Dr. Hurst is an attending psychiatrist at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


After the plane crash, a traumatized Cristina threw a vase at the interns who were talking about her outside the room. Upon hearing what happened, Dr. Hurst came to her room and tried to convince Bailey and Owen that she was a clear danger, violent and uncommunicative. Pointing at the broken window, Bailey pointed out she communicated, she just hadn't talked yet. 

Hurst replied that there was nothing physically wrong with her, so she belonged up in psychiatry. Owen yelled that he was Cristina's husband and the Chief of Surgery, so Hurst shouldn't tell him where Cristina belongs. He walked off, but Hurst followed him and said that those were exactly the reasons why Owen shouldn't be making the decision.


Dr. Hurst is an attending psychiatrist at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. He seems to have been working there for quite some time, as he dared to butt heads with Owen over Cristina's case.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Aside from his name and title, Dr. Hurst's lab coat also has Department of Psychiatry embroidered on it. This is exactly like on the lab coat of Helen Fincher, a fellow psychiatrist at the hospital.
  • Although his first name was embroidered on his lab coat, it remains unknown as there was no clear shot of it.


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