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Donna Gibson is a patient who was diagnosed with breast cancer while transitioning from male to female.


Donna and her wife, Vicky, flew to Seattle from New York so that Mark Sloan could perform a vaginoplasty as part of her medical transition. She'd been his patient for a while.

Donna's pre-op labs showed that she had breast cancer. She was advised that the hormones she was taking for her transition were feeding the cancer, so she needed to stop them immediately so they could begin treatment, stopping her medical transition.

Despite the risks, she decided she wouldn't stop hormone therapy and agreed to fight the cancer, but only as a woman because she is not a man. Mark agreed to perform the surgery. The surgery was successful and Donna was stable afterward.



She is married to Vicky Gibson. Despite being shocked when Donna came out as transgender, Vicky stayed with her because she says at the end of the day, Donna is her best friend.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She was 34 at the time of her vaginoplasty.
  • She'd been living publicly as Donna for two years.