff. The connection is terrible. Derek tells Jackson to leave the phone and see if he can get a helicopter.

Richard is still performing CPR. Cristina says it’s been 20 minutes. No way that the heart is coming back and there’s no blood left to circulate. Richard gives up and Lexie quickly leaves before Cristina can see she’s emotional. Cristina calls time of death 8:52 PM and tells Richard there was nothing they could’ve done. Richard is frozen while Cristina asks him to write in the post-op notes that she didn’t come up with the treatment plan, so she won’t have to take the heat for the bad outcome. Owen comes into the scrub room, followed by Lexie, and Richard shakes his head to indicate that Henry did not make it. Cristina tells him what happened and asks if there’s a family to talk to. Cristina notices something’s up when she sees their faces and Owen beckons her. Lexie leaves and Owen informs her on her patient’s identity while Richard uncovers Henry’s face. Cristina can’t believe this is happening and starts crying, partially mad at Owen for not having told her. He takes her into his arms to comfort her.

Arizona and Derek are instructing Alex and Meredith on what to do so they can get out. They decide not to leave the baby, but Mark suggests at least one of them should get out.

In the ambulance, Alex and Meredith argue over who’s gonna get out of the ambulance. Meredith says Alex can’t make his guilt disappear by dying in an ambulance when suddenly the ambulance is hit. Alex falls to the ground and Meredith bumps her head into the incubator before falling to the ground as well while supplies fly all over the place.

Owen enters Teddy’s OR, where April and Teddy are guessing how it could’ve happened. Teddy asks about Henry. Owen says they’re done. He asks if they’re almost finished. Teddy says it’ll take a while and tells him how she’ll fix it. She asks him to check on Henry, because now she can’t make it to be there post-op. She’s a bad wife, she says. Owen offers to take over so she can go, but he would be out of his depth here. She asks why he’s making a face. He uses the ambulance breakdown as an excuse. Teddy then says Henry wants to go to med school. She dismissed the idea, and even though she feels bad about it, she still thinks it’s right. Owen agrees she’s not a terrible person. She then asks again to check on Henry and let her know how he’s doing. He will. She also says he might want to mention how long it’ll take to finish med school.

Mark, Derek, and Arizona have lost connection with Alex and Meredith. Jackson comes in. The emergency dispatch has sent an ambulance. They inform him they lost connection after a loud noise. Mark notices Derek is upset and tells Jackson to take over from Derek. The fancy part is over, he and Arizona will guide him through the rest. Derek leaves while Jackson goes to scrub in.

Owen tells Richard he thinks it’s not right to lie to Teddy. Richard mentions no one can take over in the middle of bypass. The patient dies if Teddy walks out. Another hour will not change anything. Right now, he has to be the Chief of Surgery and not Teddy’s friend. Owen thinks Teddy will never forgive him. "Her husband just died in our OR. She’ll never forgive any of us,” Richard says.

Derek comes over and tells them about Alex and Meredith and the ambulance crash. He wants to contact emergency dispatch. Owen makes the call and Derek notices something’s up.

Owen is standing in Teddy’s OR, watching how April and Teddy are struggling to keep Laura alive. Once things get better, Teddy asks how Henry is doing. Owen says he’s good, but a little woozy. He lies they didn’t do a post-op CT yet, but Cristina found she had clean margins. Teddy asks if she figured out who she was operating on. He smiles and says no. Teddy knew sometimes her lack of interest in the patient as a human being can come in handy. Teddy asks if he mentioned the med school thing. Owen says not. Teddy calls him a coward and says he’s not off the hook yet, because Henry’s idea could ruin the next 5 to 10 years of her life. She continues talking about, while Meredith’s voice over says that when we have a really terrible day, we start begging a God we don’t believe in for the little horrors of the daily life.

Meredith and Alex get back up in the ambulance. She has a cut on her forehead, but they’re both okay. Meredith asks for a blanket; she’s taking the baby out of the incubator. Alex starts grabbing supplies to get out of the ambulance. They have to disconnect the baby from the antibiotics. It’s gonna have to do. They climb out of the ambulance while ventilating the baby, seeing several bodies and a crashed van on the asphalt.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Henry Burton[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Endobronchial Carcinoid Tumor
  • Treatment:
    • Bronchoscopic laser via cardiothoracic surgery
    • Converted to open-lung resection via cardiothoracic surgery

Henry came into the ER while coughing up blood. A CT revealed a tumor in his lung. Richard planned an open surgery, but Teddy decided she'd rather have it done with a laser, as the recovery time would be faster. Teddy specifically asked for Cristina to do it. While she was operating, Cristina accidentally nicked a vessel. She was able to repair the vessel quickly and continued the procedure. When he started bleeding again, Richard prepared to open his chest. Cristina discovered that the tumor had eroded through his pulmonary artery. Despite this, Richard continued to try to save him until it became clear after 20 minutes that he wasn't going to survive. Cristina called time of death at 8:52 PM and reassured Richard that there was no way to remove it without killing him and he wouldn't have been able to live with it in him for much longer.

Peds Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Dog mauling injuries
  • Treatment:
    • Surgery

Arizona got a call about a kid, 10, who had been mauled by a dog. He was brought into the ER. Then he was taken into surgery, where Arizona, Mark, and Derek operated to fix his injuries. When they lost contact with Alex and Meredith in the ambulance, Jackson took over so Derek could step out.

Laura Lewis[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Scoliosis
    • Torn ventricle
  • Treatment:
    • Pedicle screws
    • Spinal fusion
    • Physical therapy
    • Intubation
    • Thoracotomy

Callie discharged Laura Lewis, who had been in the hospital for three days after having pedicle screws inserted for scoliosis, saying she'd need physical therapy and to take it easy. However, before she could make it all the way out of the hospital, Laura collapsed and was taken to a trauma room where Owen had to open her chest and get her heart beating again. She was then taken into the OR, where Teddy discovered a tear in her right ventricle. They put Laura on bypass and tried to patch the hole. However, when a hole was torn in April's glove, they discovered a screw that had come loose from her spinal fusion and was tearing into her heart. They put in a patch, but it wasn't holding,

Dana's Baby[]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Tracheoesophageal fistula
    • Pneumonia
    • Sepsis
  • Treatment:
    • N.G. Tube
    • D10 Normal saline
    • Antibiotics

Alex and Meredith went to Bentley Hospital to retrieve a newborn with a tracheoesophageal fistula. Bentley wasn't equipped to treat neonatal patients, so they had to struggle to keep her breathing. By the time they arrived, she had developed pneumonia and was septic. They set up an umbilical line and gave her D10 normal saline and antibiotics. Alex and Meredith used the equipment they had brought and advice given over the phone from Arizona to prepare the baby for transport. While they were transporting her, the ambulance broke down and Arizona began to instruct them on how to care for the baby outside the rig so they could get out. However, before they could act, a car hit the ambulance.

Cristina's Patient[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Bentall procedure

Cristina was practicing for what was supposed to be her first Bentall procedure, one of the surgeries from her bucket list.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • C-section delivery

Dana's baby was delivered via emergency caesarean at a hospital not equipped to handle the situation.


Song Performer Scene
"That's Rock 'n Roll" Left Hand Smoke
  • Cristina and Meredith give Alex a hard time in the bar. 
  • Meredith gets a call from Janet.
  • Cristina leaves too, leaving Alex to pay for all of them.
"She Went Quietly" Charlie Winston
  • Henry dies and Cristina is worried about the bad outcome.
  • Richard doesn't react and Owen comes into the scrub room, finding out about his death.
  • Cristina notices something is up seeing all their reactions and finds out about Henry's identity. She breaks down.
  • Derek, Mark, and Arizona is giving instructions to Alex and Meredith, who refuse to get out of the ambulance.
"Say Goodbye (I Won't Even)" Adaline
  • Richard convinces not tell Teddy until she finishes her surgery.
  • Derek tells Owen he thinks Alex and Meredith's ambulance got hit.
  • Teddy is operating and asks Owen about Henry. He lies and says he's doing good. He continues lying.
  • Meredith and Alex get up in the ambulance. She takes the baby out, only to find a crashed van and victims on the asphalt.

Notes and Trivia[]


Grey's Anatomy Promo

  • This episode's title originated from the song Dark Was the Night, originally sung by Blind Willie Johnson.
  • This episode scored 11.29 million viewers.
  • At the end when Meredith is talking about how quaint the flood in the kitchen, the poison oak and the fight that leaves you shaking with rage are all things that have actually been mentioned or happened on the show. Bailey's kitchen flooded, Addison got poison oak, and Derek's fights leave him enraged.
  • This episode is the last living appearance of Teddy's husband, Henry.


Episode Stils[]


Cristina: That was pathetic.
Alex: Shut up.
Meredith: She told you to go screw yourself, we could hear it all the way over here.
Alex: It's not 'cause she wasn't into me.
Cristina: Oh, does 'go screw yourself' have some secret meaning that we're not aware of?
Alex: I kinda already knew her... I just didn't remember.
Meredith: You slept with her before and forgot about it and then tried to pick her up all over again?
Cristina: You're not even drinking.
Meredith: I have a history of Alzheimer's in my family. What's your excuse?
Alex: It's O'Malley's fault. I mean, talkin' about dead people, it throws me off my game, that's all.

Cristina: What did Janet say? Meredith?
Meredith: We're not getting her back.
Cristina: What do you mean? What-- What exactly did she say?
Meredith: That we're not getting her back.
Cristina: She said that?
Meredith: She said that the court cancelled our hearing date, and when they do that, it means either one or two things. That they looked at our file and they love us and they're giving her to us, in which case they call Janet and they tell her that. Or... that they hate us and they're giving her to another family. And she didn't get the 'They love us' call.
Cristina: Well, maybe they didn't get around to it.
Meredith: She said that we should move on. That's what she said. You want to know her exact words were, 'I think it's time that you and Derek start thinking about moving on.'

Meredith: Zola was our baby, and she's gone, and I don't want another baby.

Teddy: You're gonna be fine. You know that, right?
Henry: I do.
Teddy: Good. I just wish I hadn't spend the day trying to kill your hopes and dreams.
Henry: You know, that's why I started spitting up blood, so I'd win. (they laugh)
Teddy: I'm happy to have you go to medical school.
Henry: You don't have to be happy.
Teddy: No, I am. I'm not-- I mean, I-I love med students. I'll help you study.
Henry: You'll be my study buddy?
Teddy: I'll make you flash cards.
Henry: That's so hot, I'm not sure that I can even handle it.
Teddy: It'll be fun.
Henry: It's your worst nightmare.
Teddy: Yeah, whatever. We'll figure it out.

Teddy: Where's Bailey?
Richard: Uh, Henry doesn't need both of us, and we all agreed that you'd be less of a hassle with the former chief of surgery.
Teddy: Nice. You're nice people.

Teddy: I don't like it either. Frankly, the only thing I'd be comfortable with is doing it myself. But since we all know that that's not gonna happen. The next closest thing is Yang. She's the only one who would do it the way I would.

Teddy: Henry, don't ask for extra morphine just 'cause you like the dreams.

Derek: Meredith didn't want kids. I pushed her... She opened herself up. Now I feel like I... I did this to her.
Cristina: She wanted it, too, or it wouldn't have happened.
Derek: She'll blame me... like I've been blaming her. We lost Zola and now if I lose Meredith...
Cristina: She always comes back. She might need a minute to back away, but... she comes back.

Miranda: Yeah, well, come on. It's part of the deal. We have to let students operate. They don't always get it right.
Callie: I was reading a magazine.
Miranda: Hey, come on. Now, don't beat yourself up, we all do it.
Callie: I know what J.Lo wore to the coffee house. That's what I was doing.

Mark: I offered to time share Sofia with Derek and Meredith if they don't end up with kids of their own. He said no.
Arizona: Why?
Derek: Because your child is not a rental car. We're not gonna take her out one week a month.
Arizona: Have you seen her? Cause she's heart-stoppingly adorable.
Derek: You're missing the point.
Mark: He's missing the point.
Arizona: No, she's delicious, she's addictive. Why wouldn't you want to parent her?

Owen: If she finds out that I waited, she will never forgive me.
Richard: Her husband just died in our OR. She'll never forgive any of us.

Teddy: Did you mention the med school thing to Henry?
Owen: No.
Teddy: You're a coward. You know, if you think that you're off the hook, you are wrong. I mean, this could ruin the next five to ten years of my life. You do understand that, right? I mean, can you imagine... helping him study for his MCATs, quizzing him on anatomy? I can't go through that again. I'll put a bullet through my head...

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