Douglas Hall is a man who was in an accident with his pregnant wife.


Douglas Hall and his wife, Elizabeth, were married only a brief time when they found out she was pregnant. It was earlier than they planned, but they were still excited. When Elizabeth was five months pregnant, they were in a car accident and their car rolled over. They were taken to the ER, where he was determined to be okay aside from a broken humerus and clavicle, but she had significant abdominal bleeding. Carina came in for a consult on the baby and said the baby was healthy, which drew ire from Teddy, because the bleeding was in Elizabeth's uterus and that might mean performing a hysterectomy, ending the pregnancy. Teddy was able to embolize the bleed, but the risk still existed for a re-bleed. When she started bleeding again, Teddy told them she'd have to do a hysterectomy if they couldn't stop the bleeding. Before she could have surgery, Vincenzo DeLuca heard about her case and went to them and said he could save her baby using his gestational sacs. They wanted to do that, but because it was still in animal trials, they were told it wasn't a possibility. Instead, Lizzie was taken into surgery, where Carina delivered the baby and then Teddy removed her uterus. Alex said intubating her would be cruel, so they put the baby in an incubator, then took her to her father, who held her until she died.



He is married to Elizabeth Hall.


He and his wife planned to wait a while to have children, but when she became pregnant soon after they married, they were excited. When their baby had to be delivered early to save Lizzie's life, they were heartbroken.

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