Doug Miller is a surgical intern at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who transferred from Pacific Northwest General Hospital.



Doug was tending to Len after his colon surgery when Len's wound vac filled with blood. Len's wife, Tanya, started screaming, which drew the attention of Owen and Alex. They sent Doug for a crash cart while they held pressure. They were then able to track the source of the bleeding. Doug thought it was the aorta, but it was actually the superior epigastric artery. They took him to the OR to repair the artery and wash out the wound. ("It's Raining Men")


On Halloween, Doug treated a child who had put a piece of candy corn up his nose. He pulled the candy out and then was horrified when the child ate it. ("Whistlin' Past the Graveyard")


He is a surgical intern at Pacific Northwest General Hospital.

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