David is the son of Daphne.


David's mother, Daphne, chose many things over him, which resulted in her leaving him when he was fourteen. By the time he was twenty, he had another mother raising him and Daphne was working hard to be the kind of person who deserved to have David in her life. She was nearing graduation and had fought cancer, but didn't want to call until that was all over because she didn't want to call him when she still had problems. When she started seriously bleeding when her chemo port was removed, the doctors told her she needed to call David. She called him and he agreed to come to the hospital. However, by the time he arrived, she had died in surgery. He was then taken to see her body.



His mother, Daphne, put other things ahead of him and that led to her leaving him when he was fourteen. She later contacted him on the day of her death and he agreed to come see her.

After he was taken away from Daphne, he got a new mother, according to Daphne.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 20 at the time of Daphne's death.