On his wedding day, Derek wrote and sang a love song for Addison. He wrote it with the help of Sam and Mark, although he created most of it (and played it on his guitar). It was well remembered by Archer, Sam, Addison, Derek, Mark, and Naomi, although apparently Naomi was very drunk when it was sung.


Some of second verse

Our eyes met over the cadaver and I knew I had to have her...
Had his mitral valve grown too thick?
Is that what made our cadaver so sick?


Addison Montgomery, I met her in the summer
she was cutting up a very dead body.
And in her eyes I saw my life, I knew that she would be my wife
and she would breathe the life back into me, for everyday until eternity!
Or until I'd be as dead as that body.

One of the lines was written by Mark. It rhymed Gross anatomy class with Addison's fine ass.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Addison thought that the chorus was I met her in the summery instead of summer, she.
  • The idea for the creation of this song came when a writer spoke about a wedding he attended where the groom sang his own love song to her.