Eli Rigler is a rabbi who developed a dangerous skin condition as a result of antibiotic treatment.


Eli had been diagnosed with diverticulitis. Bailey prescribed antibiotics to try to avoid surgery and had done so two times prior. He came into the ER because he developed a worsening rash. April discovered that his skin was sloughing off his chest and moved him to the burn unit immediately. In the burn unit, he was told that he had toxic epidermal necrolysis, a reaction to the antibiotics he was taking, which caused his skin to separate from itself.

He was in pain as his condition worsened. Despite this, he noticed that April was suffering and talked to her about her faith. He reminded her that there were no guarantees and that believing in God only when things were good isn't faith. He told her that the world is full of brokenness and it's their job to put it back together. Eli told April that he forgave Bailey. April told him to hang on because Elyse, his wife, was almost there, but he believed April was Elyse, so she pretended she was and comforted him as he died.



He is married to a woman named Elyse. She was on her way back from visiting her mother when Eli was hospitalized.


He is a rabbi. When he knew he was dying, he still talked to April about her faith, wanting to do his work even to the very end.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He referred to the New Testament of the Bible as the sequel.
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