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Don is a man who was trapped in a car that had driven into Emerald City Bar.


Don and his wife, Joan, were driving home when Don suddenly grabbed his arm in pain. He'd had two prior heart attacks, so his wife was immediately worried that he was dying. She started driving him to the hospital in a panic, but swerved to miss someone who was in the road and ended up driving into Emerald City Bar. With help from Ben Warren, who was inside the bar, she was able to determine that he was still alive, though he was unconscious. Ben coached her through some chest compressions and then had her apply the pads from a LifePak so he could defibrillate. Don regained consciousness after being defibrillated and they were able to break out the back window and pull Don out of the car and get him to the hospital, where he had heart surgery. While he was taken to the hospital, Joan was still trapped in the car by a jammed seatbelt. She pulled out some crafting scissors from her purse, which impaled her in the neck when the car lurched forward. Travis applied pressure to her neck and tried to slow the bleeding, but he was unable to save her and she died on scene. Travis and Vic then went to their home, where Travis fed their dog.



He was married to Joan until her death.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He and Joan have a dog named Cleo.