Dr. Krieger is the Chief of Surgery and an Attending Surgeon at Boise Memorial Hospital.


Following the plane crash, Mark, Meredith, Derek, Arizona, and Cristina were transported to Boise Memorial Hospital.

In the ER, Dr. Krieger examined Meredith and told her she was in a plane crash. Meredith was resistant during the exam because she wanted to go see Lexie, Derek, and Cristina, but Dr. Krieger tried to get her to lie down. However, when Bailey and Richard arrived with Zola, she gave Meredith some time to spend with her daughter.

She also tried to examine Cristina, who was extremely aggressive against her and the other personnel and scratched Krieger in the face. Dr. Krieger later told Owen and Richard that the combination of extreme dehydration, exhaustion, and exposure seemed to have put her in a state, probably reactive psychosis. She told them Cristina was unresponsive until they tried to examine her, which was when she became violent. She tried to warn Owen not to loosen the ties around Cristina's arms, but he didn't listen to her advice.

Looking at the scans of Arizona's leg, Dr. Krieger told Owen she officially recommended amputation due the extensive bone injury and soft tissue infection. However, Arizona overheard her saying this and yelled that she gave no one permission to cut off the leg, and surely not "some yahoo in dump truck, Idaho."


Dr. Krieger is the Chief of Surgery at Boise Memorial Hospital. Her specialty is unknown, though it might be trauma surgery, seeing as she took on the major part of the cases of the plane crash victims, though this may have been simply part of her duties as Chief of Surgery.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Dr. Krieger was the first female Chief of Surgery to be seen on Grey's Anatomy.
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