Donna Woods is the sister of Reese Woods, a patient of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Donna was conceived to save her sister, Reese's, life after Reese was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia at age two. Donna noted that she donated blood, bone marrow, and part of her liver all to Reese.

Reese's Hang Gliding AccidentEdit

When Reese was in a hang gliding accident, Donna accompanied her to the hospital and informed the doctors about Reese's medical history. When they told her that Reese might lose her one remaining kidney, Donna told them that she was her sister's donor and had donated bone marrow, blood, and part of her liver previously, so she expected to donate the kidney as well.

While they were operating, they discovered that the kidney couldn't be repaired. Donna said that she was ready to donate. Callie protested, saying that Reese would be on dialysis until they found a suitable donor. Donna admitted that she wanted a boyfriend and a job and a life outside of taking care of Reese, but she questioned whether or not she could say no. She practiced saying no loudly with Callie, but ultimately, she recanted and donated the kidney.



Reese WoodsEdit

Donna was conceived to be a donor for Reese, who was diagnosed with aplastic anemia as a child. As an adult, Donna has grown to resent the obligation to help Reese whenever she gets hurt, but she continues to do so dutifully.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She never learned to ride a bike because she couldn't get injured in case Reese needed something.
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