Elyse Cruse was brought into the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital ER after the tanker crash.


Elyse, who was 37 weeks pregnant, was brought into the ER with abdominal bruising and second-degree burns on her right arm. While she was being examined by April, Alex noticed that she was bleeding and diagnosed a prolapsed cord. He quickly pushed the umbilical cord back into her uterus. They took her into surgery to deliver her baby.

The baby was delivered successfully, but Elyse began to bleed extensively. While Elyse was still in surgery, her husband, Vince, arrived at the hospital and was introduced to his daughter. He then went to talk to Elyse, who was stable, but unconscious.

Later, while her burns were being tended, she began bleeding through her sutures and went into v-fib. They were unable to revive her and she was pronounced dead. Alex then had to break the news to her husband, who was with their daughter.



She was married to Vince Cruse until her death. The two met in a political science class when they were paired up by their professor. They dated in college, but then Elyse's dad died, so she left school. They met again about three years before Elyse's death when they both moved from Wisconsin to Seattle and joined the same bowling team. They later got married and had one daughter together.


She was in an accident when she was 37 weeks pregnant. Her daughter was delivered after going into distress, but she was doing well after delivery. Her father named her Rose, as that's the name Elyse liked for her.


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