Eileen Hillridge is the mother of Nora Hillridge.


Eileen's daughter, Nora, had been diagnosed with hereditary pancreatitis at the age of five. They'd spent six years getting her numbers where they needed to be in order to do the pancreatectomy. They also planned islet autotransplantation so she wouldn't develop diabetes. When her numbers were finally all in line, her mother was told she'd be able to have the surgery. However, her blood sugar suddenly spiked with no explanation right before her surgery. They gave her insulin to bring it down and monitored her. While they waited, she did math problems with the doctors, impressing them with her accuracy and speed. While they were doing this, Dahlia discovered an empty juice bottle by her bed and inferred that she drank it in order to raise her blood sugar level. They asked her about it and she said it was because she didn't want to go back to school, because she didn't have any friends. She maintained that she didn't want the surgery. Against Alex's orders, Andrew went to Nora and talked to her about his own experience being bullied and told her she could handle it and convinced her to have the surgery, which went well.



She is very protective of her daughter. When Nora's friend, Lauren, wasn't being kind to her, she called her a bitch in front of Nora.

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