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The Earthquake was a somewhat serious seismic event that took place in Seattle.


While Meredith was operating on a patient, the room started to shake. She covered the patient's incision and braced herself to ride out the earthquake. Once it stopped, she was able to finish operating.

Maggie was in an elevator with Ethan Boyd. The elevator stopped due to the earthquake, as a safety feature.

Ben upset Bailey by jumping on top of her to be her human shield. After the quake was over, she called to check on Tuck and suggested he call Rosalind to check on her.

Brian and Micah came into the hospital after falling off a ski lift during the earthquake. Brian had only minor injuries, but Micah had a broken leg and a splenic laceration which necessitated removal of his spleen.

Owen answered a phone call from a girl named Ruby. She and her mother were in a cabin in the woods during the quake and her mother fell of a chair and hurt herself. Over the phone, he gave her directions in order to figure out what was wrong with her mother and start to treat her. As the phone started to die, they got her started doing CPR and told her not to stop until help arrived. She did so and she and her mom were air-lifted to the hospital, where her mom was taken into surgery, which she survived.

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