Elliott Meyer is a kid who survived two types of cancer in childhood.


Elliott had leukemia as a child. He survived it, but was later diagnosed with lymphoma. When his lymphoma was in remission, he had pulmonary fibrosis from the radiation and needed a lung transplant. However, his history of cancer made him a risky candidate and unlikely to get donor lungs. Lexie Grey suggested an ex-vivo transplant, a process by which they take lungs that have been rejected and use bypass to make them viable again. Without Teddy Altman's consent, Lexie and Cristina Yang took lungs that had been thrown out and made them viable again.

Elliott's sister, Jill, was reluctant to accept the donor lungs, saying they'd wait for better lungs. However, Elliott convinced her it was time to stop fighting and accept the lungs they had. In surgery, they had to use a pericardial patch in order to be able to attach the lungs, but the transplant was successful. His sister was told that he would be okay. She sat by his bedside while he slept.



Elliott was very close to his sister, Jill. She came to the hospital with him when he was being treated for cancer.

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