Dr. Park is an attending cardiothoracic surgeon at UCLA who once flew to Seattle to pick up a donor heart with a modern transplant box, which keeps the heart pumping during the transport.


Heart in a BoxEdit

Dr. Park flew to Seattle to retrieve a donor heart for his patient, who had been waiting for it for more than a year. In the OR at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, he took out the heart of the donor and handed it over to Teddy and Cristina. While he closed up the patient, Drs. Altman and Yang put the heart in a special box to keep it pumping while being transported to UCLA. As they finished connecting the heart to the modern transplant box, Dr. Park got a call from his hospital. His patient arrested, and they weren't able to resuscitate him. Dr. Park angrily left the OR, leaving the donor heart behind.


Dr. Park is an attending cardiothoracic surgeon at UCLA.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Dr. Park's scrub cap is purple, making it very similar to Meredith's.
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