Dave Buckley is a high school teacher who passed out and pushed a child into a table saw.


Dave was trying to guide a student's hands into a table saw to cut some wood when he passed out, pushing the child, Kevin Gailis, into the saw and cutting off a few of his own fingers. He was rushed to the ER, where they examined his fingers. Link said that two of his fingers were too damaged to save and would have to be amputated. When Richard learned that Dave was drunk at the time of the accident, he asked to talk Dave through his withdrawal. During the procedure on his fingers, for which he was awake, Richard told him that what he was feeling was what rock bottom feels like. He denied being drunk, but Richard continued to probe until he was asked to leave the operating room.

Richard went into his room after his surgery and offered him a drink of vodka. He didn't drink it, but his labs showed that he was drunk again. Richard diagnosed him with auto-brewery syndrome, which fermented any sugar he ate, making him drunk.



His daughter lives in Maryland.


He has a strong relationship with his student, Arthur Krug. Arthur's mom says that He's a good influence and the only good male role model Arthur has in his life.


He teaches woodworking at Barrow High School.


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