Emily "Gasoline" Bennett is the leader of the motorcycle club that came into the hospital after a large crash.


Gasoline was involved in a motorcycle accident and was taken to the ER at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. She refused to be examined until she got reports on all the injured people. Owen allowed her guys to go around and get reports, but only if they wouldn't interfere with his doctors and if she'd allow them to take care of her. She agreed.

She was found to have fluid around her heart, though she refused treatment, saying that she just gets over things. When advised that she wouldn't just get over it, she agreed to get treatment only if they could give her a status update on Stuart Loeb. When she disappeared from her hospital bed, Owen suspected that she was going after Stuart because she blamed him for the crash. However, they found her trying to get onto an elevator to go see Stuart because she was worried about him after hearing that he had to have surgery. Before she could get more information, she collapsed due to the fluid buildup around her heart and was taken for a pericardiocentesis.

The reason why she was so desperate to see Stuart was that she got him his own patch, meaning he's officially one of them.

Stuart came into her hospital room after his surgery where he was informed that the accident was not his fault and present with the patch and his own nickname, Road Rash.



Gasoline is the leader of a motorcycle club, the Seattle Stormchasers. When they were in an accident, she was highly concerned about the condition of the other injured members, even though she herself was injured.


She is the leader of a motorcycle club.

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  • She does not like to be called by her given name.


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