Dr. Milton was an anesthesiologist at Seattle Grace Hospital.


Train AccidentEdit

During the train accident, he worked on the case of Bonnie Crasnoff and Tom Maynard, who were both impaled on the same pole. ("Into You Like a Train")

Callie's SurgeryEdit

While Callie was operating on Sunder Atluri, Mr. Milton informed her that she needed to wrap up because Sunder was becoming unstable. She protested because she'd just gotten started. ("The Time Warp")

Bomb in a Body CavityEdit

When James Carlson came into the ER after being shot with a bazooka with Hannah Davies' hand tamponading the wound, Dr. Milton was assigned to the case. He stayed after the OR was evacuated to keep the patient under and manually respirate him. However, when he was left alone with Hannah, he had her take over manual respiration and left, saying he has kids. ("It's the End of the World")


Dr. Milton is an attending anesthesiologist at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In the episode Into You Like a Train, he was named "Dr. Adams".
  • Dr. Milton was credited as Dr. Milton and Anesthesiologist.




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