David Moore is the prosthetist working with Arizona Robbins following the above-knee amputation of her left leg.


Arizona RobbinsEdit

When he first met Arizona, he gave her permission to use his first name and said that they'd be working together for a while. When asked what a while was, he joked, "Until one of us dies or your leg grows back." When she didn't react, he said that that joke is always a risk. He noted that her residual limb didn't have scar tissue and was healing well.

He made a cast of her residual limb and then put her in a basic prosthetic leg. When she refused to let him see her put weight on it, he left her alone in the room. He later returned to see her standing in front of a mirror on the prosthetic. She finally told him where the leg didn't fit correctly and he said they'd work on that.



David has a brother whom he says never checks his phone messages, a trait that David finds maddening.


Arizona RobbinsEdit

Following the amputation of her left leg above the knee, Arizona began working with David to regain her mobility through the use of prosthetics. He quickly tried to establish a good relationship with her, saying they'd be working together until one of them died or her leg grew back.


David Moore is a prosthetist at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • After Travis Reed lost both his legs, Callie gave him information on support groups and an incredible prosthetist. As she was talking out of experience with Arizona, it's likely that she was talking about David.