During her residency at Seattle Grace Hospital, Ellis Grey wrote in a large number of diaries.


A while after she died, Derek discovered one that Meredith bonded with Cristina over. When moving boxes to make room for Derek's things, Meredith discovered many more.

Most entries were regarding Richard Webber and surgeries. Although as a child, Meredith strongly disliked her mother, from reading the diaries she realized her mother was intense but fun and loyal (reminding her of Cristina).

In No Good at Saying Sorry (One More Chance), Meredith decided that the journals were doing nothing for her and contemplated throwing them out, but instead decided to put them back in their box and give them to Richard Webber.

She wrote each night with a glass of wine. However, Meredith noticed that around the time she would have found out she was pregnant with Maggie Pierce, the marks from the wine glass stopped and she started keeping track of everything she ate, indicating that she wanted the baby to be okay even though she didn't keep her.


  • March 3rd, 1979: Ellis talks about Margaret Campbell "impressive résumé, adequate technique".
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