Dr. Taylor was an attending anesthesiologist who worked at Seattle Grace Hospital.


Being Kicked Out of the OREdit

It was known (and apparently tolerated by most) that he often drank at work.

When George O'Malley's patient Jamie, a two year old girl, had a hemispherectomy performed by Derek Shepherd Taylor congratulated George saying that it was a "big day for you kid" meaning this was probably George's first time scrubbing in on a major surgery.  However, George smelled alcohol on Taylor's breath, which was confirmed by another employee who smelled it, too.  George spoke up and tried to do the right thing. However, Taylor appealed to Derek to kick George out of the OR, which he did.  Derek told Taylor that he "better be ready" and Taylor said he was. After Cristina replaced George in the surgery, Derek noticed that Jamie's anesthesia was getting light and that she was waking up.  Cristina then realized that Taylor was asleep.  After waking up, he corrected the anesthesia only to be ordered to leave by Shepherd and be replaced with Dr. Pennington.

Izzie's PartyEdit

He attended the party Izzie threw for her boyfriend. At the party, he made out with his ex-girlfriend, Debbie. ("Notes from the Nurses' Station")



He dated Debbie for a time. They bonded over doing crosswords together in the OR and he eventually used a crossword joke to ask her out on a date. Things broke off between them because she didn't like that he didn't like to do anything that didn't involve alcohol. After they split, she kept being drawn to him, even though she knew it was a bad idea. ("Notes from the Nurses' Station")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was said to be the best anesthesiologist in the hospital.
  • Taylor only appeared in one episode, although it is likely that he was fired or disciplined due to his drinking.
  • Taylor seemed to be on good terms with Derek as he called him "Shep."
  • Taylor liked to do crossword puzzles during the downtime on his job.
  • Bourbon was his drink of choice.
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