Dr. McQueen is a cardiothoracic surgery fellow at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.


Roy Henley CaseEdit

When Teddy left the hospital to retrieve Roy Henley's new set of lungs, she left Cristina Yang in charge of her care, but instructed Cristina to consult with Dr. McQueen if she had any problems or questions. She went to him with a problem, but he said that it was something she could handle on her own and said that he'd be by to check on Roy as soon as he could. He later assisted with Roy's lung transplant. ("That's Me Trying")

Competing with TeddyEdit

Following the death of her husband, Teddy wasn't sleeping well and was spending most of her time at the hospital operating. When a case of a man impaled on a fence came in, she wanted to operate on him and she butted heads with Dr. McQueen over who would take the case. Owen dictated that Dr. McQueen would operate, but Cristina went behind his back and convinced the patient's wife to request Teddy personally. ("Hope for the Hopeless")



He butted heads with Teddy Altman over the case of Mr. Vanderburg.


He is completing a fellowship in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.




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