Elena Bailey is the mother of Miranda Bailey.


Miranda's WeddingEdit

Before her daughter's second wedding, Elena, among others, were at Bailey's house, with makeup and hair styling equipment, which Bailey was avoiding. When the time came to go the wedding, Miranda insisted on driving herself, despite the protests of her mother. ("Run, Baby, Run")

At the wedding, after Miranda left, the guests were served food while they waited. When Bailey returned and found that all the food had been eaten, Elena said she shouldn't have been surprised after keeping her friends and family waiting. ("Things We Said Today")



She is married to William Bailey, with whom she has two children, Miranda and Danielle.


She is the mother of Miranda Bailey. Before Miranda was born, she and William had another daughter, Danielle, who died of SIDS when she was two months old. This led to her being overprotective of Miranda. ("(Don't Fear) the Reaper")



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