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Joe's bar.

The Emerald City Bar or "Joe's Bar" is located right across from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Many of the hospital employees go there for dates or to relax after their shifts and many are friends with Joe the bartender who has owned the bar for more than 15 years. The bar is also popular among the firefighters of SFD Station 19.


Potential Bankruptcy[]

When Joe had to go through a very expensive surgical procedure, he almost lost the bar because he did not have enough money. Fortunately, George found a loophole that allowed Joe to receive a grant, which they used to cover the cost of the operation.

Recent Years[]

Joe hasn't been seen at the bar in years. Due to his children growing up, it's presumed that he either sold the bar to make time for his family or that he has turned running the daily business over to his employees.

Car crash[]

A car, driven by Joan, crashed through a window in the bar, injuring several doctors from Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, causing major damage. ("Let's All Go to the Bar")

It reopened a few weeks later. ("Into the Woods")




Important Events[]

  • Meredith and Derek first met each other at Joe's.[1]
  • Lexie and Derek also first met there.[2]
  • Burke's bachelor party took place at the bar.[3]
  • Callie and Arizona also first met at the bar and shared their first kiss in the bathroom.[4]
  • Maya and Carina first met there.[5]

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Many of the doctors have a "Joe story."
  • During early season 2, scenes at the bar were filmed at the former McMurphy's Restaurant & Tavern before a set replicating the bar was built. The real bar recently reopened as Der Wolfskopf gastropub, which is located at 72 N. Fair Oaks Avenue in Pasadena.
  • Dr. Bones lives there.
  • This is the first location to be featured on all three shows of the Grey's Anatomy universe. Technically, the hospital itself also appeared on all three shows, but its name was changed and it was thoroughly redecorated and modernized before Station 19 started and after Private Practice ended.
  • The address of the bar is 4397 Northeast Sequoia Avenue.