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MVO: I have an aunt who, whenever she poured anything for you, would say, "Say when."

(Meredith is lying on the bathroom floor)

Meredith: It's not us. It's them. Them and their stupid boy penises. They didn't tell me they had a wife. They gave absolutely no warning that they were going to break up with you.

(Cristina opens the shower door, where she is lying completely dressed)

Cristina: It's not that Burke broke up with me. It's how he broke up with me. Like it was business. Like it was a business transition like he's the boss of me!

Meredith: He is the boss of you.

Cristina: And what's worse is that I care.

Meredith: I'm gonna throw up again.

(Cristina closes the shower door)

MVO: My aunt would say, "Say when," and of course we never did.

(Meredith looks like she's going to throw up)

Meredith: No. Wait. False alarm.

(Cristina opens the shower door)

Cristina: Look, the problem is estrogen.

Meredith: No, the problem is tequila.

Cristina: I used to be all business, and then he goes and gets me pregnant.

Meredith: With the stupid boy penis.

Cristina: Now, I'm having hormone surges. He ruined me. I'm ruined. He turned me into this fat, stupid, pregnant girl. Who cares! Estrogen!

(She slides the shower door shut again)

Meredith: Penises. Penises Izzie.

(The bathroom door opens and Izzie and George walk in. George to brush his teeth and Izzie with a bottle of water. The shower door is open again)

Cristina: Estrogen George.

George: Okay. (To Izzie) What did I miss?

(Izzie pours some water into a glass that Cristina is holding out)

Izzie: I came home to full on vomit drama. Apparently she dumped Derek and her � (sounds scandalized) she's been sleeping with Burke!

George: I knew that.

MVO: We don't say "when" because there's something about the possibility of more.

(Izzie gives George a look and George turns to face Meredith)

George: So you really broke up with Shepherd?

(He starts brushing his teeth)

Meredith: I feel empty.

Izzie: Two hours of vomiting will do that to you.

(Both Izzie and George are now brushing their teeth looking at Meredith)

MVO: More tequila. More love. More anything. More is better.

Meredith: (To herself) No, I feel empty.

Cristina: You're lucky. I feel pissed off.

(She slides the door shut)

(SGH Parking lot)

(Meredith slams the door of her car. George, Cristina and Izzie get out slowly after her. Derek is waiting for her.)

Meredith: Stop.

Derek: What?

Meredith: You're stalking me. Stop it.

Derek: Did we not communicate last night?

Meredith: Yes.

Derek: Did you hear what I was saying?

Meredith: Your wife screwed your best friend.

Derek: And then from that point on she no longer existed to me anymore.

Meredith: You had marital amnesia?

Derek: No. Come on I bared my soul to you last night.

Meredith: It's not enough.

Derek: How can that be not enough?

Meredith: When you waited 2 months to tell me and I had to find out by her showing up, all leggy and fabulous and telling me herself, you pulled the plug. I'm a sink with an open drain. Anything that you say runs right out. There is no enough.

(Meredith goes inside, George and Izzie follow)

George: She probably could've picked a better metaphor.

Izzie: Give her a break. She's got a hangover.

(Burke is inside and spots Derek entering)

Burke: Dr. Shepherd.

Derek: Dr. Burke.

Burke: Ah, we have an organ donor coming in this afternoon from Wilkeson General. We're doing a harvest.

Derek: Commendable, but�

(The interns look on while waiting for an elevator)

Burke: In OR one at four.

Derek: I'm in OR one at four.

Burke: Your surgery is non-critical�

Derek: You can't bump me!

Burke: � you'll be first up tomorrow. As Chief I can.

Derek: Interim chief. Bump somebody else!

Burke: You're in the OR we need.

Derek: Why don't they do the harvest at Wilkeson?

Burke: Small facility in the boonies. A duck in a box. We have the location, the airport nearby and the staff. Your surgery is rescheduled.

(Elevator opens and the interns get in)

Cristina: "Mine's bigger than yours."

(Alex enters the elevator before it closes)

Alex: Whip it out. I'll measure.

Cristina: Shut up, Alex.

(Burke and Cristina exchange glances as the elevator doors close)

(Bailey and her interns in the ambulance bay)

Medic: Male, 55, victim of a head-on collision. GCS is 3. Depressed skull fracture. Multiple internal injuries. ACLS protocol started, but was vein blew so we've been pushing meds down the tube. PEA on arrival.

Bailey: How long has he been down?

Medic: We've been doing CPR for about 20 minutes. It took fire 20 minutes to get him out of the car. He's pretty much gone.

Bailey: Uh, he's not gone until we say he's gone. Keep coding.

(Enter the hospital)

Bailey: O'Malley, get him into a bay and save him.

George: But he's dead.

(Another ambulance approaches, Alex, Cristina & Izzie make their way over to it)

Bailey: Did you not hear me? He's not dead until we say he's dead. You know what to do so do it. (George stands there) Uh, Grey, you're on this too. Move.

(Meredith enters the hospital and leaves George still standing there)

Medic 2: We've got three more victims from the other car people coming in. Let's move people!

Meredith: Come on

(George follows Meredith)

George: But he's dead.

(In the trauma room, George is preparing to shock the already dead patient.)

George: Olivia. (To other doctors) Pulseless V-Tach.

Meredith: Line's in.

George: Okay, charge to 200.

Olivia: 200.

George: Clear.

(Shocks the body)

Meredith: Push 1 of epi. Let's go again. Charge to 300.

George: Seriously?

Olivia: I think that's what Dr. Bailey wants you to do, George. Dr. O'Malley.

Meredith: It's what she wants, Dr. O'Malley.

George: Okay then. Let's charge to 300.

Olivia: 300.

George: Clear.

(Ambulance bay)

Medic 3: Male, 46, unrestrained driver of the car that jumped lanes. BP 80 over palp. Tachycardic. Last pulse 1:38. Got two liters of LR running wide open. Significant abdominal tenderness.

Bailey: Any history?

Medic 3: Uh, wife says he's got a bad liver. He's one the, ah transplant list.

Bailey: Abdomen's rigid. Okay hand's off. We need to page Burke and Domner. Prep this guy for the O.R. Who wants him?

Izzie: I do!

Alex: I do.

Cristina: I do, I do.

Bailey: Uh, too late. Stevens, take it.

Izzie: Yes.

(Izzie joins them)

Bailey: Karev, take the boy.

(Another gurney enters and Alex joins them)

Bailey: Yang, you take the mom.

(Cristina joins the next gurney)

Bailey: I want to be looking at their films in 15 minutes!

(Doctor nearby hands Bailey a chart)

Doctor: We've got one more for you.

(Points at the ER)

Bailey: What? In there? Oh, ok.

(Bailey enters the ER)

Bailey: What is it?

Doctor: That guy.

(Points to Mr. Hubble)

Bailey: He was in the accident?

Doctor: No. Bowel obstruction. He's not telling us what he ingested but the films look like he's packing.

Bailey: Can't people figure out a better way to move drugs?

(Bailey enters George's trauma room)

Bailey: Grey! (She sees what George is doing) Oh pericardiocentesis. Good. Any response?

George: Mm mmm.

Bailey: Okay, uh, all right you guys can �

George: Should I call it?

Bailey: What would you do next, O'Malley?

George: I would call it.

Bailey: To save him.

George: Oh� uh� I don't know. A pericardial window.

Bailey: Excellent. Do it. (She gestures to Meredith) Grey, you're down here. I've got a bowel obstruction for you.

Meredith: Fun.

George: Well, at least your patient is still alive.

(Meredith and Bailey leave, George and Olivia are alone with the patient)

Olivia: What next doctor?

(George looks at her, not at all pleased)

(Richard's room. Derek is trying to check Richard out be he keeps moving)

Derek: Ok, stop it.

Richard: Okay. Stop. That's it.

Derek: That is not it.

Richard: Come on, please, stop it. That's it.

Derek: That is not it Richard. Hold still.

Richard: How can I hold still when you're poking me?

Derek: I have to poke you to discharge you.

(A woman enters)

Adele: What makes you think he wants to be discharged? (Richard looks up shocked) Derek, don't you know that this hospital will crumble unless Richard's here holding up the walls?

Richard: Adele, you're supposed to be in the Virgin Islands.

Adele: Oh you are in 5 kinds of trouble Mr. Man. (She walks up to him and gives a kiss on the cheek) You had brain surgery and didn't tell me?

Richard: It was just a small procedure.

Adele: It was brain surgery!

Richard: I didn't want to ruin your vacation.

Adele: You don't know what a vacation is. How would you know how to ruin it?

Richard: Well anyway � (he stops and gives her a look) How did you find � (he stops and then gives Derek a big old glare) You called my wife?

(Derek looks up from the chart he was writing in startled)

Derek: You called mine. (Richard is silent) Look having someone home with you is the only way I'm letting you out of here today.

Richard: Fine.

(Addison enters)

Addison: I thought I saw a fabulous looking woman walk by.

Adele: Addison! Yes see (She walks up and they hug) I told Richard, I knew you and Derek would get back together.

Addison: Ah, actually, I'm here on a case.

Derek: Addison and I are over, Adele.

Addison: It's not like we're divorced.

Derek: Practically divorced.

Adele: You've had counseling?

Derek: We had adultery. That was enough.

Adele: Hmm.

Addison: I'll call you later, ok?

(Addison leaves and Adele walks over to Derek)

Adele: You should give her a chance, Derek.

Derek: It's good to see you. (He gives a kiss on the cheek) Keep him in line.

(Derek leaves)

(Scott, one of the accident victims is getting ready for x-rays, Alex is nearby)

Scott: My mom's ok, right?

Alex: Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Scott: They'd been fighting at breakfast. Dad � it's ugly when it gets like that. He ran three stop lights before we even got on the freeway.

(Lea, another of the accident victims is getting checked out by Cristina)

Lea: My husband Bob's a, a really good driver.

(Scene switches back and forth between Lea and Scott)

Scott: Some guy in a pick up cuts us off.

Lea: Safe. I uh think he saw something in the middle of the road and �

Scott: And my Dad just lost it.

Lea: � and swerved to avoid it.

Scott: He started chasing the guy �

Lea: The crash just, just came out of nowhere.

Scott: � blasting through traffic �

Lea: We'd been having a really nice morning. One minute everything's fine and the next �

Scott: � screaming at him.

Lea: I see a guy's face before we hit.

Scott: The next thing I know, we're upside down on the other side of the freeway.

Lea: Do the surgeon's know that Bob has a bad liver?

Cristina: They know.

Lea: How's Scotty?

Cristina: Your son's in the next room getting x-rayed.

Scott: My dad, he�

Alex: He's in surgery. It's pretty serious.

Scott: Yeah? Well. I guess the son of bitch got what he deserved.

(Alex stares at him)

(Mr. Siebert's OR)

Dr. Domner: What makes people think they don't need seatbelts?

Burke: My end is done.

Dr. Domner: Well, the bowel's a mess, but it's repairable. It's a lot of work, I don't see the point with this liver.

Burke: What do you see, Dr. Stevens?

Izzie: A deep laceration, bleeding.

Burke: What else?

Izzie: It's hard and pale. Cirrhotic. They said he's on the transplant list.

Burke: Does he have family here, Stevens?

Izzie: A wife and son.

(Lea and Cristina's room)

Cristina: Okay, I'm just gonna roll you over. Gently.

(Rolls her and notices a large bruise on her back)

Cristina: Oh. This looks pretty bad. How did you get this?

Lea: Well, we hit so hard �

Cristina: I don't think this is from the collision. It looks a couple of weeks old.

(Lea doesn't answer)

(Bailey enters George's room)

Bailey: Where are you?

George: I can see his heart. His heart that's not beating.

Bailey: Okay, ah open the pericardium and aspirate. If the heart is still not beating close and call it. (George looks upset) What? You think we're defiling this man's body?

George: Well, well we're certainly doing more than�

Bailey: � than what? (George looks resigned) If they're dead or dying when they come through those doors you hump and hump hard. Why?

George: For the experience.

Bailey: Uh, no what else? There's something more. (George doesn't have an answer) You think on that. It'll come to you.

(Bailey leaves the room)

(Meredith wheels Mr. Hubble to the elevator)

Meredith: You know, Mr. Hubble, you might make things easier on yourself if you just tell us what you've ingested. We'll know anyway, once we see your films.

Mr. Hubble: You have the most beautiful features. They're delicate. Almost porcelain.

Meredith: Mr. Hubble, whatever you've ingested could kill you. Are you sure you don't want to tell me what's got you blocked up inside?

Mr. Hubble: It ah might offend you.

Meredith: Is it drugs?

Mr. Hubble: It's not drugs.

Meredith: Mr. Hubble�

Mr. Hubble: I promise. It's not drugs.

(Elevator opens)

Meredith: Okay. Well, Good. I'm glad it's not drugs.

(Meredith is receiving Mr. Hubble's films)

Radiologist: Its drugs. Looks like at least 10 balloons in his bowel. (Meredith holds up the film in the light to see for herself) My guess, cocaine.

(Bailey is looking at x-ray films with Alex and Cristina)

Alex: Scott Seibert,18. No fractures or internal bleeding. Got pretty lucky.

Bailey: Recommendation?

Alex: Keep overnight for observation.

(Cristina puts up her x-ray film and switches on the light screen)

Bailey: Damn!

Cristina: Lea Seibert, 43. Multiple healed fractures on her clavicle and humerus. Third and fourth rib.

Bailey: She's either a bull rider or she's abused.

Alex: Kid said the accident was road rage. His old man got cut off in traffic, went ballistic.

Cristina: Oh, that's not the story I got. (She puts up another x-ray) She has a large yellowing bruise over her right kidney. Tender to palpitation. Said she got it from a fall last week (Bailey scoffs). She's bleeding.

Bailey: Perinephric hematoma. What do you do?

Cristina: It should take care of itself. We'll keep an eye on it. She needs ah bed rest and a shrink.

(Meredith walks in with her films of Mr. Hubble)

Meredith: It's drugs.

Bailey: Stupid. (she takes the x-ray film and puts it up on all already lit screen) Stupid, stupid. One burst and he's dead in 5 minutes. Okay what do we do?

Meredith: Run his bowel.

Bailey: And what does that mean? Yang?

Cristina: Ah running the bowel entails removing all 36 feet of the intestine from the body cavity, hand searching for the balloons and then cutting them out.

Bailey: Grey, book an O.R. Yang, Karev you're in. I need all the hands I can get.

(Bailey, Meredith and Cristina start to leave but Alex continues to stare at the x-ray. He walks up closer to it)

Alex: Are you sure they're balloons?

(They stop at the door and Bailey walks back)

Bailey: You have reason to believe they're not balloons?

(Alex points to the screen as Meredith and Cristina walk back in as well)

Alex: This one here's has got a face.

(Bailey dims the light on screen a bit. The balloons take on more face like structures)

Meredith: So does that one.

(They all look dumfounded)

Cristina: They all do.

Bailey: I'll be damned. They're Judys.

Cristina: Judys?

Bailey: Huh. He swallowed the heads of 10 Judy dolls.

(The camera closes up on a doll face on the x-ray)

Cristina: Ew.

(Seattle Scenes)

(Nurse's station)

(Cristina is sitting on a chair at the nurse's station. Alex is standing looking over a chart at the desk while Meredith is putting a file away)

Cristina: My mother used to buy me Judy dolls. Manhattan Judy, Surfer Judy, Disco Judy.

Meredith: I always wanted one.

Cristina: I dissected them. Cut of their arms, shaved their heads.

(Mr. Hubble is getting ready for his operation)

Alex: Sounds like there's a sick and twisted story behind this.

Cristina: No they're sexist, distorted devil toys (Bailey comes around the corner which Alex notices) that create unrealistic image expectations (Alex waves bye to Cristina & leaves) carrying to the porn driven minds of men.

Bailey: You swallow a bitter pill this morning, Yang? (Cristina turns around and then sits up and starts typing on the laptop in front of her) They're dolls. Grey, call for a psych consult. Then see if he has family.

Meredith: Do I still book the OR?

Bailey: Blocked bowels become necrotic bowels. Check with Dr. Burke. See if we can bump someone. Those Judys' gotta come out today.

(Mr. Siebert's OR)

Nurse: Hanging another B neg.

Dr. Domner: He's going through a lot of blood.

Nurse: Noted.

Burke: What's the word from UNOS?

Izzie: He's on the list, but they don't have a liver for him.

Dr. Domner: The list won't help him now. We can work all day but this liver won't stop bleeding. And it won't support his recovery from surgery.

Izzie: What about the donor from Wilkeson that's coming in?

Burke: That liver has already been committed. Mr. Seibert's only hope is a family donor.

Dr. Domner: Maybe we should call it? No use in tying up an OR if we're just postponing the inevitable.

Burke: How much work do you have here to complete, Dr. Domner?

Dr. Domner: 5, maybe 6 hours.

Burke: Then that's how much time we have to find him a new liver.

Dr. Domner: You're the chief.

(George, still trying to revive his patient)

George: Any family members waiting?

Olivia: Still trying to reach them.

George: Good. I mean, not good that we haven't reached them. Good I don't have to ah �

Olivia: It's always hard.

George: Yeah.

Olivia: I'm sorry about Alex.

(George squeezes the gun harder)

George: That's fine. It's good you know. No need to talk about it.

Olivia: You do understand that I had sex with him before you, not during? (George squeezes the gun really hard) Because when you and I were having sex �

George: I understand.

Olivia: I just wanted to clear the air.

George: Oh. It's clear. (Again squeezes the stitch gun really hard) Perfectly clear. Ok.

Olivia: Ok.

George: Ok.

Olivia: And about the syphilis �

George: We really don't have to talk about this.

Olivia: Which is I mean, I didn't know I had it. I should've, I'm a nurse. I mean there was the sore and I was all itchy.

(George squeezes the gun hard again)

George: Ok! (He backs away and almost knocks the tray next to him over) You know I uh, uh got it. You know things happen.

(He moves to the door far away from Olivia)

Olivia: They, they really do. Things you wish you could change.

George: Yeah. Oh, it's the Chief. I gotta take this.

Olivia: Sure. George?

(George leaves eager to get away)

Olivia: You have to call it.

George: Call it?

Olivia: Him.

George: Oh, uh (he grabs his pager to check the time) um, time of death 1.48.

(He walks out)

(Scott and Alex enter an elevator. Scott is punching his gurney)

Alex: I got it.

(The other doctor leaves and the elevator doors close)

Alex: This guy came in this morning with 10 Judy doll heads in his abdomen. Is that some kinda sick or what? I mean, when you think about it, those things can't be that easy to swallow. They've still got their hair on them. That's some bad spaghetti. Dude's crapping toys.

(Scott almost smiles but is too upset. Alex sighs)

Alex: You know, when you're little you can hide. Ignore the shouting, the screaming, you pretend like you're someplace else. Then when you get older,�bigger,�you feel like you should be doing something. Something to stop it. You know, to protect her. (Scott still hits the side of the bed) And when you can't, you don't know who to be angrier at, Your old man or yourself. Usually it's yourself.

Scott: Did she tell you?

Alex: She didn't have to. It's all over her films. He's not beating you, is he?

Scott: No, just her. So what do you do? About the anger?

(Elevator doors open)

Alex: Me? I think about the guy who eats doll heads. He's got problems.

(As they are leaving the elevator, Izzie runs up)

Izzie: Hey, I've been looking for you guys.

Scott: It's my father.

(Burke is in Lea's room, talking to her about Bob)

Lea: Bob liked his beers. His liver started to fail a couple of years ago. He quit drinking and we put him on the transplant list, but his blood type.

Burke: B-negative.

Lea: There just aren't that many available. They suggested a family member.

Burke: Any luck?

Lea: My son. They said Scotty is a good match. He's 18�

Cristina: Family members shouldn't do it out of obligation. It's a risky operation.

(Burke looks at Cristina)

Lea: Scotty's had counseling. You know, they just don't let you do it. (Cristina nods) He hasn't made his mind up yet, you know. (Cristina notices Burke staring at her) We actually have a date set for surgery. I just (She cries a little) I just don't�I don't want to pressure him.

Cristina: Well, then you shouldn't.

Lea: Oh, god�God, I don't want to lose Bob.

Burke: We'll give your son as much time as we can to make a decision. Yeah?

Lea: Thank � (she continues to cry)

(Everyone leaves, Burke stops Cristina in the hallway)

Burke: Would you care to explain?

Cristina: Seibert is a wife beater. Her films show years of abuse.

Burke: I didn't know that but still

Cristina: Multiple fractures. She has a kidney bleed from a beating she took last week. Plus, it was his road rage that caused the accident. The guy in the other car died!

Burke: And that means what? No heroic measures? We leave him on the table?

Cristina: Well if it were up to me

Burke: Think like a surgeon Dr. Yang! We have a dying patient and a liver that could save him.

Cristina: Well this more complicated than that.

Burke: No. For social workers, yes! For the family. Not for you. It isn't up to you!

(Burke starts to leave)

Cristina: Yeah, you've made that perfectly clear.

(He hears this and walks back quickly)

Burke: Well, I'm glad we have an understanding.

Cristina: I'm sure you are.

(She walks off in the other direction. Burke walks off as well)

(Burke is walking with Patricia)

Burke: The donor from Wilkeson?

Patricia: Should be here at 3. Harvest team's on their way in.

Burke: I also need to touch base with the transplant center about Seibert getting his son's liver.

(Meredith walks up)

Meredith: Dr. Burke? (They stop walking) Dr. Bailey needs an OR and they're all booked.

Burke: For?

Meredith: An emergent bowel obstruction.

(She hands him Mr. Hubble's x-ray)

Burke: Drugs?

Meredith: 10 Judy doll heads.

Burke: Seriously?

Meredith: Yes.

(Patricia looks at the film as well)

Patricia: I can see their little faces. (She puts on a voice) Help. Let me out.

(Burke pulls down the x-ray film quickly)

Burke: Bump Warner's hernia in 1. But don't tell him what we're removing.

(He hands Meredith the x-ray film back)

Meredith: Thank you.

(He and Patricia continue walking and Meredith walks off in the other direction)

(Burke enters Richard's office to find Adele there)

Adele: If he can't be here obsessing, he wants stuff to obsess with at home. (Patricia walks in) I'll be done and out of your way in a moment.

(Patricia hands Burke a piece of paper)

Patricia: Intern time cards. Sign. (She waves to Adele, who waves back and leaves the office)

Adele: It's always something isn't it? Some emergency surgery, some annoying administrative problem. (Burke looks at her as he signs the time cards on the round table in the room) Being chief is a lot like being an intern. The work never stops.

(Burke sits down in Richard's chair)

Adele: You know when I found out Richard had a tumor you know what I felt? Relieved. (Burke is looking at the computer screen not really listening) I was hoping he'd finally be forced to retire. (He looks up at Adele at this piece of news, intrigued) Ah. That has your attention doesn't it? How we both would like that to happen. (She grabs her bag) I could finally book a vacation for two. (she chuckles) You know you're perfect for this job, Preston. Unattached, obsessive. This hospital, this job, it's enough for you isn't it?


(Scott's room)

Scott: It has to be today?

Izzie: Thanks. (To Scott) He won't make it off the table with his own liver. He's bleeding a lot.

Scott: When you get counseling they tell you not to force it. The decision you know. One day, one moment you just know the right thing to do. It should be easy, right? He's my father.

Alex: Well it's a tough operation. It'll be a big change in your life.

Izzie: The upside is that the liver is the only organ that regenerates itself. (Alex looks annoyed at this) I mean they'll only take half of yours and it'll be back to normal size in 2 months. You probably won't be running any marathons any time soon but �

(Alex grabs Izzie's arm and interrupts)

Alex: Dr. Stevens, can I see you outside for a moment?

(He pulls Izzie outside into the hallway)

Izzie: What is your problem?

Alex: (angry) You're doing a sales pitch. The recipient is your patient. You shouldn't even be talking to the donor.

Izzie (defensive): The recipient is his father who he's going to lose if he doesn't make a decision.

Alex (angry): And he understands that all right? Believe me he understands that. You have no idea what is going on in that kid's head! None!

(He walks back in to the room leaving Izzie looking perplexed)

(George is wheeling Richard out)

Richard (to George): Call 3 times a day.

Adele: Do not call 3 times a day.

Richard: Look and if my wife does not put you through �

Adele: I won't put you through.

Richard: Keep calling until she does.

George: Yes sir.

(Adele gives George a look. He shakes his head no at her but Richard doesn't see)

(Bailey, Meredith and Raj are discussing Mr. Hubble)

Raj: He's not talking. It could be pica. Doubtful for a man his age. Maybe an Oedipal complex or an idolization of the doll as his partners. (Bailey gives him a weird look) Or it could be that he simply enjoys it.

Bailey: Now I've seen a lot of strange things in strange places but how does he enjoy this?

(Meredith walks back up to them)

Raj: He'd enjoy it when they came out.

Bailey: I didn't need to hear that.

(Addison walks by)

Addison: Dr. Grey, may I speak with you for a moment?

(Meredith looks at Bailey who moves to sign the chart Raj is holding out)

Bailey: Don't look at me for help.

(Meredith walks up to Addison and they walk down the hallway together)

Addison: I assumed he told you why he left me.

(Meredith looks annoyed at this and stops walking in front of Addison)

Meredith: Dr. Shepherd with all do respect, this has nothing to do with me.

(Meredith walks off but Addison follows her)

Addison: Really? So you didn't take him back. Good girl.

Meredith: And in the future I'd appreciate it if we could keep our relationship strictly professional.

(Addison stops walking and Meredith continues to walk away. Addison calls out to her and Meredith turns around)

Addison: Meredith. � Sometimes people do desperate things to get someone's attention.

(Meredith makes a face and walks away)

Addison (calls out): There are two sides to every story!

(Cut to Cristina, Izzie and George walking in the outdoor caf� with food trays)

Cristina: The father is an alcoholic wife beater. I mean there shouldn't even be a question.

Izzie: But if you could save somebody and you didn't, wouldn't you feel like you were committing murder?

Cristina: Like the guy did when crashed into George's DOA. He's the killer not the son.

(George stops when he sees and empty table with 10 headless Judy dolls sitting all arranged in a circle)

George: Oh! That is sick!

Izzie: Who would do that?

(They look to the table where Alex is sitting, smiling)

Cristina: Oh. (she picks up a Judy) Look! See Judy fly. (She throws it at him and he ducks to the side so doesn't hit him)

(Olivia walks by with her own tray as they all sit down at the table with the Judys)

Olivia: Hey, George.

George: Hey.

(The interns look at George)

George: What?

Meredith: George. She was trying to make up with you. You should go eat with her.

(George picks up a Judy and starts playing with it)

George: No. No, I shouldn't.

Izzie: She's cute and she likes you. You shouldn't let a little syph get in the way.

George: It's not the syph.

Cristina: It's so the syph.

George: It's not the syph!

Izzie: Then what is it? (George doesn't answer and looks down) Oh.

Meredith: What? (George shrugs) What is it? Out with it.

Izzie: There's this other girl.

George: Izzie!

Cristina: Other girl? You have another girl?!

Izzie: He hasn't told her yet that he likes her.

George: Izzie! We are not in high school.

Izzie: George has a little crush.

George: I do not have a crush.

(Cristina laughs while Meredith looks at George contemplating who is still playing with the Judy doll)

George: It is a thing. A thing that is very personal. One day I would like to build on this thing with this other girl. Woman. She's all woman.

(Meredith snatches the Judy doll away from George and slams it onto the table)

Meredith: What are you doing?

George (apologetic) : I was playing with �

Meredith (interrupts): No George, with Olivia. (She picks up the doll and starts pointing at George with it) What are you doing with Olivia?

George: Oh. Nothing.

Meredith: You're letting her think you're emotionally available. You're letting her think she has a chance. (Loudly) And there is nothing worse in the world than thinking you have a chance when you really don't!

(She throws down the Judy doll)

Cristina: Meredith is right. Tell her there's someone else. Tell her why George. I mean, (she yells) I mean at least give her the chance to have some feelings about for god's sake!

George (shocked): Why are you yelling at me?

Cristina (loud): Because of the estrogen George! Because of all the estrogen!

(She takes a bite of her salad angrily. Meredith looks at George also angry. George looks taken aback by the whole situation. Izzie just tries to smile it off)

Izzie: So new subject.

(Burke and Derek at the OR board)

Derek: It's a mess.

Burke: No it isn't.

Derek: I think I know a mess when I see a mess. You've got the harvest tying up OR 1. Seibert tying up OR 2. Bowel obstruction in OR 3.

Burke: It's simply a bit crowded.

Derek: Well, your "crowded" is my "seriously overbooked." And in my book seriously overbooked is a mess.

(A scrubs nurse walks up to Burke and Derek)

Nurse: They need to know if there's any word on the Seibert liver.

Burke: How much time do they have left?

Nurse: Couple of hours.

Burke: Tell them I'll be in to see them.

(The scrubs nurse walks off. Dr. Warner and his staff walk down the hallway up to Burke)

Dr. Warner: You bumped me for a bowel obstruction?

Derek: Ooh, uneasy lies the head that wears the chief's cap.

(Derek walks off)

(Meredith and Mr. Hubble are headed to his surgery)

Meredith: Was it an act of desperation?

Mr. Hubble: Not at all.

Meredith: Something to attract attention?

Mr. Hubble: Of course not.

Meredith: I'm just trying to understand here, Mr. Hubble. Why 10 doll heads?

Mr. Hubble: Well because 11 would've been too much.

(Mr. Hubble's surgery. All of the interns are there helping)

Izzie: I think it's something to do with his mother. Maybe she always wanted a girl and gave him Judy dolls for his birthday presents.

George: Ah, ah I've got another one.

(He pops up a Judy doll head in the intestine)

Meredith: Uh!

Bailey: Doyen clamps to Yang. Grey, push the head up to the incision.

(Meredith starts squeezing the doll head up through the intestine)

Alex: Maybe his mother looked like Judy and he's into voodoo. Instead of sticking pins in... Heh.

(They pop a small black doll head with an afro out of the intestine)

Bailey: Yep. Ah. (She holds up the doll head with a clamp) Black Judy. What they gave her long hair back when she had the afro. She came with 'go go' boots and a leather jacket. (She puts the doll head into a large silver basin) Shame it's a real collector's item.

Alex: Collectable dolls with a twist.

Cristina: Seriously, you can identify these dolls by their heads?

Bailey: You got a problem with that Yang? I like Judy dolls. I own Judy dolls. The only problem I have with Judy dolls that are in the bowel of this man.

(Burke walks into the O.R)

Burke: Bailey, I need an intern in the ER to meet the harvest donor.

Bailey (she looks at George): O'Malley.

Cristina (to George): See ya, boo-boo.

(George leaves the operating table)

Burke: You good here?

Bailey: Couple more heads to go.

Burke: Then Karev, Yang, Stevens scrub out. I need to get an answer from Seibert's son.

(Cristina and Burke share a look. He leaves the O.R and they all start scrubbing out. Bailey removes another Judy doll head)

Bailey: Ah yes. Mod Judy. Came with a yellow vesper. You know what's strange?

Meredith: We haven't had enough strange?

Bailey: She looks a little like you.

(Meredith doesn't respond to that. Bailey dumps the doll head into the silver basin)

(Cut to Olivia opening the doors of a patient room. George is a few feet behind her with a chart and is being followed by a nurse and 2 doctors wheeling a man on a hospital bed)

Nurse: This is the donor from Wilkeson General.

George: Just put her in here (he gestures to where Olivia is) until the ah harvest team comes done. Thanks.

(They wheel her into the room)

George: Well this, this one's heart is still beating.

(They all leave except for George and Olivia. Olivia shuts one of the doors to the room. She and George share a look)

George: I think Bailey would want me to ah �

(George starts checking the patient and Olivia walks to the other side of the bed and puts on the monitor)

Olivia: We finally reached the family members of the dead motorist. Live in Portland. Should be here in a few hours. Want me to page you when they get here?

George: Yeah. Do they know?

(She walks behind George)

Olivia: Only that we were still working on him. (She clicks on a switch) I think it's always better to hear bad news firsthand. (George gets a look on his face) I know I'd like to talk to the doctor who called it. (She speaks quietly) Get some answers. (Normal voice) So I could get on with my life.

George (tries to ignore this): Ah.

Olivia: George.

(He presses down on the patient's sternum and the patient reflex's her whole body upwards off the bed)

George: Did you? Did you see that?

(He does it again)

George: She's decerebrate. Her brain's, her brain's stem is still alive.

(The transplant team has come to the room and opens the wide door/wall Olivia closed. Dr. Orsen, the doc in charge with several other doc's come in)

Dr. Orsen: Okay, we'll take it from here.

George: But, would you look at this?

(He pushes down on the patient again who reflex's up again)

Dr. Orsen: She's decerebrate. (to the other doctors) Okay.

George: Yeah but she can't really be declared brain dead.

(They start wheeling the patient out)

Dr. Orsen: It's a small reaction. They probably just missed it. The cortex is dead. The brain stem will follow. (The team start wheeling the patient down a hallway) Death is imminent we just have to wait it out.

(George looks shocked and confused by this as Dr. Orsen follows the team)

George: Yeah, but don't you �

Dr. Orsen (interrupt): She'll be dead by the time we get to the O.R doctor.

(The team walk off)

George (to himself): But she's alive now.

(Alex enters Scott's room with a wheelchair)

Alex: It smells like a hospital in here.

(Bob's OR)

Dr. Domner: What are we doing with this guy Preston? Is this just an exercise? I don't need the practice.

Burke: Transplant committee gave us the green light. Trying to get an answer from the son.

Dr. Domner: Well this guy goes through his liver like there's no tomorrow. And I mean that literally.

Burke: How much work do you have left now?

Dr. Domner: Maybe an hour and a half. But without a liver I don't think this guy is going to last that long.

(Burke just looks at Mr. Seibert)

(Cut to Mrs. Seibert lying on her side in her patient room. Cristina checking her back)

Lea: I need to speak to Scotty. I can talk to him. I need to talk to him.

(Cristina is done and Mrs. Seibert rolls on to her back)

Cristina (avoids eye contact): I think they want him to make the decision on his own.

Lea: You think I'm sick for wanting me to save my husband. Don't you?

Cristina: I think � you're feeling very emotional and when we're feeling emotional sometimes it's, sometimes it's hard to keep a level head and consider all the facts. �. Your husband killed a man on the highway today. He almost killed you and your son. Those are the facts.

Lea: Have you ever been in love Doctor? (Cristina looks at her) Have you?

Cristina: Love has its limits.

(Cristina walks out while Mrs. Seibert shakes her head)

(Cut to Derek walking down a hall eating a snack. George comes racing after him)

George: Dr. Shepherd!

(Derek stops and turns to meet him)

Derek (chewing): Dr. O'Malley.

George: I was just in the ICU with harvest donor and ah Dr. Bailey, she has us do exams and procedures on patients even if they're

Derek (interrupts): What did you find?

George: Ah, she's decerebrate. The donor, her brainstem is still alive.

(Cut to Derek and George walking quickly down the O.R hallway. They come up to the transplant team with the donor)

Derek: Excuse me, Derek Shepherd. Head of Neurosurgery. Do you mind if I take a look?

(He starts checking the patient)

Dr. Orsen (looks like he can't believe this is happening): Ah, okay, yeah she's ah still fostering. We have every intention of waiting until she's dead. She's in an irreversible coma.

(Derek pushes on the patient's sternum who reflex's up again)

Dr. Orsen: Hines, the neuro at Wilkeson ran the protocol.

Derek: They missed decerebration. What else did they miss? (He grabs the donor's chart and flips through it) She has a tumor, ah on her brain stem right? I don't see the M.R.I. Did you do an EEG to confirm brain dead?

(Dr. Orsen shrugs his shoulder annoyed that this is even happening)

Dr. Orsen: Yeah, according to Hines.

Derek: I don't know a Dr. Hines.

(Meredith standing at the nurse's station looks up and watches the situation from afar)

Dr. Orsen: We have 6 patients in 3 states waiting for this woman's organs.

Derek: Yeah and I'm sure they'll all be happy to know that the organs that they'll be receiving are from somebody that's actually brain dead.

(Burke walks out of the Seibert's O.R and notices the heated battle between the 2 doctors and makes his way over)

Dr. Orsen: No one's going to touch her while she's alive. For you to imply otherwise �

Burke (interrupts): Is there a problem here? Dr. Orsen? Dr. Shepherd?

Derek: Yeah we have a donor who's still decerebrate.

(Cristina rounds the corner and also notices the situation and watches)

Derek: I want to do an EEG and a M.R.I.

Dr. Orsen: An expensive waste of time.

(Burke flips through the donor's chart)

Derek: I insist on it.

(Burke gives Shepherd a weird look)

Burke: You insist on it?

Derek: I do.

(Cristina and Meredith make eye contact and Meredith raises her eyebrows to say another pissing contest)

Burke: If my head of neurosurgery says he needs an EEG and an M.R.I, (he hands the chart over to Derek) then he needs an EEG and an M.R.I.

Dr. Orsen: You realize we have 6 patients waiting?

Burke: That is not my call Dr. Orsen. Who gets the organs is up to UNOS. Who donates the organs is up to the families. Hell I've got in the O.R that's waiting for a liver that may not deserved to be saved and again that's not my call. But you want to know what my call is? Everything else. (He turns to Derek) The patient is yours Dr. Shepherd.

Derek: Thank you Dr. Burke.

(Dr. Orsen shakes his head and storms off. Most of the transplant team leaves as well. Shepherd and some other doctors start wheeling the patient down the hall)

Derek: Dr. O'Malley do you want to assist with this M.R.I?

(George follows Dr. Shepherd. Burke is left standing there and notices Cristina watching. The camera switches to Shepherd who notices Meredith watching from the nurse's station)

Derek (To a doctor): Carry this for me. First we'll do an EEG. George, you with me?

(Walkway outside of SGH)

(Izzie rushes outside looking for somebody and notices them. Alex is taking Scott for a walk)

Scott: What if he goes back to hitting her?

Alex: You can't make that call. Whatever you do you can't make the decision on anger.

(Izzie runs down the pathway behind them)

Izzie (calls out): Alex!

Scott: So what do you with it? What did you with yours?

Izzie (calls out again louder): Alex!

(Alex pushing the wheelchair and turns around as Izzie runs up to them and stops a few feet away)

Izzie: Hey. You shouldn't be out here. Dr. Burke needs a �

Alex (interrupts): Can you just back off? Please?

(Izzie sighs and walks to the side. Alex squats down next to Scott)

Alex: My anger had a life of its own. I bulked up, became a wrestler and the next time he laid a hand on my mother I beat the living crap out of him. When he got out of the hospital he took off. Just took off and never came back. He was a cold mean tempered bastard, but he was still my old man you know? (Scott nods) But now, now I can't stop wishing that I never laid a hand on him. Wish somehow that I could've worked it through.

(They walk back towards Izzie)

Alex: What is it?

Izzie: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you, I �

Alex (interrupts): What? What does Burke want?

Izzie: I'm sorry Scott. He needs a decision now.

(Lea's room)

Lea (to Dr. Burke): When would it happen?

Burke (walks over to the bed): We would take Scott to pre-op immediately. The transplant surgeon is on call and waiting. There isn't much time.

Lea: Scotty. Scotty.

Scott: Yeah, okay. (Mrs. Seibert tilts her head back in relief) I want to do it.

Lea (whispers): Oh thank you.

Burke (heads to the door): Let's get him to pre-op. I'll call the sur �

Scott (interrupts, staring at his mother): I have a couple of conditions.

Scott: You're gonna tell the cops the truth about what happened in this accident mom. And as soon as we get back home you and I are moving out. Enough is enough.

Burke walks out of the room. Cristina, Izzie and Alex follow slowly one by one)

(Nurse's station)

Burke: 18 year old, liver donor, no malignancy or transmittable diseases, ETA about 10 minutes.

Cristina: You know she's just gonna go back to him?

Burke: Well I don't know that. It's not my �

Cristina (interrupts, softly): It's not our call.

Burke: Well, Cristina �Uh � I was wondering uh, I mean ah I was hoping that we can ah � I know we didn't �

Cristina (interrupts softly): You're asking me �

Burke: Are you okay?

Cristina: Can I scrub in?

(He takes a breath and nods slightly)

Cristina: Then yes Dr. Burke, I'm okay.

(She walks off. Burke walks away from the nurse's station as well)

Burke: Karev, let's get him to pre-op.

(Cut to George and Derek in the MRI viewing room as the donor patient lies in the MRI machine. They're looking at images of her brain)

Derek (points at the screen): You see the tumor on her brain stem right here?

George: It looks pretty bad.

Derek: You ever had a crappy day O'Malley? I mean really, really crappy?

George: I have had many crappy days.

Derek: This one just got better. (To Dr. Orsen in the doorway) You might as well go home gentleman. I will be the only one of us performing surgery here today. My friend here has a viable brain.

Dr. Orsen (nods, difficulty): Okay.

(He walks off)

Doctor: That's it then.

Doctor: Yep.

(The rest of the transplant team head off)

George: Do you really think she'll be okay?

Derek: With the tumor out she's got a good shot of recovery.

(He smiles at George and gets up and walks to the doorway)

Derek: Look out for her.

(George looks up and realizes he's talking about Meredith)

George: Meredith?

Derek: Yeah.

(Derek walks away)

(George runs into Olivia in the hallway)

Olivia: Oh, um �

(She gestures to a waiting through a window where a family sits waiting)

George: Is it the family of the dead guy?

Olivia (nods): Yeah.

George: Look, maybe I'm not over the Alex thing or the syph thing, yet. That, that's not really the problem. � �. (Olivia looks slightly pained) There's a girl who I uh, and it doesn't matter there's this other guy and frankly I wouldn't care if she gave me the Ebola virus. (Olivia smiles briefly) I like you Olivia, I but � I just don't like you enough.

Olivia (nods forcing a smile): I gave it a shot, right? (George slightly huffs. In a more serious tone) And you were honest. That's good.

(George kisses her forehead)

Olivia: You know what you're going to tell them?

(George stops and walks slightly back towards Olivia. He looks at the family again)

George: Why do we hump on every dead or dying patient that comes through those doors?

Olivia: Experience?

George: So we can tell their family that we did everything we could.

(He walks into the waiting room as Olivia watches on through the window)

George: Are you Ted's family?

(Cut to Derek standing in an empty elevator entering something into his mobile phone. Addison walks into the elevator dressed to go home)

Derek: Just when the day was improving.

Addison: You told Meredith what happened?

(He puts the phone away and walks over to the other side to push an elevator button)

Derek (he gives her a weird look): I did. What did you tell her?

(The doors to the elevator shut)

Addison: That sometimes people do desperate things to attract attention.

Derek (disbelieving): What? Wow. That's your side of this? That I didn't pay you enough attention. Is that you were thinking when you got naked with my best friend?

(Addison reaches over and hits an elevator button as well)

Addison: No, by that point I wasn't thinking at all Derek. By that point I was just scratching an itch. We got successful you and me. We got busy and we got lazy. We didn't even bother to fight any more Derek. And Mark was there and I missed you. And now I'm sorry. (Derek pushes his floor button again) I'm more sorry than you can possibly imagine. But at least I'm talking to you about it.

(The doors open and Derek heads out)

Addison (imploringly): Derek.

Derek: I'm a sink with an open drain honey.

(He leaves Addison looking confused)

(Mr. Hubble, post surgery)

Mr. Hubble: Did you get them all?

Meredith: Yes. It wasn't easy. Or very pleasant. How do you feel?

Mr. Hubble: Empty. I feel empty now.

Meredith: Yeah. I've been feeling a little bit of that myself lately.

Mr. Hubble: I can see that.

Meredith: Mr. Hubble, why does eating doll heads fill you up? What's the satisfaction?

Mr. Hubble: Do you really want to know?

Meredith: Would it be too much information?

Mr. Hubble (half shrugs): Might.

Meredith: Maybe I'm better left in the dark.

(She leaves)

MVO: There's something to be said about a glass half full.

(Cut to Burke walking down a hallway, past Scott's post-op room where Alex sits at his bedside. Izzie is there talking to a nurse)

MVO: About knowing when to say when.

(Burke is in the hallway in front of the OR. board. Dr. Domner walks by and gives Burke a pat on the arm. Burke smiles and lets out a breath of air)

MVO: I think it's a floating line. A barometer of need and desire.

(Burke watches as a scrubs nurse wipes of some surgeries written on the OR board and starts writing on new ones)

MVO: It's entirely up to the individual.

(Burke is walking up to the doorway of Mrs. Seibert's room. Mrs. Seibert who is actually looking more bruised and battered than before sits up. The camera shows 2 police officers in there with notepads)

MVO: And depends on what's being poured.

(Burke walks past one of the OR's. Bailey holding a plastic bag filled with 10 Judy doll heads. She shakes her head in displeasure of it all and throws it in the waste bin)

(Burke is smiling walking down a hall. He stops when sees Cristina a few feet away. She stops walking as she's about to enter a room. They make eye contact and stare at each other for a bit.)

MVO: Sometimes all we want is a taste.

(Cristina breaks and walks into the room. Burke turns and continues walking)

MVO: Other times, there's no such thing as enough. The glass is bottomless.

(Derek is operating on the donor transplant patient in an OR. George stands very close next to him observing. In the gallery, Dr. Burke is standing watching the procedure. He moves and leaves the room. As he moves he reveals Meredith standing there watching as well)

MVO: And all we want is more.

(Derek operating and then back to Meredith watching him)