Dorie Russell is the mother of the quints born at Seattle Grace Hospital.



Dorie and her husband used fertility drugs and got pregnant with triplets: Adam, Oliver, and Graham.


When the triplets were four, Dorie and Tom had used fertility drugs again and Dorie was pregnant with quintuplets. Four of the five girls had health problems that would require surgery shortly after birth.

When she was 32 weeks pregnant, she was admitted to the hospital for bed rest. She wanted to try to get to 36 weeks, but she started having contractions. Addison gave her magnesium and put her in Trendelenburg position in order to stop the contractions, but Dorie's placenta started tearing and so she had to be taken into an emergency c-section. ("Much too Much")

After their births, the quintuplets were all taken to the NICU. Dorie visited them in the NICU, but while she was visiting Charlotte's lung collapsed, so she went back to her room. Meredith called her husband to see if he could bring their sons to visit, but they had the flu, so Meredith said bringing them wasn't a good idea.

Emily had hypoplastic left-heart syndrome and needed surgery to repair her heart. However, once they opened, they discovered that there was nothing that could be done and had to close. Emily died early the next morning. After she died, her mother was allowed to hold her.

Charlotte's lungs were a little less developed than her sisters', so she was given a special mask to help her breathe. Her lung collapsed, but they re-inflated it. When she stopped breathing again, they intubated her. Meredith then had the idea to put the most stable quint, Kate, in with Charlotte, to help comfort her. It worked and Charlotte immediately started improving.

Lucy had hydrocephalus, so she had surgery to insert a shunt and was doing well afterward.

Julie had an omphalocele, a sac of her organs outside of her body. She had once surgery shortly after birth, but they weren't able to close because it put too much pressure on her lungs, so they had to wait a few more days to perform her second surgery.

Kate was premature, but otherwise had no major health problems. She was in the NICU to be monitored and gain weight. ("Owner of a Lonely Heart")



Tom RussellEdit

She is married to Tom and have 8 kids, three boys and five girls. One of them, Emily, is deceased. Despite the doctors' recommendation and Tom's agreement, Dorie decided not to reduce the quintuplet pregnancy to triplets.


She has three sons and five daughters, one deceased, with her husband.




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