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Derek's Accident is the accident that led to the death of Derek Shepherd.


Derek was driving to the airport when he witnessed a car crash between a car carrying Charlie Abbott and Alana and one carrying Winnie and Sarah. He rushed in to help, stabilizing each of them. When help arrived, he helped load them into ambulances and said he'd come see them in the hospital. However, as he pulled away, he stopped in the middle of turning around and was hit by a semi.

He was rushed to Dillard Medical Center, where doctors inexperienced in trauma care started treating him. Penelope Blake tried to insist on getting a head CT, but Paul insisted they didn't have time and wanted to take Derek directly into surgery. Paul won and Derek was taken into surgery. They tried to repair his other injuries, but he didn't stabilize and they then realized the head injury was the cause and called a neurosurgeon. Dr. Cohn came in and worked on Derek, but he was unable to do anything by that point and Derek was left brain dead. Meredith arrived and after seeing the damage, decided to turn off the machines and allow him to die.

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Notes and Trivia[]

  • Winnie is the one who identified Derek at the hospital.


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