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Elena Bailey is the mother of Miranda Bailey.


Miranda's Wedding[]

Before her daughter's second wedding, Elena, among others, were at Bailey's house, with makeup and hair styling equipment, which Bailey was avoiding. When the time came to go the wedding, Miranda insisted on driving herself, despite the protests of her mother. ("Run, Baby, Run")

At the wedding, after Miranda left, the guests were served food while they waited. When Bailey returned and found that all the food had been eaten, Elena said she shouldn't have been surprised after keeping her friends and family waiting. ("Things We Said Today")

Moving to Seattle, COVID-19, and Death[]

Bailey moved her parents to an assisted living facility in Seattle. Shortly after their move, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Seattle, preventing Bailey from visiting her parents. ("You'll Never Walk Alone")

When Bailey learned that three patients from her parents' nursing home had come into the hospital, she sent Ben to get her parents out of there. He took her father to her hotel room, but her mother was already sick and struggling to breathe, so he brought her to the hospital. She was confused and fought against the doctors, but Bailey was able to calm her by singing to her. Labs were critical, leading Bailey to realize her mother wasn't going to make it another day. She told Maggie her mother didn't want to be put on machines. She told her dad about her mother's condition and they both struggled with him not being able to be there. Elena's condition continued to decline until Bailey realized it was time. She held her mother's hand and sang to her as she died. ("Fight the Power")



She was married to William Bailey for over sixty years before her death. Together, they had two children, Miranda and Danielle.


She is the mother of Miranda Bailey. Before Miranda was born, she and William had another daughter, Danielle, who died of SIDS when she was two months old. This led to her being overprotective of Miranda. ("(Don't Fear) the Reaper")

Notes and Trivia[]

  • She went through menopause early.[1]
  • She was 84 at the time of her death.[2]



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